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  1. Was heading toward the forge in FM when I went on my usual path and proceeded to fall into the water. (How many times I fell into the water is irrelevant... cough...) Anyway, as you can see, there's a bright blue patch here where I'm guessing there should be ice? I received no warning (the new red ! which I do receive other times). Is it possible this is a place I fell into the ice previously? this is an old save (500+ days). This is the path I always take to the forge and I don't remember it being an issue.
  2. Northern Canada has more animals and plants that survive the harsh winter, snow foxes for example there is also black bears and grizzly bears and cornus mas which grows throughout BC at -25c. with birch bark, branches , pine branches with needles, furs, cloth and even snow you can build igloos, Teepees and lean-too ,somewhere to drop off goods or create your own house, surviving these conditions are easy I want to thrive in them. I know Hinterland said they are not going to add co op but it would be a real good aspect to add, most people play games as a social interaction so sales would improve and being able to have atleast four people in a server together. Snowshoes would be a great addition, it is hard to walk in snow no matter how much so the carry weight is understandable but with snowshoes you would be able to walk with more ease and maybe be able to carry five more pounds. Could always have more areas to explore but those have been being added at a very responsible rate. Wouldn’t mind being able to find upgrades for the rifle and revolver, a grip for revolver and a scope for rifle, nothing else really don’t want it to feel to much like a shooter , just something to increase accuracy. This game has so much potential like the title says. I wouldn’t like to see any more weapons tho, the rifle, bow, revolver and spear is the perfect amount.
  3. If the answer to the title question is 'Yes', wonderful. If not, it looks like I, and others who are running Rugged Sentinel (1.37) and bought their game from GOG, are stuck at Rugged Sentinel forever. GOG has patches from 1.33 to 1.37 and 1.47 (Vigilant Flame) to 1.48 (Steadfast Ranger), but no patches from 1.37 forward. I wrote to Hinterland Support, but haven't heard back yet. I do understand they are quite busy with the new update right now. I did hear back from GOG support and their answer was a polite tough luck, you can always install Galaxy. If they don't have a patch to download for 1.37 forward, would they have such a patch implemented in Galaxy? The issue, of course, is the badges. Although I didn't keep track, it must have taken me more than 200 hours of game play to earn the Fire Master badge. Who would want to do that again? Even at Rugged Sentinel, The Long Dark is a wonderful game, although I really would like to play the latest.
  4. I've owned this game way back when it was In game preview on Xbox like 2 ish years ago. I downloaded it on pc through windows store. today I launched it this afternoon after the newest update and it says trial version. Is this a bug or something else?
  5. Hello fellow The Long Darkies! It seems most of us NVIDIA users are experiencing graphical glitching after the REDUX update. I have good news for you! I found these launch parameters (from Unity issue tracker) that fixed the glitching for me and allows me to continue surviving! -force-glcore42 -force-clamped Hope this helps! Remember to up vote the issue in the link I provided, so the problem gets enough attention and hopefully a quick and permanent fix. So that such workarounds wouldn't be needed in the future. Antergos Linux 4.19.8-arch1-1-ARCH I5-7600K, 16GB DDR4, GTX 1060 3G nvidia 415.22, mesa 18.3.1-1
  6. Now, I don't like complaining. And i truly hate from the bottom of my heart looking at online maps to find the correct path to places. But this time I HAD to do it. I'm trying to find the way to the summit of Timberwolf Mountain, and after weeks of trying I looked at the wikia for the map. If I'm not hopelessly dumb the rope should be somewhere along this cliff. Instead of the rope I found a big NOPE. Am I looking at the wrong place or what? I'm near Andre's peak, an engine, the tunnel going down into the chasm, right newt to the cargo container, and that should be the cliff. May the Black Goat with a Thousand Youngs crap on the rope thief's head from above.
