Loosing arrows when killing deer


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I know that this has been reported a few times as a PC/MAC issue. See

There are a few things I'd like to add:
(Aside from the confirmation that it also happens on Linux)

Player log:
- (line 147) - Arrow: GEAR_Arrow  potential hit: Terrain - That was my first kill minutes before I killed the deer which you can see in the image below; so the same area. The arrow hit the deer in its throat (left side) and killed it instantly; so the message is a bit misleading, because the arrow did hit.
- (line 151) - Arrow: GEAR_Arrow  potential hit: capsule_torso - I hit the deer on its left side, just behind its front leg. This hit was also an instant-kill event.
- lines 179, 189 - These are meaningless for this report.

It looked like the animals fell onto the arrows and thus pushed them through the ground. At that time I was unaware that one could try to use the character's crosshair to search the ground and see if you could still interact with the arrow. I will try that the next time it happens.

A better way to deal with these kind of issues would be to add the arrows as harvest-able resources once the animal dies. Of course you would have to save the arrows' condition so the player doesn't get full-quality arrows each time.

screen_(1456, -130, 184)_2f1fe3e5-6346-48a3-8629-8c5adf622e2e.jpg


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