Static deer carcasses respawn meat over time.


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The static deer carcasses scattered around the map respawn meat every couple/few days. Works on every deer carcass I've tried. Repeatable in same session, or after save and reload, although is always a couple/few days time between respawn of meat. If you visit a carcass and visit again in too short a time, it is empty, but will eventually regen meat.

Version 0.127 on OSX. Save file is a carry over from previous versions (possible cause?).

Will attempt more testing and maybe some photo evidence when I get the chance.

EDIT: Just updated to 0.136 and hopped in for the first time in a couple days. Decided to go see if this bug/exploit is still active. It is. Took some photos this time to illustrate my point.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Thank you for letting us know about this issue. This has not been reported yet -- we'll get it fixed soon though!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.