Walking into/through a rock in FM


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Forlon Muskeg, Marsh Region, Just in front of the cave.

I noticed that I can walk into and through the first rock (2nd image).
I have added the 1st image as proof.

Walking through the 2nd rock, the one that is further away, didn't work.

Restarting my computer didn't change anything; i.e. I was still able to walk through it after restarting the game.

screen_(1400, -95, 39)_39727b98-ecb4-406e-8233-d09fc3a7261f.jpg

screen_(1402, -94, 43)_82a7947f-56cb-4b1c-b99f-f4ca2a0c8cc1.jpg

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Both of the above locations are just in front of a cave. This one isn't: (608, -132, 355).

I suspect that the issue is limited to the rock's model because they seem to be identical. So if you fix that rock and you will also fix all it's locations at the same time.

Something that needs to be checked by others is if that rock model is also used on other maps. That is something I can't answer (yet).

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