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  1. Hi! It's my first post here. I've been playing The Long Dark for a couple of years now I have about 220 hrs and it's my favourite game and I really think it has a lot of potential. Anyways, onto the topic at hand. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've thought about how many people use the hibernation strategy to stretch out their food supply. I don't think it's a bad way to play the game. I think that it's a very smart way to save food. However I do find it too forgiving. The Well Fed buff is currently the only reason to keep your Hunger meter filled at all times, and I think we can all agree that it's usefulness is highly situational. I also don't think the Cabin Fever affliction is a good way of dealing with it either. I think I've come up with a solution that would balance out the hibernation strategy without making it completely unviable. I would solve this problem by adding a new Affliction to the game: Malnourished. You would get the affliction in a similar manner to how you get the Frostbite affliction. When your hunger gauge is empty a temporary affliction called Starving would appear that has a meter like Frostbite Risk does. While starving, the meter would slowly fill up. While you have your hunger meter filled, it would slowly go down. When it fills all the way up a level of Malnourished would be applied. I would try to time the meter so that if you spent about half the day starving for three days in a row, you would have Malnourished applied. Malnourished would have three effects: - Lowering your maximum Condition by 10%. - Reducing your max carrying capacity by 1KG. - Increase time for things like harvesting and crafting by 10% of the base time. The effects would also stack to 10 and at 10/10 you would of course die because your condition would be at 0% max. To remove one level of Malnourished simply stay above starving for three days in a row. You also could not receive the Well Fed buff while having the Malnourished affliction. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you guys think? It might need some tweaking, but I think it would work very well. You could still hibernate to an extent as long as you're willing to mitigate the condition loss and debuffs.
  2. Dr.Dankalot


    I’ve been playing the story mode a bit and have really found myself wanting tents .... not sure why but there is something cool about the idea of pitching a tent in a storm , placing your sleeping bag inside and sitting by the fire . I’ve been playing since early access when it launched , and it’s amazing to see how far the game has come ! But this would be cool to have one day .
  3. So in one of the latest updates you can place items, I like this, but I think we can do better. Everyone loves base building in big ways and small ways and there are a few and big and small homes that people like to make their own. The Mystery Lake 2 story hut, The community center, the farmhouse, and many more. We know we can deconstruct many items in each location and loot everything, but I would like to recommend a "little" construction. Such as building an interactive box near the fireplace/stove to drop firewood into. Only firewood and preferably with a one click drop off option. I have a perhaps more complex idea where you could build something attached to the stove and adjust how much time you need when interacting and the firewood automatically gets added choosing the most efficient wood (Sticks, fir, cedar, etc) for the time. Also there's a feature in survival mode where the world constantly gets colder and I think the homes should get colder too so using skins and cloth to make curtains to improve home insulation or improve the warmth of beds would be a nice feature. Having place to plant trophies like wolf skins, deer antlers, moose antlers, etc would be a nice touch. Also instead of simply tearing down chairs, perhaps you can build one or use an existing one to study your research books in providing a bonus skill point(s). Due to the comfort you retain more information as you enjoy your reading. In my opinion these few things would be a nice touch to the game in both a gameplay aspect and role play. It would also allow a player few more goals to achieve if they get well established in an area. Before they move on.
  4. So the world is constantly becoming a colder and more barren place. Food is getting scarce. You're constantly on the move wondering if this frozen hellscape of harsh survival will come to an end. After 1000 days almost three years since the start of the apocalypse the sky begins to clear. A couple of days later the snow begins to melt. The long winter is finally over. You made it. You survived the long dark. I would enjoy this challenge especially along with my Home Improvement suggestion (listed below). The one thing that bothers me about survival is that you can survive for a very long time and it can become monotonous. I recently played a very long campaign on Voyager only to die because I stupidly forgot to use my socks for bandages after a bear attack. I know there are players far better than I am that would love to take on this difficult challenge. Also there is something very satisfying about having a happy ending, and I think a three year survival goal would be perfect.
