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Been away a while and was curious to see what's new in TLD. Hit some glitches here and there, posted here for anyone curious

- just gutted a wolf and by the time I got to a nearby cabin, the meat was already gamey, not fresh. So soon?

- stepped into a fire and instantly received a burn worth 25% of health. Don't mind taking damage just make it progressive somehow.

- the windows of Trapper's Cabin glow like there's a neon light inside (blueish).

- I'd like to be able to open the treatment screen, if only to know if I have enough from every medicine..

- start a fire with one of those twigs, chances are it will burn out before you can add a branch or something. The initial interval should be increased, it's not like you'd get much benefit from 5 minutes more

- to take a fallen twig from the ground you have to leftclick it. But what if that button is assigned to other action (in my case sidestep)? I pick the twig and I step to the left. A bit annoying


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Forestry Lookout in Pleasant Valey: blizzard snowflakes drif inside

Tea has way too much calories: if 1 tea envelope = 0.01kg and 100 calories, 1kg of this is 10k calories !! Some teas are fruity but even so it's way too much.

Also tea / coffee related: there is no limit or downside to drinking a ton of tea for it's calories (other than diminishing your water supply, I checked). It's exploitable. Basically you accelerate the transit in your intestines by overdrinking and put instead aromatic water. You should get a pang of hunger in 1 or 2 hours, proportional; to how many teas you had past sated limit

Dears (at least) still walk tilted sideways on some slopes

There is no indication while aiming that you're a poor shooter. No sway, shakes, nothing. Allign perfectly the aim, with target on all sides of the point, at 30meters and miss

A bit of variety in those twigs and fallen branches and how they're dropped (all in the same direction.)

Dismantle some sneakers and you get leather? don't know about yours, but mine are chinese and are made from a sort of plastic


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