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Found 697 results

  1. So, what the post said. The climber's journal on Timberwolf Mountain implies that the aurora started on September 6th by bringing down the cargo plane. The reason being that there are no signs of rescue or recovery attempted on the map. The wreck is just left there with corpses around it. The problem is, even in the frozen north, September is way too early for the lakes to freeze and set out ice fishing huts. It's still fall and salmon fishing season To reconcile this, either the plane crashed accidentally in which case there should be evidence of search and rescue and recovery on the map or the date is later and closer to winter. Otherwise the conclusion is that the Canadian government really doesn't care about plane accidents and lets unnamed hikers perform solo search and rescue Personally, I'd just change the date from September to November. Even November still a little early for safe ice to be on the oceans... but at least it makes more sense than September!
  2. found this random floating icicle, up pretty high in the middle of nowhere, I don't think its going to bother anyone's gameplay, lol. just thought you might wanna know.
  3. Seems to be failing to launch on my end as well. I'm using Mac OSX El Capitan, and as soon as I open the game through Steam it launches to a black window. Nothing happens and eventually it crashes, giving me the error report. Steam is definitely still running, I can be sure on that. Would it be helpful to have my error details. I don't know how much of it will be useful.
  4. Twice now I have shot an animal with the bow on TWM and in the pursuit of the bleeding animal while following the blood trail suffered a sprain at which point the blood trail immediately vanished and the animal as well taking it with my very limited supply of arrows. In one case it was a deer and in the other scenario it was a wolf. Both times at the point the sprain occurs the screen stops, you hear the cracking sound of the sprain, the red injury icons pop up at which point you can see the red blood dot circle just wink out of existence. this is immediate and the animal disappears as well. i have searched for these bodies to no avail. not so worried about the loss of the meat, but there arent many arrowheads to go around up there so the loss of one, two or more arrowheads due to this glitch should be addressed imho.
  5. So many many months ago I was pleased to find you responsive to fixing issues while running under Windows XP. Well, guess what, a new issue... Up until late March 2016 I was happily running TLD on my wonderful WinXP platform with the latest release with TLD. I cannot pin down the exact date but sometime around Mar 22 until now Steam went through several updates. I only got back to trying to run TLD yesterday and found that it fails to launch. It gets through the two intro movies to the 'loading' part and then hangs. I'm including the output_log.txt. It never makes it to the main splash screen ( nice picture of the cabin, start new game, load saved game, exit). It appears to an error in SteamAPI_Init() (judging from the output_log and the last lines logged). I can't find anyone else reporting a similar issue (but who else would be foolish and stubborn enough to continue running WinXP?). I can attempt to save the game files and follow the procedure for uninstalling/reinstalling Steam. But perhaps you can spot something in the output_log before I try doing this? Happy to provide additional info, just ask. Thanks, G.H.A. output_log.txt
  6. Afternoon, I just read @Raphael van Lierop's April update. Lots of exciting stuff! One of which was the "experimental branch" for those who want to experience untested mechanics and possible game breaking bugs. How do I sign up?
  7. Been a while since I played last so i apologize if I am posting a known problem in the wrong venue, however, only happens after I spook a deer and it "gallops" off, the deer running footsteps sound continues long after the deer has fled the area or even after it returns to its normal walk and graze behaviour pattern. is this just happening to me or is this something other players have experienced? if there is a better way for me to help document this problem, please lmk thanks, Piddy3825
  8. I've had two major bugs: - Sometimes when I walk into a building, it looks like I've walked into the sky and keep falling. I'm unable to do anything and have to exit the game. - Can't sleep in a car. Have tried over and over by clicking on the sleeping bag in my inventory and no sleep menu pops up. I think it may be a Mac issue but not sure. That's it.
  9. Occasionally all sound drops for a split-second. When it occurs seems completly random. Sometimes in-game walking around outdoors, sometimes on the "Trapper's Cabin" menu screen before loading a game. I've noticed this on both a laptop I use as well as my desktop system. Please advise how to resolve.
