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I know these ideas are probably not something that would be high on the priority list as far as game play goes, but it might be a nice touch.

First thing, and i imagine it would be simple to achieve, would be extra character voices/voice packs. the amount of spoken script in the sandbox is fairly small, so i wouldnt think it would be too hard to record some more people :) it was something small, but nice when i played xcom, that i could set a soilders voice to be similar to where they might be from, so even accents would be cool. i dunno if you let the player choose a voice, or just have it be random? but yeah, i think it would help as well with the differentiation between your characters?

the second would be a 'face/body/look' creation tool? i know you dont see your character in the game, but you could from your inventory screen (maybe remove the clothing you are wearing from the clothing tab, and add it to a picture of your character?). also, you 'could' see your character in game... there are mirrors in some bathrooms? and i dont know if the game engine supports reflection, but as some people have said about seeing things reflect off patches of ice, maybe the character could be added as something to reflect ;).

watching naked and afraid is actually what got me thinking about this more because at the end of an episode they have a time lapse of what the people looked like from the start to the end. so if you are mostly starving your character, perhaps as the game goes on your character will begin to look more skinny, gaunt, frail, model-like? or if you are doing well and eating lots, they can look healthy and or happy? spending LOTS of time outdoors, make them look more dirty? been attacked recently, have a bit of blood or something?

i know, not super important, but something to think about?

edit: also would be neat if you guys ever implement 3rd person :)

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