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1. A survival spear. Requires a hunting knife or improvised knife plus a maple sapling plus guts for cordage. If a wolf attacks, you can fend it off with a successful strike to avoid being taken down. If a bear attacks, several successful sequential strikes are required to avoid being taken down. Maybe even add an ability where it can be thrown over a short distance for hunting.

2. Wolf dens. Chance of finding a wolf pup in a den. You can capture it, and if you keep it alive for x days it matures and can help you hunt. Daily food and water requirement.

3. More ambient wildlife (birds, squirrels, etc)

4. Rare-quality wildlife. IE, every new animal spawn has a 1% chance to spawn a higher quality animal will appear instead of regular quality, such as elk or moose instead of deer, grizzly instead of bear, a bigger wolf etc. They are much harder to kill, but have better resource yields if you can manage it.

5. Using antlers as an option for improvised knives and arrowheads instead of exclusively scrap metal.

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