I don't know that I'd call this a bug

Thurman Merman

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but, I am trapped in the far southeastern fishing cabin on Coastal Highway.  The one with a door that is SSW of the townsite an near Misanthropes.  I shot a bear with an arrow (thought I could get him on the nose and 1 shot him), he charged, I ran in for cover and closed the door.  I decided to pass time fishing until he died.  3 hours later, he's dead right in front of my door.  I dressed the carcass, and could barely hide all the meat in the cabinets (which I had to do to get my bedroll down).  Thank goodness I leave this place stocked with firewood and coal, as I had a huge blizzard last night.  It's been just under 24 hours since I harvested - remind me when his carcass will disappear? :DVef0xk.png

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