The story of a cursed man


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Hi everyone.




I finally decided to start a fiction on TLD.


I wanted to add some challenge to this fiction to make it more interesting (If you haven't read the first post and don't want to be spoiled, please read the first post, I don't know how to make hidden content ^^).



So, this fiction tells the story of a claustrophobic man lost in the middle of Grand Bear Island. My aim is to never sleep inside. I am playing on Voyageur mode because I don't think I would be able to last long enough in Stalker to have a story to tell. I don't know how long I will survive but I guess we will see.


If you have any suggestions or commentary don't hesitate, I am new in fan fiction. I'll probably stop using the in-game journal soon because I think the in-game time passes when I wrote in it.


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