  5. I will explain what I mean below, but this clip illustrates the issue nicely: Canned Food and Recycled Cans are not weight compatible In essence, what happens is: Ever since the Vigilant Flame update (June 2018), canned food items no longer make sense in terms of carry weight. This includes Pinnacle Peaches, Tomato Soup, Pork and Beans, Dog Food, and Condensed Milk. This is because consuming them grants the player a Recycled Can for future use. The problem is that the weight of the Recycled Can is not incorporated into the weight of canned food. This means that you can have a half-eaten canned food item that weighs LESS than the can it eventually produces. The implication is that players could deliberately cancel eating at the last minute, leaving e.g. a can of peaches weighing 0.01 kg. Whenever a Recycled Can is needed, the player can eat the remains and suddenly carry weight will have increased by 0.14 kg since the Recycled Can was added to the backpack. This exploit is minor, however, and I have never used it. For me, it is more the game immersion that is affected. The easiest way to fix this is perhaps: - Add 0.15 kg to all canned food - Make it so that canned food is "empty" at 0.15kg, e.g. an unopened can of peaches weigh 0.65 kg and an empty one weigh 0.15 kg The reason for this is basically because some canned foods are already quite light. For example, if the weigh is not added on, then a tomato soup is really just 0.10 kg of food (0.25 kg weight minus 0.15 kg can). However, I can see that making such heavy canned food might add too much to the player's carry weight, as well. The other way around this would be to manually adjust each of the five canned foods to something appropriate, and maybe reduce the weight of the can to something like 0.10 kg. Either way, I think this should be fixed, so that half-eating a canned food does not leave you with an item that weighs less than the can-to-be-added to your inventory.
  6. Question: Mayple Syrup and ketchup chips are currently available in Interloper/low resource baseline availability custom mode setting. Is this intentional? Suggestion: Make the 20 day intestinal parasite condition like in interloper an option in custom settings.
  7. Patriot

    Feat Inversion

    So the more time you spend in the game the more feats you unlock. They're a reward for your struggles and real life exchanged. I'm fond of the feats feature. Now the longer you play and the more experienced you become the higher difficulties you want to overcome. However, as you know you can only use X number of feats dependent on difficulty with 5 on pilgrim and 2 on interloper. Don't get me wrong I understand the thinking behind this. That you want to make the game more difficult and limiting feats does do that though not nearly as significantly as the interloper settings do. So it is in my opinion that the number of feats used be inverted. With 2 on pilgrim and 5 on interloper. Which in my opinion would reward the player for the time they've invested and desire for a greater challenge most appropriately. Please do consider this and let me know what you think.
  8. Patriot

    Radio Theater

    So here's my recommendation as a big fan of radio theater. A crank tape player. I don't know of that's a thing. If not then a tape player that only works during an aurora. While the music is beautiful and atmospheric Sometimes you want to sit down and read a book while waiting out a blizzard, but what if there's no light (or books since this isn't the elder scrolls, but I would love to see some). Surviving alone can take a toll on a man's sanity radio theater is a good way to pass the time. Stories to help take your mind off of the apocalypse. Canada happens to have a good library of radio theater so it shouldn't be difficult to find some good ones to use. One could also put a call out to the community to record their own stories. Even survival journals. I sincerely hope this might find its way into the game. Thanks for reading!
  9. The Riddler

    New mine

    I propose to make a new transition between the Coastal Highway and Bleak Inlet locations, through a new shaft with an elevator. At the moment, few players visit the new mine, and the Bleak Inlet location requires a transition to the Coastal Highway. Below is a diagram of the new mine. Guys, do more motivation to visit new locations.
  10. I belive that the longdark is a well balanced survival game except for combat. I would like it if there was more predators and wild life that try to hunt you down, wolfs are easily avoidable and to easy to take out. It would be cool if the dev team added weapon attachments such as 4x 6x 8x 10x weapon scopes plus some muzzle upgrades would be cool to let me know what you think?
  11. Patriot


    So I've been playing The Long Dark on and off for a few years now. Just got back into the swing of things after a little over a 2 years now and am stunned by the number of Quality of Life improvements. TLD has come so far. In many ways it's easier, but in every way it is engaging and beautiful and a great survival game. Now I doubt I'll be the first one to mention this and perhaps I've overlooked something, but it appears that the only ways of lighting a fire at present are the firestriker, magnifying lens, and matches. As far as i'm aware none of those are renewable resources and the idea of the game is to survive indefinitely if possible, Roleplaying-wise if that is you living as long as possible makes sense, of course the game does get dull I know if you get too comfortable in the early days I didn't need to leave the cabin for days at a time, back when there was only Mystery Lake. Regardless of that there should be means of crafting things to light a fire with. The first thing that comes to my mind is a basic hand drill. Perhaps unlocked at higher levels of firestarting.
