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Hello TLD developers, I have steam early access and even though I'm not trendy and cool enough to be an original backer, I hope you still read this.

First of all I love the game, as soon as I saw the artwork and a few minutes of gameplay I bought it on the spot. I've been playing it and it's really quite spectacular (replaying it and getting better every time!) and I know that whether you follow these ideas or not it's going to be a great end product. So thanks!

The thing that I wonder about is the interaction between realism and difficulty. I think that often we assume that more realism means more difficulty, but I don't know about you but my winter coat doesn't degrade very much over the course of a day...or 50. In fact I've been using the same ski jacket in -25 celsius for the past six years and it hasn't disintegrated on me yet (yeah I'm getting cheeky, but it's okay because I love you right?). Sure it's awesome that you're making us maintain our gear, and for long term use like using the same hatchet for several weeks, yeah I get it, you're gonna need to sharpen that baby or get a new haft. But my clothes disintegrating around me? That seems like sacrificing realism to create more difficulty, and I think that when there are so many better ways to increase difficulty that would add to realism instead of subtracting from it, well, it would make me really happy if you tried to do that as much as possible.

TL;DR: My clothes are evaporating and it makes life hard. Isn't there more realistic ways to make life hard so that the game stays immersive?

P.S Also I'd like to second snowshoes and also cross country skiis. Oh and I want to be able to axe/stab a wolf to death, I get it, they're tough, but there's no reason I can't use my weapons to defend myself, right? But...Im sure you've gotten that lots already.

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Keep in mind that we are always tweaking and tuning the game. We definitely listen to feedback and if most players feel something is not fun we'll for sure take a look at how we can improve the game.

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