Mouse cursor is visible while cooking canned food


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When I have a burning camp fire and choose to cook canned food (e.g. tomato soup), the mouse cursor will draw during the "Opening" action.

The cursor will behave a little odd, because I can move the mouse cursor, inside a small circle area around the center of the visible object (e.g. a tomato soup can). Once the cursor reaches the outer edges of that circle, it seems to jump back a little. And because of that, I cannot move the cursor to the outer edges of the screen; that probably shouldn't be possible anyways.

This behavior is in contrary to all other actions, which will not show the mouse cursor at all.
Other actions like picking up an item with a single mouse click and looking at it. Or when looking at different fuel items to add to the fire.

In case that has something to do with it: I chose to open the can using the can opener, not the hunting knife.

This will also happen while refilling a Storm Lantern.

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