  12. Now that Winter's Embrace (WE) 2020 has concluded, we might consider things that might be added in the 2021 version of WE. Since WE was Voyager-based with environmental modifications, there seemed to be no reason why WE 2021 would not allow a player, if they so chose, to play under vanilla Stalker or Interloper mode difficulty. The stated caveat would be that WE 2021 was intended for Voyager-mode and, aside from environmental changes for the event, all other aspects of Stalker and Interloper (including scarcity of food drops) still apply. IOW, there was no effort to make Stalker or Interloper play in WE 2021 "fair" or "fairer" or even "doable". As a thought, the ability to do Canadian Feast across different WE save games should still apply but, for the masochist or determined player, there might be a special badge - Canadian Feast - Stalker [Only] and Canadian Feast - Interloper [Only] in addition to the usual Canadian Feast badge. There is the problem of cheesing ("cheating") because of the scarcity of maple syrup in any given sandbox, but Hinterland can try to figure out how to handle that.
  13. You can find lighter fluid around in the form of Accelerants, so why not Lighters? You could find them on porches, in cars, occasionally in houses, and largely in commercial areas such as the Orca Gas Station. The design would be a standard Zippo (or maybe Bic) lighter with the Hinterland logo on it. You could use it to start fires, or as a poor quality light. You could also use it with the spray cans to produce a "special" effect...
  14. Hello. I have been playing this game for over 100 hours now. im having a problem that Stalker has become pretty boring for me, and loper is way too hard still. It would be great to get badges from a custom game. If you have the options set higher difficulty than pilgrim, you should still get badges. Now im stuck at afk passing time/sleeping in a car on my voyager run, cause I wanna get the cold fusion perk for my future loper runs. It would be so much more fun if I could make a custom game that is closer to loper than stalker. And still get bagdes while actually having fun playing the game.
  15. I could be wrong about what I think I see since I don't really use a torch often and when I do I may go to some lengths to use a particular form of match (cardboard vs wood). When lighting a torch, can the player be given a choice of what fire starting device he will use even if he only has one type? I can presently see that if a player has wood matches and a fire striker that the game will ask which one the player will use to light an equipped torch. I would ask whether it would be a problem to have the choices, as a first step, include available fire starting devices - cardboard matches, wood matches, and fire striker - even if the player only has one type? As second step if that is feasible, how about extending that to differentiate different condition matches and fire strikers and let the player decide which and what condition device he would use? Admittedly that can get in the way. As a side benefit, such a step would mitigate the occasional problem of carrying an equipped torch, hit the LMB because one wanted to interact with some object and because the game has not yet recognized the object, it assumes the player wants to light the torch so it strikes a match which immediately goes out because most times the player does not CLICK and HOLD the LMB to complete lighting the torch as it was not the intended action. I do not consider this any kind of priority. We learn about not casually equipping a torch. I think this as more a quality of life issue. Make it easier than dropping all my wood matches because I want to use a cardboard one. 🙂 I do like the option to choose which matches I use - cardboard or wood.
  16. Would you ever expect someone to kill and gut a bear, and then be able to continually cook and eat the bear meat without properly storing it? No! I would love to see a mechanic/item added where I can place raw meat to slow down its decay. I always put things in a fridge as I like to be organized, perhaps also when the Aurora happens the fridges and stoves can work off the power? That would greatly improve my experience. And one more thing. Make cars work during the Aurora, even if it is only available where you can "drive" to a location in a different region and you are just teleported there, that would be great. I would also love that so that I could pack up my items in the trunk and drive to the next area. The same idea applies with some sort of craft able bike and cart, or even just a hand card that you can pull around more items in! Thank you