  7. Hello everybody im Ghosty. I have played TLD in early beta for a few month's and loved it sadly my pc died. So after a few years of not hearing about or playing TLD I am now playing on Xbox one AND MY GOD IS IT GOOD! The game has improved so much. Im really happy to see TLD at this state. I love posting pictures of beautiful games on my Xbox feed.(ghosty 1944) I never got a new pc so sadly I can't post on the website. It brings me such joy to see the game now. -Ghosty 1944
  8. Can I run this game at a minimum 40 FPS on my MacBook air early 2015? Specs: Processor = 1,6 GHz Intel Core i5 5250U RAM = 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics = Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB And does this game look good on the lowest settings? Thanks
  9. Hi, i have a problem with "bear spear" mission in episode 2. I went to Hunting Lodge, but when i take the spear from wall, mission does'nt update. I cant take it. The Spear respawn on the wall after cutscene and i can't click it. If i exit from lodge and get in again , i can click it and again cutscene and respawn, again over again... I stuck on this mission. I tried restart the episode or from another save but didn't work. What can i do!?
  10. If its at all possible it would be fantastic to bind sprint to L3 (left stick in) as r1 feels kind of awkward as I'm sure this isn't a problem on PC it is for consoles as left stick in is almost completely universal at this point for being sprint. So maybe a few alternate schemes for consoles would help add more assessabilty.
  11. So let’s play a fun game, alright? Think of a number in your head, of the number of wolves you think I encountered on my trip from Milton, through Mystery Lake, and through half of Pleasant Valley. Go on, think of a number. Got it? Remember it, because it’s story time. First time I start up Archivist, there’s five bloody wolves outside the starting house. Oh yeah, that seems fun. Let’s quit, make a new file and try again. Oh that’s nice, only three wandering the street this time. Start another new file. Oh, we’re back up to five. Start again. Four this time. One last time, and this time only two. I figure “whatever, that’s the best I’m going to get.” So I dodge around them while looting the town, etc. In between the town and the rope to Mystery Lake I avoid four more wolves. Isn’t that magical? Make it to Mystery Lake. Figure that must have been really bad luck and things will improve in ML. Pfffft nope. There’s two wolves outside the Trapper’s Cabin. Of course there is. Why wouldn’t there be? I make the mad dash to the cabin, make it, and of course there’s no rifle there. Shocking. Spend the night there, and leave, heading off towards the Camp Office. On the way, I dodge two wolves. Par for the course, eh? At least I have shelter… Or at least, I would, if I didn’t get ambushed by two more wolves outside the Camp Office. One is scared off by my torch, the other straight up ignores it and bites the heck out of me. Because why would I expect to be able to fend them off consistently, right? Bandage up, stock up in the cabin, spend the night. On the way to the derailment I dodge two more wolves. As expected, no rifle here either. Again, shocking. From the derailment to the trailers beside Carter Dam I only pass one wolf. Yay! But there’s two waiting for me outside the trailers. One is scared off by my new torch, one bites the heck out of me and I stab it. Deja vu is awful isn’t it? I bandage up after getting inside, make a dash for the Dam. Inside the Dam I finally get a rifle (15% condition lol) to go with my 40 bullets. Figure I’m set now. I have gauntlets, ski boots, a military jacket, an axe, a hunting knife, and a rifle (which I cleaned profusely) with two score bullets. ISSA JOKE. At the Winding River there’s two more wolves just in that first wide section. Blow the face off one, the other takes off. That’s more like it! I set up a fire and start harvesting the wolf. While I’m doing so, I get attacked by the second wolf. It completely ignores the fire, bites the heck out of me and I stab it. I finish harvesting after bandaging and bathing in antiseptic. I make it through the caves and to Pleasant Valley. Time for a fresh start, right? Things are a bit more normal on the way to Signal Hill. Only two wolves, shoot one, the other takes off, business as usual. I found my first Prepper Cache (the clothing one) northeast of here. I repair all my clothing to 100%, stock up on food, wood, and water. I get to Pensive Pond and there is a wolf there. Because why not. I run into the fishing hut and close the door. At least there’s a door right? The wolf attacks me through the bloody door. Just glitches through it, bites the heck out of me, I stab it, it starts to run. “Screw this cheating wolf,” I think, and I open the door of the fishing hut, aim my rifle, and shoot it in the butt to make sure it’s dead. I bandage up and move on. Heading north, I only pass one wolf, but