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Found 662 results

  1. So the Redux update is great, I enjoy the changed maps and revised story. I do actually miss the 3rd person cut scenes, and wish the clothes you equip are shown in them but thats a minor complaint. Anywho this is a cheapo listing of KEY SURVIVAL ITEMS and where they are, too make sure we arent missing them between episodes. I start with what I know about Crowbar is in the Farm House Lantern is at the Orca Gas Station Hunting Knife (I have no idea is this based on killing Hobs?) Snowboots are on the Milton Bridge far out of town Rabbit Mittens, ? Flight Plan supplies are by your crashed plane You can rob Grey Mother of the food you give her once all her quest are complete (you monster) Flare Gun is in the Carter Dam Bathroom Sleeping bags are everywhere, you dont need to bring one from Ep 1 to Ep 2 List any other nice spots you know of
  2. I'm experiencing graphics glitches on all my linux machines. They are running the latest'n'greatest from nVidia, so I'm pretty sure that's not it... but I did update one of the machines to version 415 from the graphics-drivers ppa. Here's a pic to give a bit of an idea of what I'm talking about: As you can see there are artifacts all over the place. I loaded up my current run where I'm holed up at Misanthropes. Indoors things seemed to be all right, but when I stepped outside: Not too sure what's causing this; I've tried a few different things to get this resolved, but so far I've got bupkes. Is anyone else seeing this on linux?
  3. tomburg30

