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Found 677 results

  1. I have tried restarting the game several times and I get the same problem (PC, Steam). I get to the lodge, take the spear down from the mantle, get the little cut scene and then the mission still says to get the spear at the lodge and when I look at the mantel (that the spear is now gone from) it says "cave bear spear". If I reboot the game the spear is back and I rinse and repeat. Any suggestions? I have checked the game files and all is well. Thanks, Bren
  2. I started a new game yesterday. After a couple of hours, I entered a building (to force a save) and quit for a while. When I restarted TLD, I hit Resume and, surprise, the game I was playing previously opened! After a bit of exploration, I discovered that the new game was stored at the bottom of the stack, rather than the top. I've been playing TLD for at least a couple of years and I've never seen this before. I can continue the game using the Load function, but it remains at the bottom of the list, so Resume (which loads the game at the top of the list) doesn't work for this game. Otherwise, the game is fine, so scrolling to the bottom of the list and loading, rather than Resume, is only a minor annoyance. It's just weird. Has anyone else ever seen this? Update: Being the inquisitive type, I tried some experiments. Although the game in question continued to save at the bottom, would a new game do the same? I tried, and it did not. The new game saved at the top of the list as normal. So, if I went back and loaded the troublesome game and saved it, where would it be? I tried and it now saved at the top as normal. So problem solved. 'Still weird. 😕
  3. Hi everybody, first of all, I definitely ove this game, and I have it on a Mac Book Pro Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014, 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2 GB Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB, b ut unfortunately I've got a lot o lag and it's very frustrating. Even if I chose the low res settings the game is very slow. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Is there something to do to, to set in options, to fix this problem? Thanks a lot. Francesco
  4. I was playing earlier today for couple of hours and made a stash of water bottles, about 8 litres. I placed them all on a counter in the PL Farmhouse and continued with playing. After entering the farmhouse again, saving, exiting the game and then launching it again few hours later, I noticed that the entire stash is gone. Also other stuff placed on counters disappeared (coffee tins, salty crackers, tea). As far as I can tell, only the counters were affected. No "Lost and found" red box anywhere, I searched the house, basement and the surrounding area. Any idea what can I do? Thanks.
  5. Everything is on the title... I read that old saves made game couldnt generate aurora, which is needed to open the workplace in the Bleak Inlet. A first way would be to start a new survival game, but since I have 300 days on that one... I was wondering if a next patch / update could fix this. That would remove a lot of frustration and be awesome Enjoy the night guys, Axel
  6. Will you give keyboard and mouse support to ps4 version? I hope you will. I think alot of player want this too.
  7. I was playing Day 185 on my sandbox survival map, and then my PC crashed, and after I load back in, my survival game was absent, and only the second 7 hour game save on interloper was still there. I check my save files, and I'm pretty sure they are still there, and even in the sandbox game mode selection it shows that only 2/25 slots are taken, meaning there is one more world that is not showing. I tried re-downloading Steam save data with the same result. Is there any way to fix this? I think I'll kill myself if I don't get it back, I only needed 1 more skill upgrade to max out everything! I've attached the two save files that won't load, maybe there's a way to make them work? sandbox13 user001.58487
  8. While casually strolling through Mystery Lake, I happened upon a strange sight at the Hunter's Blind near the Trapper's Homestead. Invisi-Bear. All the noise, - Thundering Footsteps - Growls - Fleeing Screams - Charging No body though. Was playing on Interloper and had the Sh** scared out of me as I had to juggle the bear and a wolf while trying to harvest a deer and bunny. Relogging didn't fix the issue. Used the Hunter's Blind to avoid getting attacked. Any other tips? Any similar stories? I'm interested to hear how you guys are holding up with these new updates. I believe its the first time I've ever had a bear spawn under the terrain, and it scared the crap out of me.
  9. Is anyone else experiencing not being able to hang the rifle on the rifle rack on the cabin of Bleak inlet? The Cabin near the lighthouse.
  10. While replaying Wintermute episodes 1 & 2, I've realized that the aurora effects are not appearing in the night sky during active aurora events. All other effects of the aurora are occurring as expected (electronic devices activated, glowing wolves, etc.). I first noticed the lack of aurora effects at the very beginning of Wintermute episode 1 after the plane crash, but wrote it off as an irregular glitch. However, now that I've hit the key moment in episode 2 were the auroras return and are a central part of the story, I really feel the absence of those beautiful aurora effects in the clear night sky. See the attached screenshot taken around Methuselah's campfire after the second bear encounter, showing the powered overhead lights in the background (toward bottom right) but no aurora in the sky. Any troubleshooting tips to fix this problem, or is this a known issue with an upcoming fix? Restarting my PC and verifying the game files in Steam did not resolve the problem.
