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Hello everyone, I found a way to climb on trees. This only work with one "type" of trees (the ones witch are broken and twisted on the top). To climb on one of those, you need to find it kind of down a hill and hug it. Now you just press the forward key and left and right to balance you. You will slowly climb the tree and you can stop at any monemt wille you are climbing you won't fall off. I only tried this in TWM near the hut and I found two of these spots (There might be more).

A picture of the trees that you need to look for: 57d1c003215f0_20160907215418_1-Copie.thu



Your footsteps stil shows even if you are in the air:20160907215217_1.thumb.jpg.44704a2067ee1


The angle you want to be in:20160907215327_1.thumb.jpg.303d3be3be7d6


The spots that I found: 20160907215327_1.thumb.jpg.42aa8bab1f879This one is near crystal lake a bit ahead of the fallen tree in the top right of the lake

                                     20160907215418_1.thumb.jpg.4d423f03747edThis one is near the hut; you just need to face the lake by the entrance of the hut then turn left it shoud be around here.



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