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Found 697 results

  1. I've already submitted a bug for this but opening up discussion here. Ep 3 intro movie plays, then when the game starts and the playable character is walking around with a rifle it crashes just about a minute in, same place every time. Completely crashes the graphics card driver. Steam on Linux. Game playable in sandbox mode without issue.
  2. I don't have a video yet, but in the intro cutscene of Ep 3, the stranger walks toward the crow where Astrid is, but the scene jumps back 5 seconds or so and goes in this infinite loop. The cutscene will thus not advance.
  3. Hi, I don't know if this is a problem with my computer screen or the quality and display options, but I now have small pixelated dots around objects when I'm playing. Has anyone else experienced this recently and is it a bug?
  4. So I've started to look for help first on steam forums then directly to emailed hinterland like 2-3 months ago still with no response. I'll try my luck here too. I own the steam version of TLD. I'm on mac os x mojave, imac 27" late 17, which is a more than enough system to handle TLD. Until I started to get this bug, I was able to play just fine anyway.I'm having this chronic crash right after launching the game since one or two months, did clean instal multiple times and tried start options but still having the issue. Game starts rather slowly and sometimes even freezes the machine until it responds after a while but as soon I'm in "disclaimer" screen with piano playing, and I hit any button to skip, game crashes to desktop. *On one occasion today, I've been able to make it to the main menu. I've seen some community updates on the way such as the third episode to be released in 22th Oct. and I've been told that I survived 1852 days..I never survived that long let alone played that long. After a few seconds of main menu experience, I got crashed to desktop again.. Like I've said, I've been able to play the game on the same machine, and same os x until now. I do not know what is wrong. I do not have any mods installed by the way. Multiple clean installs, and verifications did not solve the issue.Anyone have any idea?
  5. Yesterday TLD and windows both updated (not sure if it was a TLD update but have the new messages up front about episode 3 etc). Now my save files are gone from the game as are my feats. I'm 290 days in and one location from achieving Faithful Cartrographer. I found the files in windows folder. Please help!
  6. I thought Items wasn't supposed to respawn in the game? I am in mystery lake and I've been to the derailment many times I know I have been there because I remember going up the tree to the right to enter the one cart to loot it well this is my 3rd time passing through and all the containers were searchable again and had loot, the simple tools was back in the exact same spot my first set was. It even said "new location discovered" like I have never been there before yet I have. Did Hinterland change it so items can now respawn other than stick, coal, rocks etc? If so that was a poor design choice. Please tell me this is a bug. This is on voyager mode, ps4
  7. I loaded up whiteout and as soon as I started I noticed the bed in the Quonset was transparent. I thought it was odd but thought it there might be a few bugs in the challenges that hinterland is to busy to fix. Well after sleeping the night away I woke up the next day and the bed was fixed, so started heading out of the garage and saw that now one of the tool cases was transparent. As I've been playing through whiteout interactable terrain keep half vanishing and reappearing all across the map. So after finishing whiteout opened my current survival save and luckily everything seems fine there. It doesn't have any major game play effect but I don't think this is a glitch you want in your game.
  8. Hello, Since I could not find any "search function" in this forum. I had to start a new one. Apologies if this question was made some time before. Objective: To find the Buffer Memory at the "Mystery Lake - Lower Dam". Situation: The game mode is "Archivist". Currently at Carter Hydro Dam - Lower Level (past the dead guy with the broken arrow & lantern). I have spent 5 days, 4 nights in Carter Dam. Mostly at the lower levels. With depleting food (and patience). I have walked as far as the map would allow me to go. Without having to take the "Emergency Exit Only" door. I figured it would lock me out, once I do. The furthest room (the one with broken window, and snow that have drifted in). I've spent a night there to tick off this objective. But sadly, none of the computers there were it. I've back tracked from that room. Where there's a walkway bridge on far left. There is a desk with two monitors, very close to the live electrical wire that is exposed during the special time. That too was a no go. Now, I'm having to find food, boil water, and trying to time the irregular aurora events to find the pesky objective computer. Basically, I'd appreciate if someone could direct me towards the right direction. Have I missed something? The title of the mission, err objective is "Mystery lake - Lower Dam". I'd presume that the objective computer monitor is on the "lower level"? Thanks in advance.
