8 days 2 hours story of death.

Finnish Canuck

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This was my second play through. First time I ran out of food, then just decided to walk out at night with my lantern to my death after 4 days something.

I was the chick, did much better with her then the dude.

Was having a fun time learning the game, but once you figure out where the main items will spawn, it becomes fairly easy.

Stumbled on a hunters cabin with a gun after almost dieing in a blizzard. Made a fire and took a nap. When i woke, i saw the cabin that wasn't 30 meters away from me! After that, the game became easy when I found the mother load of good items (Military rations, rifles/bullets). Almost died in the Hydro dam, there was a rotten wolf hiding in the shadows. But I snapped its neck with my girly arms.

My death arrived after I forgot my simple tools back at a logging cabin (had to repair my rifle). Went too early at 4am, instead of waiting for morning light to break a couple hours later. One wolf came at me almost as soon as I left my main base cabin. Fought him off, returned to bandage up, but he was waiting for revenge a short distance away. Had the sense to get bandaged up before heading out again. Did I mention I left my 8% rifle at my base, I was too afraid of it falling apart if I shot anything.

Got to the cabin with my tools only to find another wolf guarding the area. Ran into one of the logging cabins quick, got the tools, slept a few hours to recover hoping he would be gone. Went outside, I was wrong the wolf came at me. I assume he heard about my killing 2 of his brethren with my bare-hands. Threw a flare at a wolf hoping it would run, but it did nothing. Engaged in a bloody struggle and died for being too weak from my earlier encounter :cry:

Hardest part I found was finding Fir Wood to keep the Hatchet/Rifle repaired. Seems the only way to get Fir Wood is to forge with the hatchet. Which isn't always a given you'll get it. Never got Fir Wood from normal foraging.

Total kill count:

2 wolves with bare hands

4 wolves with rifle

3 deer with rifle

Too be honest, I'm never going to kill deer again. Seems a waste when you can just kill wolves and get the higher caloric meat 1250 appose to 1000 venison. Wolves start to walk right at you. All you have to do is sit there and make an easy shot between their eyes. Maybe make the deer harder to hit, like they sense you from much further away. And up the caloric intake from 1000 to 1500. Would make the reward for the kill better.

Is there a use for gut meat? Can't cook it, what do you do with it?

Are you adding Grizzly/Black bears? Be cool to have like 1 bad ass grizzly bear to roam around the map as a hard target to go for, if sandbox becomes too easy for ya.

Lastly, I hope you guys plan on adding ice fishing :D Be a shame not to with that hole in the ice shack floor...

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