Sleds, stone tools, a 'sticks and stones' style challenge?


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I was thinking a sled to haul gear/carcasses. Something simple like a dog style sled (possibly have a few dogs to radically change gameplay??). Players could haul gear from point A to B with slowed movement but not as much as over encumbered. Also, stone tools. Flint knapping is a real pain, but feasible with practice in game. Arrowheads, knives, axes, maybe even a spear? I mean Far Cry Primal disappointed a lot of people, but the concept intrigues so many. Tweak the crafting to be much more difficult, and I think it could work. It also raises the idea of a new challenge mode. Absolutely no modern amenities. Just in the sandbox once I get a decent base to last me I try to use this play style. All handmade clothes, bow and arrows, and now with the new update the survival shelter as my primary go to. P.S. This is my first time posting so please go easy on me!

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