Fat reserves


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It would be kind of cool if fat reserves were taken into account. In the current system, you start deteriorating as soon as your stomach is empty. It would be cool if you could develop fat reserves by keeping your hunger level above 50 or 75% for prolonged periods. The fat reserves would give you a warmth bonus and prevent your condition from deteriorating for a while when hungry. A good alternative or secondary addition would be if you could eat extra food when you are already full to add to your fat stores, perhaps at the temporary expense of sprinting speed. The reason I think it's worth proposing is that in a real situation like this, if I had a glut of bear meat, I would gorge myself and eat as much as I could while the meat was still edible. As long as the meat was still good, I would probably stay in the same place and sleep a lot and eat till I was uncomfortably full several times a day, just packing on the pounds.

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