then there’s another outside the General Store. I blow its head off, go in, stock up, and prepare to head towards Timberwolf Mountain. Heading west along the river, I only pass one wolf. Things are finally looking up. I’ve got a gun with tons of ammo, durable gear, the weather is relatively liveable, and I’m loaded with supplies. The plan is to head west until the bridge southeast of the Derelict Cabins, then strike off north towards the possible bear spawn. I’ve hunted many bears in the game by this point, and figure this will be pretty routine. As I get to the clearing south of the cave, there’s three bloody wolves within about 10 meters of each other. I put down a lure and ready my rifle as they all start moving towards me. The middle one is closest to me, so I put a bullet between its eyes. The other two run. One north towards the bear cave, the other into the rock wall to my left, just running into the wall. So of course, the wolf to my left turns right around and attacks me before I can react. I stab it, and as it’s running away, I shoot it in the back as it headed up the hill. Two down, one to go. Probably time to bandage up, apply antiseptic, and get ready for the third to my north right? WRONG ANSWER. As I’m bandaging, a fourth bloody wolf attacks me from behind. I know it was a separate wolf because the one that took off ran towards the bear cave. Challenge failed. u ded. git gud. Were you keeping count? How close were you? Did you guess twenty-eight bloody wolves in the space of a direct path through three areas? Do you still want to try and argue that this challenge isn’t broken because of the wolf spawn rate? I have scoured the Hinterland forums, the Steam forums, and the Gamefaqs forums, and have found many posts mentioning how absurd the number of wolves in the Archivist challenge is. A few players actually said the spawn rate was significantly higher than even Interloper Survival. So it sure isn’t just me who noticed that an already difficult challenge is made miserable because of the broken spawn rate of wolves. Now, I know it’s only a matter of time before someone posts here saying “u suck git gud its not the game its u uninstall” but I don’t see how 100+ hours of experience in the game, 40 rounds in a rifle, damage resistant clothing, and torches is even enough to deal with this idiotic spawn rate. It’s not me, it’s the challenge. And the Devs need to understand that and fix the spawn rate for wolves in the Archivist challenge. It's hard enough without a busted wolf spawn rate. Right now it is pointlessly difficult, buggy, broken, and above all else unfun.
  12. Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum, and I wanted to make you go back a little technical problem but before anything else, I must tell you that I do not speak English (French) and so it's google who translates what I say. So I bought yesterday a wired horipad (switch) in usb to move my old xbox controller, and I note a concern: the sensitivity is maximum, so down in the menu at 0% but the sensitivity is too strong; to the point where it is extremely difficult to aim at the rifle. Here; thank you for your attention
  13. pls can you add a multiplayer it Wood be nice . not like Server where many can Play more like with Friends. me and my Friends wait only for this and we support the game for so Long thanks to the Person which read this
  14. Its nothing really, just that the 350ml bottle somehow contains 500ml of fuel and now i can't unsee it.
  15. Image album with examples in Milton and my settings (FPS counter in top left) I've no mods installed and graphics drivers are the latest. Anyone else experiencing lower fps when looking at the ground? Edit #1: Was testing, and I can fix and reproduce this by changing the SSAO setting from High to Medium. On High, the FPS drops dramatically when looking at the ground. On Medium there's no change in FPS. Edit #2: Now I have a bit more time, here's my specs for the record: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K @ 3.50GHz RAM: 32.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Z87-A (SOCKET 1150) Graphics: 2 * 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (MSI) Graphics Driver: ForceWare version: 417.35 Storage: Samsung SSD 960 EVO 500GB
  16. I found a bug with a large red box, which is located next to a workbench. First I dragged a one hundred of Scrap metal from the Carter Hydro Dam to the Forlorn Muskeg (where there is a Furnace) to make arrowheads.I filled a red box with 100 iron parts. I placed 25 parts of Scrap metal into the two upper compartments and another 50 parts into the lower large compartment. After that, the front covers of the red box disappeared (!) along with all the Scrap metal. Now I see only the body of an empty box without a front panel in which nothing can be put. I tried to reproduce this problem again. It turned out that the red box deteriorates even if you do not put anything in it. It happens after sunset.
