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Found 695 results

  1. I've been playing since it came to Steam. I tried starting the game 2 days ago & couldn't. I verified the cache, uninstalled the game and it still didn't work. I did a full reinstall of Steam and it still isn't working. I attached my debug log. I hope you can help. output_log.txt
  2. When I am inside of any building that doesn't have transparent windows, such as the logging camp buildings. If I look at certain angles all the walls vanish. The furniture is gone, the floors, and only the windows remain. Floating in their position and I can see the skybox all around.Has anyone else had this happen? I found the railyard while trying to fight with my last 12% condition. Went inside and literally could not navigate. Everything vanished and nearly every angle I looked at. All I could see were the windows. I really enjoy this game even though I've played 2hrs and then died. This is a very annoying issue though and it sucks not being able to really explore interiors. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am on an AMD GPU. I've changed all the settings. From my FOV to SSAO. No change, it still occurs. at first I thought it might be my drivers as I was running pre-crimson drivers because crimson was causing me random crashes on Win10. I've upgraded to the latest Crimson drivers and I went into the same building I tested it with on the old drivers. Nothing happened and I thought it was fixed.....well, I went into another building and no. Still getting the same issues with walls and furniture just vanishing. I'll put some images of what the bug looks like. I don't know how much this will help but I was on the 15.11 drivers, I have upgraded to the 16.4 drivers. I'm trying a reinstall now as Verifying the game cache on Steam did not help at all. If I made any formatting mistakes sorry, first time on the forums. Here's the log for my game as well. output_log.txt :::EDIT::: I forced DirectX9 and that seems to have fixed it. I'll report back on this post if it appears again.
  3. Hello everyone, i've been playing this couple of days. After a while I contracted a"Cabin Fever". The treatment asked me to spend 20 hours outside or so, when the new update came out on steam. When I logged back to my character, the message it stuck at 0 hours needed, and it nevers goes away, forcing me to always sleep outside. I don't think it's supposed to happen and I assume it's a bug. When I look at my stats, I think I should be free of it by now ( spent like 2 in game weeks 90% of the time outside since I got this ) Anyway, thanks in advance for you replies!
  4. I just wanted to add my thanks for this latest alpha release; very glad to have the new functionality and the opportunity to help shake it down. It almost seemed as if a Herculean effort went into this one with changes right up to the last minute! This is our bit as fans of support for the team. Nice new interface! Some thought went into that! and beautiful new graphics; that wasn't without some very serious effort by some people there!! I love the new Challenge feature; You guys should make that a regular occurrence! It satisfies your hardcore and teaches the fine art of surviving the game. After being eaten by the bear a number of times, the shock doesn't seem too bad any more. I do have a suggestion for some theme music: Piano Sonata No. 2 (Chopin) It's so pastoral and peaceful!!
  5. When you open the drawer the inside texture is wrong. Just though I'd let you know.
  6. Bug description: So normally my games will launch on my primary display selected in system>display in Windows. My secondary monitor is actually labeled "1" but is not selected as the primary display device, which is monitor 2. OS (PC, Mac, etc.): windows 10, currently up to date. Repro steps: Launching the game System info: Windows 10 up to date, Radeon 7870 2gb, Driver Packaging Version 16.15.2211.1001-160403a-301124E Visibility: Appears to be every time. Temp workaround: In windows display settings, set "Multiple displays" to "Show only on 2." This disables my secondary monitor and allows the game to run on my main screen.
  7. It seems like that after the interface update one is unable to light the torch by using the campfire, not sure if this was intentional or not. I tried aiming at the campfire with the torch in my hands and pressing the action button (RT), then the menu lights up but I can't choose anything else but my cardbox matches, and even if I press A to light it with the matches, an error/unavailable sound effect plays and I'm unable to do the action. So the only way to light the torches are looking away from the campfire and selecting the matches. I'm uploading here both DVR clips I made: GameClip-Original.mp4 ; GameClip-Original (1).mp4 Version: v.325 Thanks.
  8. I'm not gonna go into detail on the exploit. Simply put the game needs to save if your fishing line breaks while fishing.
  9. The game needs to save if your fishing line breaks while fishing. If you have Fishing line walk outside walk inside then back outside. Go fishing for 1 hour. If your line breaks before you catch the amount fish you want or you don't ever want your line to break just load your game should the line break.. If you do get what you want just repeat. This is why the game needs to save if your line breaks while fishing.