    Saved Game

    I loaded up The Long Dark on my xbox one only to find my saved game in Wintermute had gone. Which is some what frustrating. Has anyone had this issue? Any support would be great!
  4. The game was running fine yesterday. But now when I launch the game, I get a black screen (sometimes two edges have thin green borders) and my PC freezes. I've tried every suggestion on "Troubleshooting Crashes or Graphics Issues", but nothing has worked. I've reinstalled it three times, tried the various .bat files, and every other suggestion I could find online. Nothing works. The two times I've made it to the Disclaimer Screen, the keyboard was unresponsive and I couldn't do anything. I got it from Steam, run Windows 10, DX12, graphics drivers are up to date, Windows is up to date, and my system easily meets the tech requirements. Giving up for the night as I've already wasted 3 hours not playing the game. If there are any other solutions out there, I'd love to hear them... Cheers
  5. hello. got stuck in desolation point between three rocks next to the place where you climb to the lighthouse from the side. this image shows the exact location. was a new interloper run so it was k :--)
  6. I just recently put almost 40 hours into story mode and love this game. I've tried EVERYTHING mentioned in the forums about this and still no bear. I don't want to start over. I guess my time with the game is over? ugh
  7. I run The long dark. I do something else, while the cabin animation goes on. Wolves walk by, the weather changes, a blizzard strikes and so on. I load my survival game. The right side of the screen is flooded with messages informing me that I caught hypothermia and like 12 frostbites. I cry "Holy Mothra almighty licking cellophane flowers of yellow and green, how could this happen?!". Variations of this exist. I check the condition screen in horror and see everything is ok. And everytime it happens I fall for it.
  8. Okay, I thought I was going crazy before, but I know I'm not now. More than once, when entering a building, for the briefest of moments, I see items (on counters, peg-boards, etc.) but they disappear. I just entered a house in CH and saw (what looked like) some coffee and pork n' beans on the counter, but in a flash they were gone! Anyone else notice this?
  9. Hello. This problem has been reported by me about less than a year ago and it is still present although it has been acknowledged at the time by a moderator/dev. Although I bought the game, after it's launch the game is not showing up on the Xbox marketplace for Brazilian (and probably other countries') accounts. Therefore, the only way to download the game is switching my account region to UK or US and then installing the game. I can play it without any problem after switching back my region to Brazil. The issue is finding the game so you can install it. This might though concern you guys more than me, as while it's just a bit annoying for me to do this in case I reinstall the game, you guys are probably losing sea as no one with a Brazilian account can even find the game on the store. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know if the time of day cues where changed on purpose? it used to be that as the sun started setting you'd get a music cue and an audible "It's dusk..." Now I'm getting those only once full night has set in. Not even at the edge of night. Moon is about 1/3rd of the way across the timer. I'm also getting "survived another night" audible and music when its full on day. @Support is this design or not design? Thanks!
  11. So, I’ve made it into the lower damn, and I can’t get past the wires or go down the rope, it says I’m to encumbered even when I use a emergency stim. does anyone know if a way to fix this or another way to get to the exit
  12. Hey Hinterland... lil help? Received the badge in-game. Gone after 4DoN patch removed.
  13. Welp I guess I won't get the second badge. My progress for day 3 apparently didn't save. Grr. Anyone else in this boat?
  14. I have completed all the 4DON challenges up except for day 4 ofcourse. Yesterday i was awarded the Twilight badge after bunkering down and doing nothing for 2 houres in Quenston garage. I was able to see the badge in along with all the other badges, but when i check now the Twilight badge is gone and it has gone back to the locked version. Please help/explain what happend. I even have a screenshot of me getting the badge if needed.
  15. I survived for two hours on both days now. Day one the box with information got an exclamation mark, on day two the box disappeared completely and I didn't get a badge as of yet. Anyone else with this problem?
  16. Hello friends, I own a copy of the game on the Xbox One but prefer to play on my PC through Microsoft's "Play Anywhere" feature. The 4 Days of Night game mode is not available within the game's Main Menu upon launching it on my PC. See screenshot "Main Menu - no 4DON" I have signed in and opened the game on my Xbox, allowed it to update, and can see and start a 4DON run there. I went ahead and started a 4DON run (titled 4DON1) and allowed it to save by entering a building. A few minutes later, I opened the game on my PC and observed a Microsoft synchronization on the Disclaimer screen. The 4DON game mode was still not available in the Main Menu, BUT, the 4DON run I started on my Xbox was present in my loadable Sandbox saves (see screenshot "Saved games - 4DON"). Unfortunately, loading the 4DON1 run I saved does not appear to actually have the 4DON settings - the sun eventually started rising, wildlife fled from me, and the "Day 2" details in the top right of the HUD contains the "Lorum ipsum" placeholder text. See screenshot "In 4DON save game". I've been watching some Twitch streamers showcase the special event; it seems REALLY cool and I'd love to play it, but it doesn't appear to be playable for PC users going through the Xbox Play Anywhere feature. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I'd be more than happy to help Thank you, Mentat screenshot "Main Menu - no 4DON": screenshot "Saved games - 4DON": screenshot "In 4DON save game":
  17. I got stuck in I got stuck in this spot in the mine between coastal highway and pleasant valley. Was trying to reach up for the toolbox. Was able to start from last save, but might be worth devs' attention, since they clearly try to avoid having places where that can happen.
  18. My survival mode game just disappeared without a trace. Not even an option to load. When I logged out last night, I made sure everything was saved and I didn't shut down the computer in the process or anything. What the heck happened?
  19. Hi! I'm back playing a custom game I created a while ago...and I was wondering if there is a way to view my custom settings. Really can't recall what parameters I set and I'd like to have a look. Thanks!
  20. I've been playing The Long Dark since 2014, and I'm eighteen years old. While I've had a couple of gaps in my time playing, I'm pretty well-acquainted with the game's history and function. It's a surprise that I wished to join the forums so late, but there's a first for everything! I feel glad to be part of a community like this, and I look forward to spending time here. I live in the state of Kentucky, but unfortunately, I've lived in the city my entire life. That being said, I still get lots of time to enjoy the outdoors at my grandmother's, who lives in Salem, Indiana. I go hiking whenever I go up there, romping through the woods and using my field guides to identify flora and fauna along the way. During the winters, I help gather firewood for the wood-burning stove with my trusty hatchet, Gina, named after a dear friend of mine. I hope to study earth science in college and become a forest ranger up North, in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or if our politics proceed as they do for much longer, Manitoba. I'm glad to be a part of the community, and I hope to contribute thoughtful ideas and really be a part of something. Good luck way out there!
  21. While this isn't technically broken, it does feel (game-) mechanically broken and almost play-breaking. 1) When doing a repair with a hide, if the repair fails, you lose the hide completely. Depending upon your circumstances, this could be devastating. 2) This one is more pervasive and odd: if you build a fire and, say, throw 12 hours' fuel into it, and then at minute 6, the wind picks up. The fire's lifespan then drops to ~9 minutes, and it winds down until the fire is dead. However, all that fuel that is necessarily unburnt is now gone. This, also, could be unjustifiably devastating.
  22. Hello I had collected a lot of coals in mines for the fire, but it's now unusable because it became of charcoal.
  23. Wasn't sure if this was the right place or not, and this isn't anything that's even a big deal, just a minor detail to call attention to. At least in Google Chrome, the favicon for the forums seems to be either broken or missing. The favicon on Hinterland website and TLD website are both there, it's just the forums here. That is all.
  24. So my game was lagging really bad and decided to log off and restart, but before I left I wanted to check the Badges bar in the pause menu to check my stats. I then saw the “Saving...” icon but thought nothing of it at the time. So I log back on and check the Badges again in the menu, only to find all the percentages reset to zero! Can anyone explain what’s going on here? Because I have a feeling that something got corrupted that I don’t know about Thanks!
  25. Is it just me or does there seem to be a little wonkiness as it relates to the way loot is distributed around the various maps? For example, I random spawned in Mystery Lake on a recent sandbox game and as I looted the map I could not find a single hacksaw anywhere as I scoured the area. Checked every outbuilding, every interior requiring a loading screen change and nothing. Did find 7 axes and 8 hunting knives. Had to divert to FM in order to get a hacksaw and there I found 3 hacksaws. By the same token, only was able to find two cooking pots. Decided to head over to Milton town. Found no less than 11 cooking pots, so now I have 6 pots at the farm house and 5 pots at the old lady's house. Whetstones... just not enough, ever. That always means a trip to Timberwolf to check the contents of the plane wreckage and that doesn't mean you will be finding what you need or want either. so, in your opinion, is loot density or item availability skewed? Maybe requiring a little re-balance? Or is it just fine?