Gameplay mechanics changes i would like to see imo


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First of all great game this is the survival game ive been waiting for and after 6 hours of playing heres my opinion on some gameplay mechanics

Hunger/Calories: seems good at first i thought it would be 8k or something lol but maxed at 3.5k drops at a ok pace

Thirst: is fairly well snow every where and wood

Time: Everything you do takes time i like the idea but things like harvesting clothing takes literally way to long to the point where i prevent cold but at the cost of everything else and vice versa it seems detrimental to gameplay

Cold:its tooo cold for some reason i could be wearing everying all 80-90% condition and its still cold x.x

Clothing: something about having 5 jackets and only wearing 1 in this weather doesnt sit right with me and still get freezing status and the most annoying thing is clothe condition going down insanely fast.

Suggestions.either dont have drastic time penalties for harvesting or get rid of condition for clothing/weapons too but make clothing/weapons more scarce or have the option to wearing as much as possible but once the condition goes down it dissapears (like wearing 3 pairs of socks that is totally realistic ! in this cold !)

tldr:i would really like to see the ability to self sustain in survival games which at this point is not quiet there yet, hatchets, rifles, clothing should have durability but should only go down if say you get attacked by a wolf or something

not for just using them to do what they are made to do ... the gameplay should be gathering materials to self sustain then explore and do story after that.

take an example from the game Rust also using the unity engine they had great start but after implementing durability things went down hill real fast to the point where the game was revamped. just saying. cold, thirst, hunger, survival hunting, scavenging, and exploring is enough theres just no time to repair stuff every day for just using them. just my 2 cents or maybe 20 bucks in this case lol.

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I feel the same way in regards to the durability of clothing. I can understand minor wear and tear after exploring all day in harsh conditions, but the biggest things you'd have to worry about are shoes. Unless you get attacked by a wolf or another survivor, I don't see why clothing would degrade at all. With tools and firearms, I completely understand the need for degrading quality. A knife gets dull and needs to be sharpened. The metal of a rifle in cold conditions is going to be brittle and stress from firing is bound to require maintenance.

In regards to wearing all of the jackets, I think I would like to see the ability to upgrade clothing with cloth/leather in progressively heartier clothing. In this way, you can find an extra jacket, see that it is either the same or not as good as your current jacket, turn it into cloth, and use the cloth to upgrade your jacket to keep you warmer.

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