  10. I just tried to play today and noticed there was an update but my sandbox game data seems to have been wiped. I was 100+ days in. Any chance this could ever be recovered? I'm on Xbox one. Thanks guys. Good game.
  11. Since the last update, I haven't been able to play the game. It freezes when I try to enter my saved sandbox, or when I try to start a new one. I tried to go to settings in order to lower the visual settings, but they were already at their lowest and when I tried to get back to the main menu, I got another freeze. I don't think my system is to blame. My system specs:
  12. The last patch fixed two biggest problems with the recent build (321) of the game (ghost footprints and broken containers) but one still remains in my games (both new and old saves): Every interior I enter, upon leaving and returning, gets re-set, including containers and free-lying items. When I re-enter the building, it even displays the "You have discovered X location" message again. That means both unlimited resources but also not being able to make a base, rendering the game unplayable.
  13. Not even 5 minutes into the update and I found this. It has something to do with footprints. Nice jump scare though. You turn around and BAM, ghosts are following you. I can't get into the game. Not even to look for more bugs. I did however shutdown the game and restart it, but it is not that easy of a fix. So I'm all sad faced now. Please help asap.
  14. Not playing for 5 minutes and I found this. It has to do with footprints. Nice jump scare though. You turn around and BAM, you're being followed by ghosts.
  15. just got savagely ravaged by the bear... opened up my inventory menu to heal but no first aid icon, got the cure right here but not able to apply it... subsequently bleed to death...
  16. Tried both challenges and a sandbox game but died in all instances due to inability to use first aid items. The only option on said items that is clickable is the drop option. Tried dropping and picking back up but still no luck. Exited and restarted the game but still the same. Overall the game is beautiful even more so than before but not being able to heal means not being able to play. Not a fan of the new survival menu, just as an aside,
  17. Xbox One Coastal Highway, Coastal Town Site. Heading west from garage, there is a fence, then a burned out cabin, then the cabin in question (it has a small deck with living room entrance). Enter via the other door (kitchen entrance). You are facing the fridge and a set of 4 lower cabinet doors. Left most door is broke and has never been in play. The next cabinet door has been in play and in my games that cabinet holds my rifle, cleaning kits and ammo. With the Timeless Menace update it is inaccessible. This is a Pilgrim level game. I had scrounged every source of ammo I could think of and had a collection of just a100+ rounds so loosing access isn't tooooooooooo critical BTW, I have a second game using Voyageur level. I’m using the same set up (yeah, I’m a bit anal) and the given cabinet is still in play.
  18. Hi as the title say, the move forward binding is not possible. Clicking on the move forward binding replace the move backward one.
  19. Interior lighting at night same as interior lighting during the day. Not that I should be complaining about a nice lit up interior in the middle of the night, without torches or lanterns, but it must be a transient glitch, as i havent been able to successfully duplicate the problem.
  20. Hello, Today I lost my save game and want to know if I can retrieve it anyhow? What happend? I ended the game after it saved automatically. While in the main menu and waiting for the text "quit game" to appear I accidentally switched off electricity (my stupidity - no doubt). After rebooting the system I was curious to find out if that incident had an effect on my savegame - yes the save game has vanished. What's weird too, the language had changed to German - before it was Englisch. Can you help me please? Is there a backup?
  21. I discovered floting icicles.
  22. It's possible to craft torches without kerosine in the current build. The crafting recipe still lists kerosine as an ingredient, but you can nevertheless craft torches with reclaimed wood and cloth only. No idea if this is an intended change, but I guess you should either remove the kerosine from the list of ingredients or alternatively make sure it's really obligatory to craft torches.
  23. This wolf gets stuck on this slope fairly often...
  24. So, what the post said. The climber's journal on Timberwolf Mountain implies that the aurora started on September 6th by bringing down the cargo plane. The reason being that there are no signs of rescue or recovery attempted on the map. The wreck is just left there with corpses around it. The problem is, even in the frozen north, September is way too early for the lakes to freeze and set out ice fishing huts. It's still fall and salmon fishing season To reconcile this, either the plane crashed accidentally in which case there should be evidence of search and rescue and recovery on the map or the date is later and closer to winter. Otherwise the conclusion is that the Canadian government really doesn't care about plane accidents and lets unnamed hikers perform solo search and rescue Personally, I'd just change the date from September to November. Even November still a little early for safe ice to be on the oceans... but at least it makes more sense than September!
  25. found this random floating icicle, up pretty high in the middle of nowhere, I don't think its going to bother anyone's gameplay, lol. just thought you might wanna know.