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Hunkered down (trapped?) at Signal Hill in pleasant valley. Noticed that the weather system is somewhat predictable throughout the game, as in nearly every three days there is a blizzard. On Signal Hill it seems more punishing then balanced, as in every two days or two days in a row etc. I am playing stalker, guess I can't complain then! But I feel it is unbalanced in Signal Hill location or pleasant valley. As for freezing temperatures, I don't get it why it will be more severely cold at the crack of dawn vs 1-2 hrs before sunrise when it could be -5 Celsius, then at sunrise -10 Celsius until mid morning than it curves down again? How does that work? Sun makes it freeze harder??? It should be a severe problem before the sunrise in my view, and gradually warms with more sun {just like desert extremities}. As it stands now, and I have been camping out a lot in snow bunkers to have seen a repeat of what is illogical weather patterns in the morning hours. 

Please give it a look over and soften the amount of blizzards or add some extra days of reasonable weather in it. And when it comes.. yeah it could or should be punishing indeed...

From a wildlife point of view, nothing will survive with that many blizzards consecutively; frozen water, snowed over food sources and freezing. In theory, all wildlife is doomed in this scenario... but hey, it's a game right? I enjoy playing it, just need a bit more balance...

Now I have to leave signal hill and or pleasant valley all together for a bit more lenient weather... perhaps a long hike back to Timberwolf Mountain?

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