Funny near death experience (Voyageur)


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A few days ago, I was near the derailment area and got attacked by a wolf. Before that, my condition was already at about 35 percent. The wolf dropped me down to about 15%. At that time I was carrying quite a heavy load, nearly 40 kg and was walking at a painstakingly slow pace. The good part was that I was I wasn't too far away from my base (Camp Office) but the bad part was that I had sustained quite a few injuries and my condition was deteriorating at a very rapid pace. As I trudged to the Camp Office, my screen started to waver, and everything started to sway and get blurry. I knew I was close to the end. With the pace that I was walking at, and my condition at 7%, things were looking very grim. What I didn't know however was that I had all the necessary materials to fix myself up and stop myself from bleeding to death. I thought this was going to be the end of me,  and just as I was approaching the 5% mark, I checked my medical supplies and I had the biggest face-palm moment, ever. :D


I definitely learned my lesson that day.


Tell me about your near death experience and if you've ever had a face-palm moment. :)

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