  17. As a possible new leveled skill. The point would be to make it easier to actually follow a bleeding animal and locate it. Currently, the tracks and blood drops fade 1) after a while if there is wind or snow, 2) after a while if there is NO wind or snow, or 3) after a while after the animal dies. Also it some times takes a noticeable amount of time for the droplets to appear - I have been tracking a deer or wolf then came to the apparent end of the blood trail, cast about, returned to the last spot where I saw blood drops then 'there are more blood drops". Level 1 - default as per the current game mechanics. Level 2 - blood drops appear more quickly, assuming a player was not running, the blood trail should not otherwise peter out. Level 3 - blood drops and tracks last longer, say additional 30 game minutes over usual time, assuming good weather, even if the animal has died. Level 4 - blood drops last longer, say additional 60 game minutes over usual time, assuming good weather, even if the animal has died. Level 5- blood drops last, say additional 120 minutes over usual time, assuming good weather, except now the player has a clue/sense of the direction the animal was in relation to him when it died but not distance. The skill should only apply to animals that have been shot with the revolver, rifle, or bow. Snares do not count since the rabbit should be dead at it. In bad weather, the usual covering up of the blood and tracks apply. Hunting books could help advance skill to Level 4 after which experience is needed to advance. Otherwise how many hunts the player needs to advance is something to be determined later. Just a consideration for eventual implementation. Not expecting anything like this anytime soon. 😁
  18. Just recently started playing Long Dark again after not touching it for quite some time. I’m happy to see a lot of quality of life changes they have made (for example, not being able to cook while doing something else). And it got me thinking, what other things could they possibly add/improve? 1. Make scarves an accessory item. 2. Be able to sleep anywhere without bed warmth bonuses. When I was a newb a while back, I made the mistake of forgetting my bedroll and spent hours in a gas station mending clothing and crafting and was ready to go to sleep. Well... to my amaze, I forgot my bedroll and there was a blizzard outside and it was pitch black (this was before I knew you could sleep in a vehicle, I probably would’ve of froze to death though). So after realizing that I was going to die due to exhaustion, I ran outside with a storm lantern hopelessly searching for somewhere to sleep. I died... anyways, I think it’s just common sense to be allowed to sleep on the floor and just not have bed warmth bonuses. 3. Be able to siphon lantern fuel from one lantern to another. I hate having to choose between either a good lantern with low fuel, or a bad lantern with high fuel. 4. Be allowed to hacksaw the barrel (and even stock) of the Lee-Einfield to reduce weight. This can be balanced by reducing accuracy. And after sawing you can harvest scrap metal and fir firewood I suppose. And to clarify, I know this game isn’t supposed to be centered around weapons and it shouldn’t be complicated. Well, this isn’t complicated. It’d be complicated if I advocated for needing a file, sandpaper, gun vise, steel wool, and a power drill with (forgot the name of the compound) to re-crown the barrel. 5. Hand warmers. Expendable temporary small heat sources. 6. Pen or pencil for mapping. This can speed up the mapping process and it’s a much lighter alternative to charcoal. 7. Hand to match in-game clothes. I’m wearing gloves so the hand should have a glove. Not sure how hard this would be to do though. I don’t see them spending a lot of time on something that is purely for aesthetic. 8. Dragging a carcass. Here’s a hypothetical, for some odd reason, you decided to go kill a deer on the ice at coastal highway. But here’s the catch, you forgot a tool to gut it. Instead of dragging the deer with you back to the garage, you instead are going to have to make 3 trips back and forth. I’d rather make 1 slower trip than 3 repetitive normal ones. Not to mention, I don’t want to have to gut the deer in the blizzard when its corpse is only a few feet from a cave. I have have more ideas but these are the most in-depth meaningful ones I feel. Thoughts?
  19. I've been falling back in love with TLD all over again recently for the Aussie winter (almost reaching single digit temps at night!) there are so many lovely fine details and one thing I was thinking that would make minor but noticable differences (while also being relatively easy to implement) would be having more ways for the needs to work together or against each other! Only in very minor ways to not disturb the feeling of the game as it is, but it would add a neat little extra bit of immersion and make some needs feel a bit less like just keeping a timer filled up imho The examples I have been thinking of go something like this: If you have a full stomach (say somewhere between 2000-2200 and 2500 calories) and are therefore digesting food, your fatigue should drop a little faster, but also recover a little faster with sleep, while also slightly increasing thirst rate. If you have an empty stomach (with therefore very little energy in your body), temperature and fatigue both drain a little faster. Fully hydrated? Hunger drains a little slower, due to feeling fuller. Inverse should also be true for dehydration and freezing cold. nice and warm? all needs drain very slightly slower. (I would also suggest overheating to cause water to drop faster but being too warm as a problem doesn't exist in the game) utterly exhausted? hunger and water drain a little faster. I feel like these changes would not only make the game more immersive, but also give clear incentives to keep the needs full, and encourage sustainable and normal human behaviors like drinking water with food, eating regular meals especially before sleeping, etc. Thanks for reading!
