Definietly a Learning Experience


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I decided to cool my jets on first impressions, so I suppose this would be a close second impressions? All the same the first moment of spawning and being greeted by a breath taking landscape brought me back into some of my first PC gaming days playing in the blasted Landscape of the Capital Wastes in the good way. Everything I've looked at as a means to either save me or end me, which so far has proven relatively accurate huddling behind a log pile when the wind picks up and I desperately need to warm up.

At first calories were..annoying to put it lightly but that was mostly what made me take a little while longer to decide to give my two cents. I decided to take caloric intake from another angle and low and behold I actually managed to do alot better before something else entirely did me in. Item degradation was a little bit high to me but given that is being tweaked it's something to just take with a grain of salt and take the chance to get to learn whens the best time to rip apart a Toque and coat for spare cloth and when to waste precious sewing kit to patch it with the remains of a pair of shoes.

I've encountered nothing that seemed really off, though being welcomed to the Dam by Fluffy did give me a bit of pause for thought and four solid attempts of the dam before I finally caved to see if he was natural or RNG was simply being cruel. All in all The Long Dark has been a breathtaking and wonderful learning experience in approaching how to survive within it and it's been quite fun finding a few of the Offbeat places simply by wandering to see what scraps I can find.

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