  9. This problem does not bother me but just felt to report it. So at least for me when I pick up a spawn bow or craft one my character pulls the bow out and there is nothing there but the animation'ss are still there like holding it draw relax even the arrow is there but if you relog the bow is no longer invisible and all is well. This is not a one time bug, I have had multiple saves and lifes that had this bug. P.S:How do the little rock stacks work the ones that say "This story is not yet written" can I write a "story" or is that for special people?
  10. Okay, I'm on day 4 of sitting in TWM Chasm cave with my buddy Frank waiting for an aurora. Bad luck with RNG? Have any of you experienced such long waits during this challenge?
  11. Will tld run on a PC with a AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor and Radeon RX 590 Red Devil 8gb video card as I am changing my exsiting PC. If I change is it a case of moveing the save games from one PC to the other?. Thanks for any advice
  12. The game doesn't load past the 'press any key to continue' disclaimer screen. I bought this for AUD$13 from Microsoft. It says it is for Xbox and PC. I presume if it was only Xbox then it wouldn't even install on my rig. The sys specs are more than enough for it. I have been using my friend's steam copy as well at max graphics. Is this the problem? That there are 2 copies installed, although in dif locations? I heard it may be the Microsoft store not being able to connect? Other ideas? Thanks all. Great game indeed.
  13. I could use a bit of help to understand the current set of open issues but specifically one problem that we are seeing reported on the Facebook community group, to wit: " Anyone broke the things in camp office and noticed your draws upstairs rising higher each time and the filing cabinet draws down? Dudes, the game has swallowed an entire f*****g draw from the filing cabinet..... Good thing i noticed and took my stuff out .... " I think he means Drawers Implies that there is a work around.
  14. Hello! Around January (I think) I've asked Raphael in Milton Mailbag about community translations. I really want to create Czech translation for the game, but the current Google Docs sheet doesn't contain new items and REDUX dialogues/stuff in WINTERMUTE. Raphael said that Hinterland will update the sheet, but it's been around half a year and I still see nothing happening. When do you guys plan to do this? Thanks a lot for your answer. Azdrawee
  15. I really enjoy playing TLD, but my 2015 Macbook clearly isn't quite up for the task. I have to play on the lowest graphic settings but the game still performs rather poorly. Can anyone give me tips as to what to upgrade (if possible)? I'm not very computer savvy, but not computer illiterate either – and I have changed a couple of harddrives, added RAM here and there, so I know how to look up HowTo videos on Youtube... What I believe to be relevant stats of my computer: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) 2,5 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB Any help would be very much appreciated!
  16. Hi! I'm a long time player and I love the game. It is by far my favorite game to play and I don't expect that will change. However, I have been working hard at getting my achievements. I have 36/40. In my current sandbox I have 288 days towards my 500 days, 'will to live,' achievement. It's the same survivor I used to get my faithful cartographer and I'm not quick to part with her, as I have already lost my longest living survivor to climbing too far up in mountain town and falling over a mountain through a train tunnel roof into uncharted territory (by the truck you can see near a bridge when you look down the cliff before passing into the cave to mystery lake.) That survivor is still there waiting, hoping that region becomes livable. My current survivor is working on the 'skilled survivor' achievement and was almost there, just working on fishing and mending and archery all at level 4, to get to level 5. I'm concerned that having already looted the entirety of all the maps that my now level 1 revolver will be impossible. I'm wondering if the update added revolvers and books to my existing save, or if I'm going to need to start a new survivor for my achievement. If the content was added, im all for spending my last 212 days of my 'will to live' efforts in collecting and increasing my revolver skill to 5. I will re-search the whole island. But if it wasn't added to my existing save id like to know sooner than later that I'm going to have to start a new survivor for my 'skilled survivor' achievement. I do have a third sandbox survivor, who is only 28 days in and is working towards my 'silent hunter' achievement who could continue on and potentially get me to my 'Skilled survivor', but I would much prefer to continue on with the other survivor who has a complete map and needs to progress in days to my 'Will to live.' Any input, information, or advice is greatly appreciated. I'm just seeking a bit of clarity. Regardless of how it all works out, I will continue to play and love the game. Thank you Hinterland developers for giving me such an awesome game and experience.
