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So I just want to give some impressions I had after playing about one week since release on steam. I'll start off with the things I liked. so first: The graphic style is just amazing, when you walk over the lake at afternoon and it starts to get dark and the sky turns red it's just awesome..also I like the "looting" system, searching all the crates and stuff is pretty fun and inventory managment is good too. I'm looking forward to the story and hope it'll have something like in The Walking Dead, where your decisions actually effect the story, which would make it even more realistic. The last thing would be the world it self..although it doesn't seem too big and I'm kinda always running in circles (and just can't finde the lookout from your trailers :D ) it looks realistic and I could imagine actually beeing there.

Now to the things I don't like/that should be improved: So my biggest point is the FPS I get... I'm constantly "playing" with a maximum of 20 FPS when outside which is terrible, I`m getting a headache when playing for 2 hours..No matter what I'm changing in the options. On Ultra I have like 14 FPS on low maybe 20...when I go inside I get about 100-150 on low and about 90 on Ultra... This is also why I don't thing I can keep playing because 14 FPs is actually unplayable..I don't see the probelm in my hardware....

(- Asus GTX 770 DirectCU II Oc

- AMD FX 6100 @ 3,3Ghz


- Win 7 64-Bit

- Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3

GPU usage is always under 15% on low, CPU never over 80%)

The next thing are the wolfes...they don't seem really realistc from what I can tell...once they got you I often instantly die, when you run away they keep following you for maybe 10 minutes.

But alltogether it was a really great experience I had, now just waiting for more content and hopefully a fix for the FPS

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Hello. Just to make sure, have you tried using the -force-d3d11 launch option, or doing the same by running tld_dx11.bat in the long dark folder? It might improve your system usage significantly if you have not tried that already. If you have though, disregard this post.

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