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I awaken in a cave, the abyss blank as white piece of paper. I have somehow been able to hold onto some jerky, a couple of matches, and a tin of coffee. I stumble my way through the unknown, the snow slows, in the distance a red leaf flutters in the wind.  It's home, a small cabin, looked to have housed  the resident grounds keeper for the nearby lake property. the door swings wide open, the wind stronger near the wide open lake. I am able to get it closed, I take a few steps enjoying the relief from the brisk cold. Inside I see a work table, a fireplace, counters outlining what I assumed was a work place for miscellaneous things and information center for everyone staying at the lake, theres a chair in the corner where people could hangout. I imagine wet footprints of children stained on the wood floors, laughs between co workers, one of the grounds keeper returning a fixed fishing rod to a bandaged father, reassuring his crying child that he'll be okay and next time not to mistake daddy's hand as guppie. A small cold draft sneaking through the cracks in the walls bringing me back to reality, I need a fire. one log on the bottom floor and a couple tinder plugs I made from loose cardboard, I head upstairs in search of some more. When the world is this cold the dead have no stench, their bodies frozen in time, it has no idea how long it's been since the soul has left it. It's dark, I trip over what I knew was a leg,I light a match, a groundskeeper huddled by the couch, no sound of pain leave his lips, he's gone. Hopefully his last thoughts were ones of home,loved ones, maybe somewhere warmer before he reached "The Long Dark"... I crouch down and search him, behind under the couch is another log. This should warm me up a bit, and I was lucky enough to find a box of crackers and energy bars to last me awhile. I start the fire, boil some snow, and a cup of coffee, it always beings me back home. I sit down in the chair already thinking of tomorrow. I saw the lake has houses, there will be supplies. Getting lost in my thoughts, the sound of howls snap me out of them. Whether from the wind of something else, I'm unsure... I slip into sleep, uncertain of what tomorrow may bring...TO BE CONTINUED.....


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