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Hi, started playing on the 22nd, 23 hours played so far lol. I love the game, great atmosphere, cool art style, exploration and survival mechanics. Particularly impressed with the rate of updates, key rebinds is a great addition for a leftie like me! I think so far the only thing I don't like is the wolf combat system. Whilst a human vs wolf in hand to paw combat would not go well for the human, I just feel like the button-mashing mechanic is out of place in an otherwise elegant survival simulation such as this. Perhaps this was already going to be changed but I'm unfamiliar with the games history and roadmap. I feel a simple wielded weapon (crowbar or hunting knife?) and real-time combat would work better, whist still making the wolf's bites very damaging and chances of survival not too good for the player. Some of us oldies don't have the reflexes for button mashing :P Keep up the awesome work Hinterland!

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