  20. I am loving story mode but I am seriously ready to rage quit now. **slightly spoilery** I am trying to complete the quest for the radio tower parts. The number of times you have to fight the bear is game breaking. Currently I am in the bears lair and you still need to stab and button mash three times to try and kill him (I hope this is the last time). Is this the same stupid game loop 4 times (3 bear fights with 3 sets of stabbing plus the final one in the lair) with 3 more sets of stabbing not counting the number of times I fuck up timing or fingers slip off mouse? Each time you lose you have to watch the same bear tearing you apart animation without being able to skip it. I've had the same stupid fight in the lair for the last half an hour and my interest in this game is fading by the minute. I have vented, one more go and then I am skipping the story mode unsatisfied. Update: once again died by blood loss on the third bear charge. I have no idea how people mash buttons too long, heaven help anyone with a disability or an ergonomic mouse that hasn't been designed to stupidly mash buttons repeatedly.
  21. Hello everyone! This is my first forum submission and I hope you enjoy reading this! However, this might be too long so if you're in a TL:DR mood, just scroll down to the last few paragraphs. So I've been playing The Long Dark ever since (I believe) its launch date and I have 820 hours on it (yes, I know I should have more but I take long breaks, especially if I don't like the updates or when I get bored). However, ever since I've played TLD, I have always had a problem with the rifle. I can remember repeatedly sending feedback to Hinterland Games about suggestions to "fix" the rifle. These ranged from 'angry-man-child' rants to 'nicely-worded' suggestions. I'm sad to say but Hinterland Games are still yet to implement any of my suggestions. For the longest time, my problem has been the rifle's sway. The rifle (in the earlier versions); 1. Never sways at 100% energy 2. Slight sway at 75% 3. Significant sway at 50% 4. Mighty sway at %40 and below (And for the longest time, my suggestion has always been for them to implement some sort of hold breath mechanic to steady the aim) My first solution to this issue was to always bring a ton of coffee for every task that would need me to carry the rifle (i.e. exploring or hunting). My second solution was to get a bow. I can remember when they introduced the "skill" system wherein you can develop skills with certain tools or tasks the more you do them. I was so excited about this that I did not bother reading anything about the update and wanted to see for myself what awaited me once I mastered the rifle skill. ALSO, this update gave the rifle a strong sway, no matter how much energy you have - which also gets worse and worse the more tired you are. After about 50+ bullets or so (this is hyperbole - I don't accurately know how many shots it takes to master), I finally mastered the rifle skill...only to be disappointed to know that all it does is increase the critical hit chance and the damage, reduce per use condition, increase accuracy range (which, imo, is irrelevant), and +5 condition per repair. I find it weird that rifle mastery in the game does not involve the player learning how to hold their breath to steady their aim, nor does it grant the ability to cock the bolt faster than you could at novice level. The only way I've ever used rifles is to line up my shot using right click, then do a quick-scope. This is because the aim is steady for the first half-second of right clicking. Ever since I had this problem, I only ever saw the rifle as a stepping stone between having no weapons and having the bow - the most OP weapon in the game. Then the revolver came along...which made the rifle completely obsolete. My only reasons to use the rifle these days is to: 1. Get the rifle mastery skill (for fun - gives me something to do) 2. Kill bears for sport - I usually ignore or walk around them coz imho, bear hide is useless 3. Kill moose for sport. If I wanted moose for meat, I would use the bow coz for some reason, you can one-shot-kill them with an arrow between their eyes The revolver is superior to the rifle in every way. It's efficient, lightweight, has a fast-firing rate, and reliable. Missing rifle shots feels like my entire economy just crashed, whereas missing revolver shots feel normal - as if its supposed to happen. The revolver has no sway, so when I miss shots, I feel personally responsible. This is a good thing because I cannot cry "design flaw". I see every shot I miss as a need to improve. It's also more economic. The introduction of bullet forging made the revolver a thousand times better but it did not help the rifle in any way. Crafting 500 revolver ammo made me invincible from wolves and timber wolves. Crafting even 50 rifle bullets is only a waste of resources and literally handicaps me, hindering me from realising my "true revolver potential". I am passionate about this subject because I love the rifle so much and I love The Long Dark. I feel that in a survival scenario, having a rifle should be and must be one of the most game-changing experience of survival. Having a rifle in the wild could mean life over death, food or starvation, eat or be eaten. This is one of my reasons for taking breaks from the game. Every update, I check the rifle. Every time I do, I'm disappointed. My favourite weapon is useless and a burden to use. I have ideas on how to improve it though: 1. Introduce a hold breath mechanic to steady the aim - could be introduced from novice level or maybe unlocked after reaching level 2 or level 3. Maybe even the ability to hold the breath longer as skill level increases. The length of time the player can hold their breath could be related to the player's current energy level and/or their current stamina (i.e. shorter breath after a sprint). 2. Faster bolt action as skill level increases - mastering the rifle should be related to the rifle's key aspects. A faster bolt action would really feel like a mastery of the rifle. 3. Remove the damage increase as skill levels up. Either increase rifle damage outright or just leave it as it is - I'm honestly quite satisfied with its "normal" damage. 4. A very tight sway and steadier aim when crouched. Common sense on this one. The introduction of these mechanics would make the rifle more dynamic and would make it a contender versus the revolver and the bow. Because as of now, there is no contest. The rifle is a hindrance - a handicap. This would make it less of a stepping stone and more of a game play definer. Do you want to be a silent and lightweight hunter with a bow? Or do you want to be a heavyweight with power and accuracy? If you're still reading at this point, I hope you enjoyed the read. Whether you agree or disagree, or better yet, have a better suggestion, please do let me know! Either way, I hope the game developers listen to this or considers these ideas.
