Load Screen Entering Radio Shack may trigger "Drop Thru World"


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Entered the Radio Shack on Signal Hill in Pleasant valley. Noticed a blue/grey? screen, then heard a drop/fall sound from my character. Luckily still in the game and still in the Radio Shack. Looked into my three containers on my left, all empty. This was not the case.I know I had food/water in there. The other containers in the room with the work bench was still stocked up. Reverted my game, luckily for me, the game was not saved upon entering the shack, and my previous save was still valid. Will attempt to enter the radio shack as I have to. I experienced this "Drop/Fall" thru world or floor between outdoors going indoors once before, this was way back in earlier version. As this problem was too random/fluke, I may not be able to reproduce this. Sorry, no screenshots, as it all happened too quick. The game did NOT crash out or drop to desktop.

Survived 99 days... One day away from my 100 Day badge, this better not go south on me!

AMD A10 Kaveri
8gb 2400Mhz ram
AMD Radeon R390 4GB GDDR5, 990Mhz. 
Samsung Evo 250GB SSD
Seagate 2TB IDE (Long Dark runs on this, separate disk partition mounted as folder in Games\Steam_7 just for it.)
Asus A88X Pro mobo.
Windows 10, Ver 1607, build 14393,5

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Re Entered the Radio Shack, this time no issues upon entry. Suspiciously, the three containers on the left are still all empty. Now I am not sure there is container reset glitch on that location, or that it is or is not related to entering a location...

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