  10. I was 40 days in to my latest run in Stalker. I was rocking it. Survived a number of wolf attacks by fighting them off mostly due to my impatient gameplay style, but that's neither here nor there. I was in the process of relocating my base camp from the Mystery Lake Camp Office to one the coastal house across the street from Quanset. For me, this generally involves multiple trips back and forth to take everything I've accumulated, since I tend to be a hoarder in TLD. I had just gotten to the River approach on my way to the Ravine. I had already dropped one decoy to distract the wolf that always seems to be in the bay between camp office and the first hut. Safely past that wolf, I just made my way to the river access when I was surprised by another wolf right in front of me. The first Tech issue I encountered was a black box. {I've seen them before, usually when I leave the game running and closing my laptop lid and then resuming play later on.} Anyway, the black box this time was just sitting there, leading me to believe that it was a dead wolf I hadn't harvested yet. I made my way toward it, not being able to see the wolf that walked up behind it. When I finally realized what was happening, I dropped another decoy. The wolf appeared to commit to the decoy, so I started to make my way past it. All of a sudden, it blew off the decoy and attacked me. Annoying, but still no problem. I had 100% condition, was carrying a knife, and was wearing a wolfskin coat. In my experience, this is a recipe for surviving a wolf attack 100% of the time - often without taking any damage whatsoever other than loss of clothing condition. This time was different. The wolf attacked and I began mashing my left mouse button in self defense. Almost immediately, I realized there was a problem. The fight bar wasn't moving. I mashed the mouse furiously for the duration of the attack. At no point did it move. At all. The wolf continued to attack and I watched my condition drop dangerously low and the list of damages mount. At this point, I was mad, and resigned myself to giving up on this run, patching myself up, limping back to the Camp Office to recoup. No Such LUCK!!! The wolf continued to attack all the way up to my death. I slipped into the Long Dark while in the jaws of a lone wolf. Again, this fight started with my being well armed, well dressed, and in 100% condition. I've died in a lot of ways while playing TLD. As annoying as dying is, it is one of the reasons I love this game. But from start to finish, everything about this wolf attack felt like a glitch of some sort. I don't know if this is something the Devs are aware of, or if it was a weird, one time fluke, but I felt like I should share it. If for no other reason, than to simply vent. Gotta love TLD!
  11. Bug name: Game fails to load past the company logo while the music continues to play Bug description: After downloading and install the game for the first time my daughter is unable to load the game. She gets the company logo to appear on the screen then it freezes. The music does continue to play. OS (PC, Mac, etc.): Mac OS X Version 10.9.5; 8 Gig Memory Repro steps: From a fresh install try to launch the game. Screenshot if it's relevant: N/A, but can get a picture if needed. Coordinates in the world if it's relevant: N/A Visibility: Always Additional troubleshooting steps: Tried to use the -force-d3d9 flag Tried to use the -graphics-low flag Tried to check "verify integrity of game cache" Tried to reinstall the game Log file:
  12. The wolfskin coat now takes 50 hours to craft. Surely that isn't right... Is it? I apologize if this is just by design, but that really doesn't seem right. The bearskin bedroll takes less time to craft than the wolfskin coat now.
  13. Is there a config file I can edit to extend the time it takes for footprints to fade away? I have a lot of memory (both system and video) and really want to be able to both see animal tracks and my own for...well, forever until the next snowfall or blizzard covers them.
  14. I always had an issue with rare but occasional sound drops for about a half second but this isn't about that. I believe that since the last update sometimes I hear an odd clicking/chirp sound when outdoors. Before opening a bug report I wanted to ask the community whether this is something that is a known "new feature?" Before I just heard birds outside or the wind blowing through the trees but was startled to hear these new sounds and wanted to make sure whether or not they are normal before opening a bug report. Thanks for any information you have on this
  15. Hey. So, I was playing on my pilgrim-mode exploratory game mode when I decided that I was fed up with looking for a hacksaw. So, I used a save editor to hack one in. I know, shame on me for being lazy. Anyway, I returned to the sandbox mode menu, and alt-tabbed out of TLD, opened up the save editor, and made the change. When I returned into TLD, it wouldn't let me resume my game from the sandbox mode menu. So, I closed out of the game, and restarted it, but this time when I reached the main menu the sandbox mode menu wouldn't even open. It would make the sound effect, but stay on the main menu screen, no matter how long I waited or how many times I clicked. I checked and the story mode, options, and quit buttons all worked fine and without issue. Since then, I have restarted both the game and the computer multiple times, and reinstalled/validated files multiple times. I have even tried compatibility mode and administrator modes in case it was an issue there, but nothing I did has alleviated the problem. I have used the save editor multiple times before on the same save in the same manner without issue. I am running TLD on a Windows 10 PC Please get back to me if you can, because I really enjoy this game and I would hate not to be able to play it! output log is attached below. I noticed that at the bottom of the log it said something about the Fallback handler not being able to load library C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/TheLongDark/tld_Data/Mono/libc output_log.txt