  11. Evening All, This post is just a simple FAQ for the forums for our new members. The same questions keep getting asked so why not start and FAQ? The problem is, the only question I remember with any frequency is how to do spoiler tags so feel free to add the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that help you post For Spoiler Tags: Write the following using square brackets [] as opposed to regular brackets (): (spoiler) The stuff you don't want to spoil (/spoiler) Like so:
  12. burak


    gereksiz bir kasma gta 5 yüsek ayarlarda oynatan pc bu oyunu oynayamıyor yardım edebilecek varmı. sitemim amd redeon 535 16 gb ram amd 12 işlemçi pc yeni bide 1 aylık ısınma falanda yok oyunda o kadar kasıyor ki hareket bile edemiyorum en düşük ayarlardada en yüsek ayarlardada aynı
  13. So yeah, I just had a wolf spawn UNDER the ground and attack me Yeah, games got some bugs going on here...
  14. Hey guys. Was hoping my first post was going to be "best game ever, love this, the last update was great" but instead Im dealing with a super nasty nose dive in FPS. It all started with the crossroads elegy update....I thought it would have been caught and worked on, but sadly with the errant pilgrim update, its gotten worse. Here is a prime example of the problem while reading a book near the ice shack on Timberwolf mountain: Now here it is on bleak inlet with the Timberwolves getting involved: . Im on a xbox x, with a 950GB SanDisk ultra 2 SSD connected to load the game faster, and Im hard wired to the internet. But its not the only problem either. There is levitating wolves, they ignore decoys, and Iv had a couple of items just come up missing as well. One was a hammer that I swore I stored into my main camp in paradise valley, but just up and went missing. Only video I have to confirm the levitating wolf problem: As for the missing equipment and ignoring of bait, it is in the entire length stream, but I can't remember at which point. Will there be a update to attempt to fix all this? Right now Im both super anxious to get into interloper and see if I can find a revolver, and scared to loose anything that is extremely difficult to find. Ontop of that, with all the FPS issues, and crazy animal behavior, it seems to be somewhat suicidal. So for now, Im more for just checking things out in a safer mode. Please, a heads up on anything! I love this game, but there are some serious issues suddenly. I want to hear that there is some hope on the way!
  15. Hello guys I have an unusual problem with the game. As title mentions the game works with my integrated GPU (Intel 630 HD) at lowest detail while when I try to launch it with the dedicated GPU ( GTX 1050 4 GB) there is a white window like as it freeze (when launched as windowed) when launched as fullscreen it freeze but if I press ALT+Tab two or three times I can get only sound in both scenarios described. I have an Acer Aspire VX 5 591G, Intel 7300HQ 8GB ram and SSD. tell me what is going on. No crash report or error pop ups
  16. I'm up on timberwolf mountain, and I watched a wolf chase a deer behind the Mountaineer's hut. Considering I had been struggling to hit anything with my bow all day, I thought I'd seize the opportunity. But the wolf had killed the deer on a steep slope, and I assume it died and clipped through the ground. The wolf was still "eating" it, and eventually birds showed up, but there's no visual clue of the carcass being there, and I can't access it. So I track down the wolf. It runs to the west side of the lake, up a slope, then running along a slope to its right. I plug a second arrow into it, It dies and clips into the slope. Taking both of my arrows with it. So I wasted all day and got a net negative. Pretty frustrating for me.
  17. Hello ! I'm super happy to be back on the game and the forums with the "Errant Pilgrim" update. I installed libsdl2-2.0-0 with the Synaptic package manager, it works with Nvidia and Intel graphic cards. Before I install this package, I got a black screen when I start the game.
  18. I keep seeing misplaced items or floating items in PV from time to time. Nothing game play affecting. Here is a car battery without a car. This is before the Errant Pilgrim update.
  19. I have been trying so hard to get past the wolf attacks when bringing the survivor back to the shelter. I have three bullets in my revolver and although they do deplete some of the pack morale, it’s never enough. I can’t get past them! Im at the point where Im almost willing to pay someone to do it for me. Someone please help and tell me how to get past this!
  20. I recently time capsuled to 1.56. When I went to start a new game, I noticed I had ZERO feats/badges, etc. Luckily, before I capsuled, I backed up my user001 file. I was able to revert to 1.61, restore my user001 file and my badges were back. This same thing happened after I had completed day 1 of 4DON. When I restored the user001 file, I had my feats, etc. back but I had lost my progress I made on Day 1 so I will be unable to get the 4 day badge this year Is it normal for badges to reset when capsuling?
  21. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can change my Display Name here in the forums. I’ve been away for a while but I’m getting back into the game. I’d prefer not to create a brand new account, but using this name isn’t going to work anymore.
  22. I was making my way through the cave and I got to a wooden bridge (this was shortly after I got to the “room” with the lockers and workbench. I walk into the bridge wood path and all of a sudden I hear tumbling rocks kind of like a rock collapse and Astrid is screaming. But my game freezes. The sounds stop but I can’t move my character or anything. I can’t access my in game inventory or anything either. The included pic is the bridge I’m talking about. This is where I’m frozen. I have completely restarted the game and this still happens. (The picture of the bridge is after the rock falling noises and astrids scream)
  23. How to get a 2018 Twilight Badge ve Midnight Badge? Is it possible with a time capsule? Or will I never have one?
  24. I have rescued three survivors. Carried each one back to the Community Center. Placed each survivor on an empty bed. The last survivor I carried in was Ava. The last empty bed stays red and I cannot place on the bed. Journal says I have only rescued two survivors and Priest tells me to get back out there.