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  1. Hello, I'm currently experiencing very strong lags when I turn the camera in The Long Dark. The game is perfectly fluid (even in highest graphics quality) when i play without using the camera, but as far as I try to turn it a little, my FPS are dropping a lot (from 60 to 5-6 fps), which makes the game unplayable. I run with a GTX 1080 + i7 7700K, with 16 GB of Ram DDR4, and my Nvidia drivers are up to date. So where can this problem come from ? Thank you for your anwsers
  2. Hey anybody, gear just seems to be disappearing outta thin air. for example, stashed the heavy hammer by the wall near the doorway by the furnace on the Riken. dropped some gut and two deer hides nearby to cure while I spend the next couple of ingame days gathering materials for upcoming forge crafting session. when I get back to the Riken, the hammer is gone. subsequently spent the next 4 ingame days looking for that hammer, nothing to be found anywhere. This isnt the first time stuff just vanishes, last playthrough it was all the unused arrow heads i had crafted... curious if this is possibly only related to custom setting gameplay? any ideas? anyone?
  3. I have the game on my Xbox One and every achievement was unlocking when I completed them. In a few days back I realized that the game is part of the Play Anywhere program so I downloaded the UWP version from the Microsoft store. While playing on PC I have completed the requirements for two achievements (Resolute Outfitter & Living off the land) but the achievements haven't unlocked. Then I tried playing the game on my Xbox to see if hitting a save point will unlock it but it's stayed locked. So synchronization is working because my save game was synced between my PC and Xbox but the achievements seem to be stuck. PS 1: there are at least two related issues: TLDP-5570 and TLDP-5502 but none of them has an answer. It would be nice to get some feedback or thoughts on this. PS 2: the Steam version works well and unlocks the achievements, so it seems to be an issue with triggering achievements through Xbox Live.
  4. Every time i try to run this game it crashes on disclaimer, I have 30+ hours in it and it stopped running. I have tried just about everything. I've reinstalled, I've ran it in dx9 and dx11, I verified my cache, I even ran it in compatibility mode, all my drivers are updated.
  5. Newest episode 2 Part 7 that I released if you got some time let me know what you think ! Thank you for watching.
  6. TLD has 40 Steam Achievements. You can view current here: Global progress as of 28th May 2018 51.1% The First of Many Survive 1 day in a single Survival Mode game. 35.1% Your Journey Begins Escape the ravine after your crash. 26.3% Night Walker Survive an entire Night outside (single game). 22.3% Paradise Lost Make your way to Milton. 19.7% You Made It! Survive 10 days in a single Survival Mode game. 16.0% The Long Winter Prepare Grey Mother for Winter. 11.9% Losing a Child is Like... Complete Lily's Story. 11.0% Leaving the Old World Behind Leave Milton. Complete Episode One. 9.3% The Old Trapper Bring Jeremiah back from near death. 6.7% Lights in the Sky Survive the first Aurora event. 6.6% Natural Healer Heal yourself using all types of natural medicines (single game). 6.2% Beneath a Starry Sky Survive 3 consecutive Nights outside (single game). 5.3% Ready for when the SHTF! Survive 50 days in a single Survival Mode game. 4.8% Don't Starve Keep calorie store above zero for 10 days. 4.8% It was THIS Big! Catch a fish weighing over 5kg (11 lbs). 4.4% Waste Not, Want Not Harvest 10 Complete Deer Carcasses (single game). 4.1% Graduation Day Complete Jeremiah's Survival School. 3.4% Freight-Train of Hate & Hunger Kill the Old Bear. 2.8% You'll Be With Her Soon Leave Mystery Lake. Complete Episode Two. 2.8% Too Big to Fail Open all Safety Deposit boxes in Milton. 2.6% Happy Harvester Harvest 25 of each kind of plant (single game). 2.2% Wrapped in Furs Sleep in a Bearskin Bedroll while wearing a Wolfskin Coat, Deerskin Boots, and Rabbitskin Mittens. 2.1% Stone-Age Sniper Stun a rabbit with a rock from over 25 meters (80 feet) away. 2.1% Centurion Survive 100 days in a single Survival Mode game. 1.8% Desolation Point Craft a full set of improvised Tools. 1.7% Silent Hunter Survive the first 50 days without firing any firearms (single game). 1.7% Pacifist Survive the first 25 days without killing anything (single game). 1.6% Living Off the Land Survive 25 consecutive full days only consuming calories harvested from wild plants and animals (single game). 1.6% Face the Impossible Survive one day on Interloper difficulty. 1.2% Timberwolf Mountain Climb to the top of Timberwolf Mountain. 1.2% Exploration Game Visit every interior location in both Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway (single game). 1.2% Sounds Like Some Kind of Indie Band 0.8% Penitent Scholar Complete all Research books. 0.8% Resolute Outfitter Fill all clothing slots with 100% condition gear. 0.6% Deep Forest Keep a campfire burning for 3 days. 0.5% Challenge Mastery Complete every Challenge. 0.4% Skilled Survivor Get all skills to level 5 in a single Survival Mode game. 0.3% Cache Mastery 0.2% The Will to Live Survive 500 days in a single Survival Mode game. 0.2% Faithful Cartographer Map all named locations in Survival Mode.
