The One Arrow Challenge

Thurman Merman

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So,  I decided to start a new Stalker run.  Random map.  Spawned in DP.  Because I like the look of my base after 200 or so days crammed with canned goods and MREs, I decided not to eat a single bit of manmade food.  There are always a couple of carcasses laying around, and I flushed a deer into a wolf on day one.  Decided I'm going to live on DP indefinitely not eating manmade food or carnivores (although, I may make a run over to CH to transport all the man made food I found) and hunting without the gun.  So the only arrow I have is the one that spawns on DP. 

Only on about Day 10, but harder than it seems (largely bc I'm a horrible shot - normally when I bow hunt, I take about 10 arrows and just start spamming them at the target from a long distance).  Haven't put up any snares yet, but may have to resort to it.

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