  17. Okay, I thought I was going crazy before, but I know I'm not now. More than once, when entering a building, for the briefest of moments, I see items (on counters, peg-boards, etc.) but they disappear. I just entered a house in CH and saw (what looked like) some coffee and pork n' beans on the counter, but in a flash they were gone! Anyone else notice this?
  18. Ben oyuna bayıldım fakat daha önce ki güncelleme gelmeden önce ki hikaye'yi bilmiyorum. 30 Saat de bitirdim oyunu çok keyifliydi 3. bölüm ne zaman çıkar ve izlediğim videolar da gizli barınaklar var o barınaklar kaldırıldı mı yoksa gizli zula olarak mı değişiti fikri veya bilgisi olan varsa yazabilir mi ?
  19. The prepper cache bunkers on the older maps were there for a long time. I've seen comments from people even in 2016 that they could no longer find the caches, and they looked for all of them since only 1 of them spawns. One of my questions is, does 1 always spawn in Mystery Lake, 1 cache per region, or is it 1 cache per Great Bear Island ?
  20. Anyone else have problems with the new update? Support never responds. List of problems I encounter now in Wintermute mode: 1. Previously I could craft having obtained the blueprints. Now all blueprints are gone. 2. Wolves are more than frightened. At all times. 3. Random crashing with message “do you own this game?” Uh yah I do... Possibly the worst part about it is that “support” will not ever respond!
  21. Hey everyone! Long time no uploads here but I am keen to be back in 2019 with a lot more TLD content and hope you all enjoy it too as always keen to get any feedback so let me know what you would do differently though this is the story mode so lets enjoy it great update. Many thanks if you watched see you at the next one! MbG
  22. Has anyone else had the experience, recently, of shooting an animal (wolf, bear, or deer) and had them run away in a straight line forever? First was the wolf near the Fishing Camp on CH: he ran toward Rockfall until he ran up some rocks I couldn't follow. Been looking/listening for crows in the area for days to no avail. Second was the bear near BC Campground: he ran across the stream and up the hills toward the single Fishing Cabin until I couldn't pursue. Same as before, no sign of crows in the clearest of weather. Another was a wolf between Misanthropes and Waterfront Cottages: he ran directly toward the sea until he hit the edge, went left toward the island you can't get to off the coast of Commuter's and died out on the thin ice. I am playing on custom (don't have the code on me) with their fear set higher than normal, so maybe a specific circumstance. I also have the detection range (non-scented) smaller, so it seems to me they should stop fleeing closer to me as well although, admittedly, I know nothing of how these mechanics actually work.
  23. I noticed doesn't use https and since we do enter usernames and passwords I figured I'd check if there was an https port available. It was -- but it answers with an outdated Let's Encrypt cert (expired January 2, 2017) and issued to When going on I get redirected to the site: Seems to be an active forum. Now there's nothing wrong with having an (unusual) hobby and I'm sure beetles are very interesting, I'm just curious what the connection to Hinterland is? Your webmaster has a passion for beetles perhaps? Or a server misconfiguration/shared hosting issues? I specifically recommend the topic "Beetles, can they host mind-altering/other dangerous parasites?" - I learned something new today
  24. Most likely an existing post or known dialogue issue; On Xbox One, the new Intro chapter cutscenes for Wintermute we're fine. The scene where Will removes shrapnel from his hand lost the, "grunt", audio, but that may be unrelated. My first time coming into Milton on the new route (which I enjoyed a lot more than the old tunnel route, fyi), the Grey Mother has no audio. I enter her cabin and there's an odd, green filter. There are no prompts until I approach the grey mother and I get, "Interact". Once I initiate that, I get a cutscenes with no conversation dialogue, though the grey mother model moves and speaks. With subtitles on, I see what the intended audio is, though once it gets to a point where I would choose a response on the old build, it just sits. So, yeah, I exited to main menu at that point. I'm looking forward to continuing redux, played as-intended, whenever the next hotfix comes out or if somebody has a fix I need to do. Running on an Xbox one s 1tb console. Original install was last July, updated whenever the December update came out. My previous saves did not persist, I assumed that was an update incompatibility thing. My survival saves did persist, however.