The long dark wills journey

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The long dark
Will’s journey

Chapter 1- one last flight

Will woke up in sweat and looked over at his Alarm clock it read 6:25 he had a flight at 7:00 well I better get going as he got up and proceeded to get dressed and make himself coffee he grabbed his cup of coffee and his keys and went for his truck he drove down the highway flipping through radio stations until he found the local weather channel. “Well we have a big snowstorm coming in from the north” the weatherman stated. “ of course we do “ will said as he turned off the radio and continued driving into the local airfield. Will drove up to the main gate and clicked the button on the intercom “hi I'm captain will Mackenzie I'm here for a scheduled mail delivery” “ go right in Mr. Mackenzie”one of the staff members said and opened the gate “thank you” Will said. Will drove up to the designated parking spot for pilots and walked up to his plane. “Well another day another dollar“ Will said.

CHAPTER 2-the day the lights went out

Will went into the plane closed the door and went into the cockpit he started up the propeller plane and turned on his windshield wipers clearing the snow off the windshield he put on his headset and turned it on “test,test 1..2...3” we hear you loud and clear Mr Mackenzie you’re  clear to takeoff on runway 5 as soon as you're ready” one of the air traffic control” members said. Will proceeded to check off all of the cargo before taking off. About an hour later of complete silence on the radio will started to think about his girlfriend Anna about what would if happened if he got into the car with Anna and her two daughters instead of leaving them go forever. Will sighed and said “ I had to do what I had to do” then all of the sudden the plane's propeller stopped the plane’s power shut off and all he seen was the altimeter drop from 13,000 feet to 7,000 to 3,000 until his plane  went into a straight nose dive and as soon as the plane hit the ground will blacked out.

Chapter 3- survival from here on out

Will awoke outside the windshield hanging on the nose of the plane over a small hill covered with trees he seen two wolves approaching fast will slowly got up and took a flare out of the emergency kit hanging on a tree limb as he grabbed it and took out the flare he went back inside the plane and opened up the Side door as soon as he opened the door he met eye to eye with two wolves they barked and charged as soon as Will saw that they were charging he lit the flare he struck the flare nothing “NO...NO! Will exclaimed one of the wolves jumped on his chest and made him go rolling down a hill with the wolf still on him chewing on his arm “AAAAA….GAWD G..E..T OFF OF ME ! Will screamed and will looked over to see the flare laying there he reached over with his one free arm and grabbed it he took the flare and started hitting the wolf until it let go and as soon as it let go Will  kicked it with his legs and it flew about 1 foot away WILL GRABBED THE FLARE RIPPED OF THE CAP AND TRIED LIGHTING IT THE FIRST TIME CLICK NOTHING C'MON SECOND TIME HE TRIED IT THE FLARE LIT AND HE WAVED IT AROUND THE WOLF UNTIL IT GOT SCARED AND LEFT. Will slowly walked up to the plane and went inside and closed the door this will do a fine shelter for now. Will awoke the next day thinking it was all  a dream sadly he opened his eyes to see it wasn't he tried moving his arm and screeched in pain he needed to find painkillers antibiotics and bandages to make sure there wouldn't be any infection and to stop some the pain will managed to find antibiotics and bandages but no painkillers so he went to the cargo hold and found that the hatch was opened and boxes were all over the place “ok so these either flew out in the crash… Or I got raided. Will continued to search for food but found nothing well looks like I sat here freezing looking for something that wasn't there I guess I'll sleep the rest of the day and start searching for a house or something tommarow.


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