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I had a rough draw this morning, couldn't find a hunting knife to (literally) save my life. I made my way around the various lakeside cabins only to find myself near starvation. I had plenty of other gear, but I knew if I didn't find a hunting knife to harvest some meat from a few frozen deer carcasses I had found, it was going to be a very short ride.

Ultimately, I began the negative calorie count, so I started to march towards the hydroelectric power plant. I had been mauled to death by a wolf there on my second play-through (a very amusing 22 game minutes long), so I decided to end it there on MY terms.

I made the trek, found myself at -1500 calories and my condition dropping. I went inside, flare ready for a "final showdown" and to my utter surprise... no wolf. The fates and random spawns had taken away my glorious death! Alas, I decided to take the opportunity to explore the area and found (fanfare) a hunting knife. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I kicked it into high gear, ravaged me some raw venison, took some antibiotics, slept a lot, and was feeling much better as I made my way back to the lakeside cabin.

Unfortunately, that is about where my luck ran out. The long trek left me near 0 calories, I found very little in the way of deer meat to consume, and I still had no way of killing my own deer or the wolves that would... hound (:D) me. Back at the cabin, calories in the negative, condition at about 20%, no food, little water, no fuel for a fire... I went for a walk along the lake, found a wolf, and (in my mind at least) punched it good in the face before it ripped me to pieces.

4 days and some change. Longer than I expected to last.

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