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  1. I could use a bit of help to understand the current set of open issues but specifically one problem that we are seeing reported on the Facebook community group, to wit: " Anyone broke the things in camp office and noticed your draws upstairs rising higher each time and the filing cabinet draws down? Dudes, the game has swallowed an entire f*****g draw from the filing cabinet..... Good thing i noticed and took my stuff out .... " I think he means Drawers Implies that there is a work around.
  2. I found a bug with a large red box, which is located next to a workbench. First I dragged a one hundred of Scrap metal from the Carter Hydro Dam to the Forlorn Muskeg (where there is a Furnace) to make arrowheads.I filled a red box with 100 iron parts. I placed 25 parts of Scrap metal into the two upper compartments and another 50 parts into the lower large compartment. After that, the front covers of the red box disappeared (!) along with all the Scrap metal. Now I see only the body of an empty box without a front panel in which nothing can be put. I tried to reproduce this problem again. It turned out that the red box deteriorates even if you do not put anything in it. It happens after sunset.
  3. Anyone else have problems with the new update? Support never responds. List of problems I encounter now in Wintermute mode: 1. Previously I could craft having obtained the blueprints. Now all blueprints are gone. 2. Wolves are more than frightened. At all times. 3. Random crashing with message “do you own this game?” Uh yah I do... Possibly the worst part about it is that “support” will not ever respond!
  4. Has anyone else had the experience, recently, of shooting an animal (wolf, bear, or deer) and had them run away in a straight line forever? First was the wolf near the Fishing Camp on CH: he ran toward Rockfall until he ran up some rocks I couldn't follow. Been looking/listening for crows in the area for days to no avail. Second was the bear near BC Campground: he ran across the stream and up the hills toward the single Fishing Cabin until I couldn't pursue. Same as before, no sign of crows in the clearest of weather. Another was a wolf between Misanthropes and Waterfront Cottages: he ran directly toward the sea until he hit the edge, went left toward the island you can't get to off the coast of Commuter's and died out on the thin ice. I am playing on custom (don't have the code on me) with their fear set higher than normal, so maybe a specific circumstance. I also have the detection range (non-scented) smaller, so it seems to me they should stop fleeing closer to me as well although, admittedly, I know nothing of how these mechanics actually work.
  5. Most likely an existing post or known dialogue issue; On Xbox One, the new Intro chapter cutscenes for Wintermute we're fine. The scene where Will removes shrapnel from his hand lost the, "grunt", audio, but that may be unrelated. My first time coming into Milton on the new route (which I enjoyed a lot more than the old tunnel route, fyi), the Grey Mother has no audio. I enter her cabin and there's an odd, green filter. There are no prompts until I approach the grey mother and I get, "Interact". Once I initiate that, I get a cutscenes with no conversation dialogue, though the grey mother model moves and speaks. With subtitles on, I see what the intended audio is, though once it gets to a point where I would choose a response on the old build, it just sits. So, yeah, I exited to main menu at that point. I'm looking forward to continuing redux, played as-intended, whenever the next hotfix comes out or if somebody has a fix I need to do. Running on an Xbox one s 1tb console. Original install was last July, updated whenever the December update came out. My previous saves did not persist, I assumed that was an update incompatibility thing. My survival saves did persist, however.
  6. Spoilers. Duh. And sorry for my english and all of that stuff. So after taking the radio parts from the towers in FM and returning to ML the bear attacks me and drags me to the cave. Cool. But after waking up in the cave, all I can see is a black screen and my condition bar. Nothing works. Pressing buttons does nothing. (Exept when hitting the sprint button the stamina meter shows up.) I tried closing the game and turning it on again, but all I see is a black screen and my condition bar. The "What one man can do" text appears on the screen and the quest to get the spear back is activated but that's it. Anyone else having this problem? Tips? Help? Edit: It appears that I might be somehow falling trough the world. It would really suck to lose all of my progress because of this.
  7. I've seen very little about this particular issue. Not sure if it is an issue. It would be very helpful if a Staff member could tell us if this is a bug, or if there is more to be found for survival lessons.
