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Hello poeple at hinterland studios and other poeple who are interested in reading this...

I just had an idea about the game let me tell you about it..

What if you can build shelters or maybe even camps let me explain what i had in mind.

You can place the shelters like you would a campfire but its just a blueprint at that stage, you can select it and it gives you the same menu as when u harvest meat or forage for wood.. you have a time bar and depending on the quality of the shelter and if it has to be permanent or temporary the time it takes to build it varies from for example a high quality permanent shelter takes 20 hours and a temporary medium quality shelter takes 4 hours.

Perhaps you can also add traps to catch animals like rats, deer, moose and wolves or maybe other animals in stead of always having to go out and about with your rifle you would place it the same way as the shelter.

Sorry for any spelling or grammar faults as you can see by my name i'm dutch so i'm not flawless when it comes to my english

Allright please give me some feedback if you guys at hinterland or anyone else likes it or if there's anything unclear..

anyone who likes it and likes to share some ideas send me an e-mail at

good luck hinterland

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