  22. Add a pencil or pen with which you can draw the terrain on a map.
  23. I just killed the bear and had a pretty awful experience afterward. You go back to the cabin and Jeremiah tells you to go to the dam. And then, it seems, when all that is done he shoves you outside the cabin and locks the door. He apparently magically dumps all your stuff you left in the cabin into your inventory, which over-weighs me so much I can't even move. Then, he just locks his door. I dunno why the man has to be so rude! The real problem tho is, it's super confusing, and for a good 15 minutes I just thought I was bugged out. It drops you far enough away from the door you can't get a 'Locked' message aiming at it, and you literally can't move because you weigh too much. There's no feedback you were kicked out or he returned your stuff, so I literally just thought I was bugged unable to move for some reason. It took me a long time trying to find unstuck commands and was even about to bug report being stuck or load a previous save when I noticed I had so much stuff in my inventory. By then I'm nearly freezing to death and doing a fast shuffle to try to dump enough inventory to find some firestuffs to warm up. Of an otherwise pleasing experience the whole way, this was really substantially jarring and since I'm here now on the forums instead of playing, obviously hugely immersion breaking. Why can't Jeremiah just say 'You should move on, friend' but leave his cabin unlocked for you to gather up what you need before moving on in a more sane way? Or even come back to gather the stuff up in a few trips if you want?
  24. Mountain lions A new kind of predator that when you’re out in the snow it stocks you far longer and stays near you long after you have tried to scare it off. It’s pelt can be used to either a pair of gloves, a coat, or a scarf to keep you warm. The mountain lion has a moral like the timberwolves but instead of more a group taking short bursts of attacks or close calls, it’s slower and much more methodical. The lion will tease you and make you waste a bullet or two to make you think it’s going to make you it’s next meal. The best way to fight it off is to take a shot from far away and make it runoff. The big cat isn’t always easy to scare off, one of the main ways is to face it head-on just like the bear mission in Wintermute. They are found mainly around Milton, timberwolf mountain, and mystery lake. Telescope Can be used as an extra navigation tool and helps find more obscure places and high up places to find resources Can be broken if you fall from a great height or during a skirmish with wolves, bears, or mountain lions. Can be found almost anywhere in the world Lighters Just like the matches or the storm lantern, it can be used as a portable and refuelable light source that is very light compared to the storm lantern. They can be found all around the world of the long dark It can be refueled by excellorant It can be broken during a skirmish or a fall if held by the player
  25. last man near molly's land when I carrying him every time some damn wolves appear and again and blue flare not enough. this is joke or something?! lost blood everytime. tried back up saves. every bullet everything is count dont wanna waste because aiming so hard.sick and tired every time load a back up save.I stock this part.even I got super stuff wolf made coat and rabbit gloves lost blood.there are too many and normal flares doesn't work for them. even if managed to deal with one wolves with one bullet shot wolf crew appear again and again. trying to get some sleep maybe just wolves go somewhere else.but no still there still wait.most frustrated part all of the wintermute. I really regret playing on the hardest difficulty I guess.any suggestions?maybe alternative route to way back? because directly towards on molly's territory is the shortest but definetly impossible to reach the community house.