  8. Image album with examples in Milton and my settings (FPS counter in top left) I've no mods installed and graphics drivers are the latest. Anyone else experiencing lower fps when looking at the ground? Edit #1: Was testing, and I can fix and reproduce this by changing the SSAO setting from High to Medium. On High, the FPS drops dramatically when looking at the ground. On Medium there's no change in FPS. Edit #2: Now I have a bit more time, here's my specs for the record: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K @ 3.50GHz RAM: 32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Z87-A (SOCKET 1150) Graphics: 2 * 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (MSI) Graphics Driver: ForceWare version: 417.35 Storage: Samsung SSD 960 EVO 500GB
  9. Hello, after several month, I wanted to get back to "The Long Dark" on my PS4. I made the update and launched the game. After checking the changelog, I headed to the Wintermute menu, and saw with horror and wrath that my save of 50+ hours was missing. I was at the second chapter a little before the bear. Wtf happened?! Why my savedata are missing?! Please help me! The only thing here is new game, with in red "launch a new party will erase your existing auto save! >n< If nothing can be done, FUCK YOU Hinterland! How dare you making shit that delete the save datas ?!
  10. Okay, I'm on day 4 of sitting in TWM Chasm cave with my buddy Frank waiting for an aurora. Bad luck with RNG? Have any of you experienced such long waits during this challenge?
  11. Nice quick story about finding a long lost arrow Based at Trapper's homestead and needed food other than bear meat. Bow shot two deer, and lost both deer and (2) arrows, as they seem to de-spawn if they run behind Trapper's up at the rock ledge. So shot another deer and lost it's blood trail as it headed towards No Name Pond in a snow storm. (3) days later, the sun came out and so did some new crows...found a deer and my arrow, (but also could hear a wolf coming nearer). Tried to drop a campfire but the flat snow covered ground would not allow placing a fire on flat snow, so resorted to a quick wolf struggle. Later, found that the only place the campfire could be placed was if it was on top of the crow feather above the deer's head. (Sorry did not get an F8 screenshot, but it was here, screenshot facing back toward hill leading toward Trapper's) Carrying 20 lbs. of deer meat back to base and soon discovered why my wolf friend was no longer harassing my survivor. Has anyone else been losing deer to the cliffs behind Trapper's Homestead?
  12. i recently purchased the long dark on steam, but i'm gona be honest, i used to play the pirated version. now i want a fresh start, but after installation i found the saved game is still carried over to the proper version. how can i get a fresh start, without any feats, challenges, story or survival mode saves? thanks.
  13. Hey everyone! Long time no uploads here but I am keen to be back in 2019 with a lot more TLD content and hope you all enjoy it too as always keen to get any feedback so let me know what you would do differently though this is the story mode so lets enjoy it great update. Many thanks if you watched see you at the next one! MbG
  14. on the Redux update, the running animation doesn't match the running sound. so for example hearing 2 steps would correspond to jumping only once in the air. previously on wintermute update i woulda jumped once for every step i heard, which kinda felt better, made me feel like i was running for my life or rushing very fast towards something. now its just a slow up and down with faster step sound that don't match the animation.
  15. When I went to check the charred ruins of Milton's school I decided it was extremely important to reach the bell and the chimney. I then tried to crouch and walk under the burned beams and I got extremely stuck. For some reason I was seeing the school's floor, but couldn't move, neither crouched nor upright.
  16. Hello survivors of the quiet apocalypse! Yesterday while adventuring around in survival mode. I set off to hunt some rabbits for a few easy meals. I always hunt rabbits by using the “stoning” method. While stunning a particular rabbit, I noticed I could not “pick up” the rabbit. I didn’t think much of it and attempted to equip another stone-but I couldn’t. I tried swapping weapons to a bow and still, could not. Then I saw a nearby stick and attempted to pick that up. I could not. I dropped an item and was not able to retrieve that item either. I backed out of the session and restarted my game. Everything appeared to be “fixed” again. Everything was going great until I decided I’d bag these two rabbits near the Trapper’s Cabin in Mystery Lake. I “stoned” the first rabbit and bagged it with success. The second rabbit however... I could not pick up. I dropped another item-nothing. I could not interact with “ANYTHING.” This happened to me in Mystery Lake, Mountain Town, Pleasant Valley. Rabbits everywhere are “bugging” out my character and it’s highly frustrating. For now I just do not hunt rabbits at all(for my sake!)as they’ve been ruining my gameplay experience. Even on a different play through, this bug still occurred. I play on the Xbox One platform. I’ve already reported the bug but wanted to make a thread about it as well. Has anyone else experienced this bug on the same platform or on any other as well? Thanks everyone who decided to read my post and/or reply!
