Rabbit Harvesting

Thurman Merman

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I know others have mentioned that we should be able to collect rabbit carcasses and dress them elsewhere - which is an excellent idea. But further, or as a poor substitute, they should take far less time to dress.  I done only 5 in my life, and I can field dress a rabbit in less than 10 minutes - rabbit skin is paper thin.  It's just an extremely simple task.  It takes about an hour in game, even with a knife.  That's nuts.

In game, you have to waste a lot of resources (heat, calories, fuel) to do something that should take about as long as breaking a branch into sticks.

ETA:  See here:  http://www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/survivalist/2013/05/tips-air-force-how-field-dress-rabbit-without-knife and here: 



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