Cabin Fever and no wolves.


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Day 60 or so of my current voyager run:

I leave CH and head to Mystery Lake, figure I will spend a couple of weeks there. First place I go is the damn and to my dismay there was no Fluffy. Funny thing though, even though he's not there he has the same or better effect. I was waiting for him the whole time. I was in the damn for one day


I left the damn and went to the camp office, never seen even one wolf on the way. The next day I went to Trappers Cabin and again not a single wolf. I cooked and ate the dear meat always found on the way, looted, and just as I was about to leave, I got cabin fever. Went and slept in a Ice Hut on the lake (still no wolves), Walked over to the trailers still no wolves. And that's where I am now.


Is the "No wolves" a bug and how on earth could I get Cabin Fever a day after walking from Coastal Highway? I don't mind the Cabin Fever, the cure is simple, I don't eat wolves but them not being there sure takes the fun out of it.



I know its not set on Pilgrim I have encountered lots of wolves in the first 50 days or so.


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