  17. Before I report this I want to ask if anyone else is experiencing this.... 1. Hit windows key by mistake or alt-tab to another window (which pauses the game) then go back to the game and the graphics is frozen. Sound works, and I can move around blindly but the screen does not change. If I am near the door, I can exit out (by randomly rotating and clicking) but the screen remains the same. Frozen with a view of just standing inside the door. 2. Hit windows key by mistake. 3. Hit windows key by mistake. Grrrr! I hate my stupid laptop! *Sobs uncontrollably*
  18. Hi, since this was seriously driving me crazy for several evenings, I thought I'd share it. Maybe it saves others some trouble. If you run Ubuntu with the newest NVidia drivers (430.14) and TLD starts up all black, use: ./tld.x86_64 -force-glcore42 -popupwindow -screen-fullscreen 0 Then click your way to settings and change the resolution to a windowed one which fits your screen. Fullscreen won't/can't work for some reason at all and if you ran fullscreen earlier, now you got just a black screen. Note: the above can be added in Steam too with Properties/Launch Options as: "%command% -force-glcore42 -popupwindow -screen-fullscreen 0" . With those parameters I was able to change the overall resolution and run as non-fullscreen. I don't know where the settings are stored, but hand-editing the Unity3D prefs files didn't change anything. Also, the -screen-width/-screen-height command line parameters seem to have no effect; -show-screen-selector also didn't work (I made sure it finds all libs with LD_LIBRARY_PATH). There are plenty of tips in the internet about SDL2 being the problem, or that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is required or the SDL_DYNAMIC_API is needed, or one has to run 32-bit version instead of the 64-bit version, and so forth and so on, but none of those worked. I guess the problem is in fact the NVidia driver somehow, since I run Steam in an LXC container based off of Ubuntu 14.04 and with the exception of the new NVidia driver userspace that container was otherwise unchanged. The only thing changed on the host side was the 430.14 kernel driver. Also, my other games exhibit similar problems right now and running in a non-fullscreen/window helps. With only the -screen-fullscreen 0 the initial "wolves are not really psycho killers and this game won't make you Bear Grylls" screen was shown OK but then the "scrolling nightly mountains with sponsors and beautiful music" was all black. No graphics ever appeared after that. I hope this helps someone else as well, and you can play again this great game. Thank you folks of Hinterland for making this game, I really mean it, it is a masterpiece. (I'd like to see new areas though...) Cheers!
  19. My game is crashing 1/5 of the time I exit a building. I gave up playing wintermute because of this. I'm using Windows 8. I hope hinterland will do something about this . Is there someone thats in the same boat as me ?
  20. So I started playing after a while again and noticed that my fps was rather lower than usual. I went from 4K max settings at >100fps to 48 on average. Even more weird is that when I look at the building or the ground, my FPS drops like stone in water, going from 100 to 44 fps. I played around with the setting and noticed that putting Post FX from Ultra or High on medium would solve this issue but at the cost of beautiful light and visual scenery. Interesting enough, putting Post FX on low is even WORSE (lol?) This makes no sense. Is there any fix on the way because I noticed that these issues have been around since December and I am worried that this will never be fixed. My specs: i7-7700K 4.6GHz 2x 1080 in SLI 16GB DDR4 RAM Windows 10 OS Latest Driver
  21. The Long Dark was released years ago. The updates are months in between one another, I paid money for a game that promised me x, y, z but only gave me X, and half of Y. When can we start talking about refunds.........?
  22. Sorry, I did not think to get a debug screenshot, just chuckling a little bot about my magical levitating bedroll, in the Camp Office, top bunk, nearest the wood stove. Not high priority in any way, just a bit of an amusing (to me) oddity. Proof that you can never keep a good bedroll down.
  23. My mouse and keyboard won't work during the game. In the main menu everything is perfectly fine. But when the game starts, the environment is still running, my character is getting cold, the wind blows, but i cant move or look around. I cant even exit the game. I have to alt+tab everytime? It's been like this for 3 days. I tried rebooting steam and my pc but it didn't work. I uninstalled the game and installed it again. Still didn't work. Please help me.
  24. Been since 7/18 that game has been crashing at disclaimer screen on xbox one first generation. Play anywhere works on pc for the same game number, verified by Microsoft support that also had me do ALL the resets/defrags possible to no avail. Ive sent NUMEROUS tickets daily to hinterland support with no response but they close them as "fixed" and it is very much not fixed nor can microsoft fix it. It is on hinterlands end to resolve this issue. As it is completely unplayable and a $20 virtual paper weight.
  25. don`t know if this is a bug or just a really weird glitch. i was just heading back to my base camp when i had this wolf run up on me... so i pulled out the good old rifle and pow right in the kisser... but then i had the wolf attack animation happen. next thing i know i have the standing up animation for me and the wolf finishes his head shaking attack animation. that is when i noticed it said wolf carcass. has anyone seen anything like this before?