  7. Hello! I've had this game for a couple years and haven't had any major issues until now. This problem occurs in both Wintermute and Sandbox. I had been playing well into Episode 2 with no problems and then took a month or so off to play a different game. I came back to TLD over this past weekend and found that the loading screens are extremely long. The wolf will run for about ten seconds, and then freeze. Eventually the game loads my next play area, but I have had load screens that last 5+ minutes at a time, which obviously is very frustrating when you're in Milton going from house to house. I believe the game is installed on an external harddrive, but I have not had this issue before. I've disconnected the Xbox and let it rest for a bit before plugging it back in, and still have the problem. I thought it was related to Wintermute for some reason, so I began a Sandbox game (custom). After about ten minutes of play in this mode, I found myself facing the same issue. I really want to keep playing but the long load screen is just killing me. Thank you!
  8. Hi all, Super stoked to play the game, but I crash every 10 mins or so. Looking at the crash log I'm seeing no physical memory available, doesn't seem right to me? I have attached my log files, have a gander and see what you think. Cheers crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  9. After getting horribly lost in Pleasant Valley a few times I finally realized that the in game map (the one you draw very slowly with charcoal) seems to be rotated by 90 degrees clockwise. Either that or the sun is rising in the south. When following a fan created map I'm always pretty much where I expect to be. Is this a known issue? is there a way to fix it?
  10. Hello I am in EP2 of Wintermute and After the "Fix my Rifle" mission the Map stopped updating. No new quests are revealed and completed tasks are not removed. All I see is Fix my Rifle waypoints and Some stash /supply crates on the map. Nevertheless I was able to come to the Great Bear Hunt somehow but now I cannot proceed as I dont know where to go to chase the bear. (Bear has mauled me at first sight and went away) So How I am supposed to proceed without my Map?
  11. Hello I am in EP2 of Wintermute and After the "Fix my Rifle" mission the Map stopped updating. No new quests are revealed and completed tasks are not removed. All I see is Fix my Rifle waypoints and Some stash /supply crates on the map. Nevertheless I was able to come to the Great Bear Hunt somehow but now I cannot proceed as I dont know where to go to chase the bear. (Bear has mauled me at first sight and went away) So How I am supposed to proceed without my Map?
  12. Hello friends. Playing a long run in 'Stalker' and increasingly I am not finding my arrow in the animal corpse, especially with deer. Am I missing something? If the arrow was shot into the side of the deer the deer will sometimes flop to the ground and the arrow can not be seen or retrieved. How nice would it be if the list for harvesting included: Meat, Hide, Gut, and arrowheads.
  13. Hello, I'm not sure if this will be considered as a "bug" but it definetely looks weird to me. Whenever I walk towards a tree branch or grass, the object starts to flicker in some way. If I'm too far away, I will not see entirely the object. If I get 2 steps forward from the previous location, the branch or the grass will fully appear, quite suddenly. I am operating under Windows 10, my graphic card is a GTX 1050 Ti - 4 Go, processor Ryzen 1300W. The game itself is the Gog version - 1.30. I see that issue all of the times so it gets very annoying after a while.. I tried every kind of setting, from changing graphic quality to nvidia panel settings, vsync, etc... Thanks in advance for your support.
  14. So I have a pretty crappy computer, and I'm able to run TLD pretty good, but on the worst possible settings. All my graphics are turned down to the minimum, my resolution is at 800x600. So I am asking the community to help me with some tips and tricks to make my game run good without sacrificing so much quality. Any ideas
  15. I've tried erasing the game and downloading it again . This all started after the moose update. Please help. My name on Xbox one is maximus6676
  16. TLD won't launch for a couple months. I get an error message and have not found a solution online or in these forums. My graphics cards are updated, and I have played this game for a couple of years, so this is a new problem. I tried launching directly from the directory where the direct to 9 or 11 DirectX options are without luck. Error message is attached and says: Failed to initialize Direct3D. Make sure you have at least DirectX 9.0c installed, have drivers for your graphics card and have not disabled 3D acceleration in display settings. InitializeEngineGraphics failed Please help me! Thanks
  17. Hi. First since it's my first post i would like to take time to congratulate everyone involved on the great job with this game. I enjoy every aspect of it. It's really refreshing. Since last update my game has multiple bugs. I tried to uninstall and re-install, didn't solve the problems. Playing on Xbone. Basically making it impossible to play. First is that there is no more sun cycle. It just stays there no matter what time of the day. Footsteps are multiplied by 10. It lays a trail of footsteps both humans and animals. The crafting menu has been " replaced", i guess, by numbers and text all across wich means i can not use it. I lost my previous saved game. In the main menu when trying to select new sandbox game, doesn't work. Found a way to make it work by re-selecting my player profile. I have been attacked by a wolf and in the game status it said thaat i died but was still alive. So, i maybe there's more, idk. I have not played that long since a could not craft a bandage to stop the bleeding.
