My First 5 hours of gameplay


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1. So after my first 5 hrs of gameplay the one thing that deserves criticism the most is the need to eat food. I felt like all i did was eat yet still on the brink of starvation.

I replied to another post with this but ill post it here as-well:

I made it to the trapper's homestead. My calories were near zero but i had over 5lbs of deer meat on me. So i cooked 2lbs and ate them all that morning (that's 32oz of steak!). i stayed inside all day repairing my clothes and doing other various things. By the end of the day i was starving to death... Not just starving, but too death. All the while, my temp was in the upper 60's. around 67 if i remember right.

I neglected to mention i did go outside for a couple of hours to forage for wood.

2. Wolves. Maybe i was lucky but never once did i have a problem with them. They never even noticed me. Maybe give them the ability to track/hunt you and you have to disguise your scent?

3. Deer. They don't spook very easy. As an avid deer hunter, deer are extremely cautious. Especially bucks. They rarely walk into open areas and if they do, they usually are accompanied by a doe. Even then, the buck always lets the doe go out first. Unless they're in the rut, then all they think about is getting some. :D

During my short journey, i noticed a ton of deer. Perhaps they're there as place holders until more animals are introduced?

4. Trappers Homestead. Not sure what's going on in here but i experienced my only 2 crashes while in the cabin. One was because i cooked some meat with not enough time left in the fire, and the other was while i was trying to take a screenshot of the awesome glow the stove light was putting out. (f10 screenie)

5. I took a couple other F10 screenshots (high rez ones) and they either didnt save and the one that did was corrupted.

6. Mouse felt a little funny at times, maybe some slight acceleration? But overall movement was great!


1. FOV slider. Thank you! But maybe have it go up to 100? Just a suggestion.

2. Visuals. The art style is one-of-a-kind! I absolutely love the look of this game! Brilliant!

3. Performance. Seems like every Alpha released has FPS problems. I had no problems playing this on ultra! Also, i didn't even bother to put this on my SSD and load times are almost instant! well done!

4. Gameplay. As i mentioned before, the gameplay is great. Movements don't have any laggy inputs. Just the slight mouse issue when looking up or down? I love the inventory system. Simple and to the point. Can't wait for all the features to become available.

5. I sprained my ankle and my character began to limp. The possibilities are endless with details like this.

6. Overall the game looks and plays great. The weather system is cool and i can only imagine all the possibilities and scenario's you guys will come up with.

I'm a fan. :mrgreen:

Congrats on the alpha release and here's to a fast beta release! ;)

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