  16. We should be able to build makeshift shelters. Stuff like a "lean to" maybe an igloo or various styles & types. The KEY to this wishlist request is to make these shelters TEMPORARY shelter. It wouldnt be to fun or fair really if you could just grab some sticks and other stuff right off the bat and build a shelter in the middle of bfe perminant af and indestrucatable. Thats why you impliment the temporary factor. For example: you craft a lean to shelter out of sticks, maybe some leather/cloth. Moss is a must for insulation as well as rope/guts to lash the shelter together. Now you can build it to last a certain amount of days. For instance lets max the shelter life at a week. (7 days) Your shelter can last up to 7 days but you still need a bed roll and a camp fire should be outside almost always seeing as how your not indoors completely. Now if you decide to take the shelter down after a day or two, you can recieve some of your used materials back. However, the longer you wait to take the shelter down or if you wait for it to fall apart after the 7 days, the less materials you are able to aquire from the left over scraps. Now, just like everything else in the game has estimation, we could even set the shelter life to an estimation setting so you arent guaranteed the full 7 days. Instead thats the max amount of your lucky. Take the elements into consideration as well. Strong winds or blizzards can knock your shelter over and destroy it wether in your sleep or out in about. If you place the campfire to close to your shelter you may catch the shelter on fire in your sleep and so on. Maybe you can make the shelters like a snare and deploy it and fold it up more than once, you know, 2 or 3 times before youve got to either repair it or craft a new one. Or you could have those shelters or the temp shelters you can make out of uncured materials in which case you can only use once. So. Many. Ideas.... Anybody else have any ideas /better suggestions along these lines or just in favor of this idea with makeshift shelters?
  17. So this has happened three times now and it is infuriating. The game I am working hardest on and spend most time on gets deleted randomly. Never in the same spot always make sure I sleep before logging out. Itll go days even weeks with the save this last one I had a great set up had 40 days and planned on exploring alot longer. Log in an hour ago and its all gone but my other saves are there. This is the third time this has happened. It deletes the game with the highest days or the one most recently played. Please help with a fix for this at this point I think I am done playing for awhile, too much work to put in to just keep re-doing it over and over. Thank you,
  18. Hallo, der Bug mit dem verschwindenden Lampenöl besteht wohl immer noch ?! Mir ist in den letzten Wochen diverse Male gefundenes Lampenöl abhanden gekommen, obwohl ich es noch nicht benutzt hatte. Patrick hatte im Oktober bereits geschrieben, dass der Fehler bekannt ist. Hat sich seitdem nichts getan ? Oder ist der Fehler wieder da ?
  19. Hi, (sorry for my English, i am French ^^) When i start a sandbox after 1 minutes the screen freezes, I therefore can not play this game that I bought on Steam. I joined you my DEBUGLOG. And i tried every thing here output_log.txt
  20. So I wanted to play today after a long hiatus (new computer) and I went to select my survivor and hit confirm but it doesn't want to do anything? Anyone come across this? Made a webm to show the issue. Re-logged, tried verifying cache integrity no luck. I have reinstalled, deleted files manually. Someone mentioned doing this; but I don't actually have a hinterland folder in LocalLow folder, maybe it was moved elsewhere? WebM: Computer Specs: Corsair Carbide Series 200R WindowedIntel Core i5 4690KCorsair H60 Liquid CoolingASUS Z97-ECorsair Vengeance Pro 8GB DDR3-1866ASUS GeForce GTX 970 STRIX OC 4GBCorsair LE 240GB SSDCorsair CS650 650W PSUWindows 10 Home 64-bit I have posted on reddit and steam already; no one has been able to find a solution thus-far. Thank you for your help! -Ecn
  21. I normally like my video settings on 'ultra.' However, I notice when walking outdoors that the snow on the ground "flickers" between very bright, "glowy" white, and dirty white (almost grey) depending upon my view angle. Setting video to 'medium' resolves it but...I'd rather play on 'ultra.' Anyone know what video card setting I should change to resolve this?
  22. While browsing the new forums I encountered the following bug when I couldn't open a page: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 10223616) (tried to allocate 2048 bytes) in /home/hinte1/public_html/applications/forums/Application.php on line 163