  18. I bought the game on Tuesday, played it for a solid twelve hours. Turned my PC off all days Wednesday as i was out. Thursday i came home, continued onto chapter two and went to the frozen lake near the train tracks. My screen froze but i could still hear music, walk, interact with objects etc. After six attempts of ignoring it and trying to play through by restarting the game it eventually made my whole PC freeze, it went into a constant loop of just restarting and the screen had developed white and black, then red and blue lines kind of looking like a chessboard all over my monitor. I fixed my computer by wiping down the graphics card which seemed to fix it after the second time this happened. After the second i realized it was the game. I tried various other games ranging from easy to run stuff like CS GO and Hotline Miami to somewhat decently "big" games such as PUBG or Battlefield and they worked fine, got regular FPS, no stuttering or lagging etc. But the third time i tried to play the long dark i thought it was fixed and i tried to just go back to an old save, it put my PC in a constant restarting fit and now my screen constantly has blue bars all around it, kind of look like tiny little rectangles. I'm not entirely blaming the game i honestly just want to know why this game, a unity game, did this to my computer. I'm thinking of building a new one, a more modern one as this one i bought of my friend, but still. I enjoyed this game so much and don't want to have the same thing happen again
  19. So I am playing Ep 2 (returning to Jeremiah cabin lodge to give to him the repaired jacket) and stopped to delete my saved games (I had Story 1 besides the Story main save. I was playing in the Story 1. I've deleted the Story and renamed Story 1 to Story.). After that the "Save Game" greyed out and I am not able to save the game anymore. I can only load the Story and my last auto-save. But the stranger is now: anytime I enter any building I lose all my backpack items. Food, bedroll, all the clothes I got trough the game. Everything. When I exit the building the screen goes completely black. I can hear the sounds and I think I can move, but not able to see. Restarting the game won't work. If I try to reload my game from the last auto-save I still have the Save Game option greyed out. I already tried to change the auto-save option to 2mins but even so the game doesn't save anymore. Maybe the process of renaming/deleting the save game corrupted everything, I don't know. Someone posted here. Very similar bug (?): Any tips? I don't want to start over Thanks.
  20. Hey. I have a problem with the transition from a mysterious lake to a lonely swamp. Through the tunnel it is impossible to pass - the game had crashed.
  21. So I'm attempting to play an earlier version of the game, v393, and before you say anything, yes - I've purchased the game legitimately on Steam. I wanted to see what this early version was like so I torrented it, because Steam does not let you revert your game back to earlier versions, so please do not yell at me to 'buy the game', because I have. I begin a new game and cannot do anything other than stand in place and quickly freeze to death. I can't use Esc to pause, can't use the mouse to look around, can't use WASD to move. I thought maybe I was stuck on something below my character, so I started a new game, same problem. I checked in the options menu to see if it was a sensitivity or controls issue, but no. I disabled gamepad to see if that made a difference, but no. I cannot think of anything else to try.
  22. Hello there, I'm new to playing long dark on PC. I have played it on Xbox from the beginning. I recently downloaded the game to PC via the Microsoft Store and Play Anywhere compatibility. I went into the controls and found I could take screenshots with the F10 key. I have tried this multiple times, but I can't find the screen shots anywhere. I searched the computer all over the C: Drive, Users, etc... I can take screenshots via the xbox game bar, Windows Key + Alt+PrtScn, but these literally take a screen of the entire game window...and the quality is so so when you manipulate it to get rid of the HUD. Any ideas? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. I am having the same problem with my PC on The Technomancer and i tried all of the things that u suggested and still nothing did u changed the resolution only in game ?
  24. I'm at the dam and managed to get an aura and flipped the switch however as soon as I go to enter the room with the elevator the aura vanishes and my character says 'guess I may be stuck here a while' and I can't summon the elevator. I've tried waiting for another aura and reloading check points but it keeps happening...