  17. My game is crashing 1/5 of the time I exit a building. I gave up playing wintermute because of this. I'm using Windows 8. I hope hinterland will do something about this . Is there someone thats in the same boat as me ?
  18. So, No longer having my game save issue, because now the came cannot launch. When I logged into my pc the game had updates available. I assume it was from the two hotfixes they released. So I updated it, now on version 1.44.44083.2, and now the came crashed at launch. The error I get it "Fatal error" "Failed to load Game Assembly!". The only things that has changed on my PC is TLD update. I literally had it running right before the update. I have already tried doing the reset on the program, moving HDD's, and uninstall reinstall. Anyone having this issue, or know a solution?
  19. So, I am currently having an issue loading my wintermute game save on PC. Wondering if anyone else had this issue, or if anyone knows how to fix it. I have TLD on xbox, playing on an Xbox One X. With it now being a crossplay title, I downloaded TLD onto my PC. However, I am unable to play my cloud synced games, that come from the xbox. I have no issues with any of my other play anywhere titles (state of decay, GOW, Forza, etc). The strange thing is, when I boot up TLD onto my PC, go to wintermute, and go to load, it shows ALL of the save files, with the newest save file being labeled as "save incompatible". When I click on ANY of the saves, whether "incompatible" or not, the save does not load. It makes an in game click sound, but nothing happens. Currently my Xbox One X, and TLD on xbox are 100% up to date, no beta/preview builds. As well as my windowsOS and TLD on PC are up to date, no beta/preview builds. Rig im playing it on is a Lenovo Y720, i7-7700HQ, 16GB DDR4, GTX 1060 8GB, and a Samsung 500GB PCIe SSD. I have already tried reinstalling onto PC/XBOX, as well as doing a game reset on PC, moving HDD location on PC, and creating a few new saves on XBOX, then syncing to PC. Any help/ideas/suggestions?
  20. Hello fellow The Long Darkies! It seems most of us NVIDIA users are experiencing graphical glitching after the REDUX update. I have good news for you! I found these launch parameters (from Unity issue tracker) that fixed the glitching for me and allows me to continue surviving! -force-glcore42 -force-clamped Hope this helps! Remember to up vote the issue in the link I provided, so the problem gets enough attention and hopefully a quick and permanent fix. So that such workarounds wouldn't be needed in the future. Antergos Linux 4.19.8-arch1-1-ARCH I5-7600K, 16GB DDR4, GTX 1060 3G nvidia 415.22, mesa 18.3.1-1
  21. By the redux mode of the long dark, i finished the game after 1.5 years later once again.It was super absorbing. I finished the season 2 part fresh (5 min ago). And after credits part, i came back to the main menu again. That means i finished the story mode,it is ok. Then i entered the Wintermute load game part to check my game progression. There was no problem.But, i mistakenly removed my ended story mode progress after finishing 10 hours of play. Is there any way to take it back? Or will it effect me when Season 3 comes up? I mean, will it want me to finish the game once again? I don't want to play another 10 hours again actually. So in short, i want to take my save game back... I dont want to start a new game again because it is my second finish for wintermute.I've already played it when the story mode update came up in August,2017 too. note:I am not English and English is my second language so sorry if i did any typos. Waiting for any kind of help!
  22. I got stuck inside the Orca station in the Mountain Town map - back room, where the bed and fire barrel is. I got stuck when I stood between the head of the bed and the wall. Can't move from there. Using Xbox One platform.
  23. So I noticed, upon starting the hunted challenge, that the skeeters ridge basement is now no longer accessible. How are we supposed to have any chance in this challenge mode without the basic supplies and distress pistol given to us and a safe place to get warmed and healed up? Given, it probably is POSSIBLE for veteran players. But very improbable given certain circumstances
  24. Hey guys, After getting the redux update I reloaded my Nomad Survival Game. Headed back over to Skeeters Ridge and was unable to enter the basement. It appears the basement has moved around to the side of the building and there is no access/action once I hover over the door. Anyone else see this? Thanks in advance!
  25. After the update.. when at the workbench and craft menu. I try to scroll down to the arrow selection to craft my curred birch saplings into arrow shafts.. and it won't scroll down at all. It will kinda try but never sees another row. Yes they are equipped. Yes they are cured birch saplings (5) yes I have a knife and a hatchet. Yes yes yes the fug yes fug wads ? Can I please get a response on this soon gents. Thank ya kindleh ✔️