#144 Wolf stuck going up the Forestry Lookout path


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Basically I went up the Lookout and when I was going back down, I noticed this guy trying to go past that little "crack" that appears on the FL path. He was walking towards me but in place, like he was walking into a wall.

I went back up to sleep and afterwards he was still there. I was forced to go downhill on the other side and risk injury.

I'm pretty sure a wolf isn't supposed to brainlessly spend 5 hours walking into an invisible wall so I think this can be considered as a bug.

Save files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9QX7v ... sp=sharing

Also I should note that he was following me ever since the road sign between the Camp and the Lookout, I didn't expect him to follow me up the path as well.


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