Glitch Through Ground and can't' touch anything


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So I was attacked by a wolf outside of the Deadfall area at Mystery Lake.  The wolf in question had killed a deer fresh atop a hill next to a big rock.  So I proceeded to do the flare trick and scare it away.  Obviously my stupidity produced the unlikely and the wolf attacked me.  Fended it off and everything was ok but as I was getting up I glitched through the ground.  Now this has happened to me before BUT, the uniquiness of this particular instance was that after I couldn't pick up or interact with anything in the world.  I could work in the menus and apply first aid to my wounds, but I couldn't pick up the flare, could not make a fire, I had a sprained ankle and the animation was not happening when I walked but I was still leaving footprints in the snow.  

I thought it was the sprained wrist and decided to close out the episode with a limp back to the Camp Office but once I got there I could not even interact with the door.  So I did the noble thing and restarted.  Reloaded the game to the point after the wolf attack and all was well..., 

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