Just a few ideas (tinder/tools/meat)


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Just some thoughts floating around in my head.....ive seen a few post about "tinder", like being able to use clothing for tinder, or being able to widdle wood to make tinder piles as well. myself ive notices the cat-tails around the bodies of water and ive seen in a few survival shows where they have used those as tender, now i don't know about if they were frozen solid but logic would say if you took them indoors they would begin to thaw and dry out. right now tinder isn't an issue for me, i just reached my 15th day and i have plenty of plugs remaining, i also have a striker tool if really necessary. (also the magnifying glass which didn't spawn in my world) another idea would be lantern fuel which should almost give you a 100% chance at starting a fire. or even the antiseptic, if its like rubbing alcohol that's definitely flammable as well.

ive also been struggling with the thought of my meats condition deteriorating so quickly. i was thinking to myself maybe i could just leave the corpse outside and retrieve the meat later at the chance of a wolf eating it, but then when i returned after sleeping it was gone! i think it may have been a bug because i had a wolf corpse in front of my cabin that was still there, however i did remove all meat and hide from it. (do guts serve a purpose yet?) another thought would be if your stored it in one of the fishing hut i think that should slow don't the process of it rotting, seeing as how its exposed to the elements for the most part. or maybe even a cooler/meat locker outside of your cabin, and again maybe a downfall attracting wolves to your home. even better if you have a cooler, pack it full of snow and store the meat inside your house.

and i know this topic has been brought up so many times but i totally agree.....tool degradation. i hate how my axe and hunting knife and degrade to almost breaking point after just 6 hours of using them....very unrealistic in my opinion. i know this element definitely adds more struggle to surviving which i understand, but its just so frustrating. i agree with others that maybe it should not break but that you can find wet stones to sharpen your tools and kits to clean your rifle. also there is the idea of foraging for wood on your own, just randomly spawning throughout the forest which i really like this idea a lot. it would cause you to use calories, time, weather changes and chances of sprained ankles and wolf attacks, so the risks are there.

just some ideas feel free to add your own...i might think of some more later :D

p.s. - would love to see some better backpacks added to the game so you could carry more weight :) also a spawn of some bugout bags would be very cool!

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You asked about guts; guts can be used as wolf bait.

You've left meat outside overnight and it disapeared? I've left items on the floor in buildings before, they where still there.

Also, meat I kept on my person didn't dgrade overnight, so I don't know why that happened. Next time I'll test it, leave something outside, see what happens.

I agree with you on degradation of the knife/axe etc.

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