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Found 677 results

  1. Found a funny thing - two fishing huts placed directly on top of each each other. In effect cupboard has 4 drawers instead of 2, and 2 furnaces instead of 1. P.S. Should I post findings like these in bugs forum instead?
  2. @Patrick Carlson I'm writing from iPhone where I keep myself logged in. When I try to access the forums from PC the only thing that displays is a blank white page with the text "bad-bots.html" Just wanted to let you know. Edit: I tried from a second computer and get the same strange error message: bad-bots.html. edit: I think the problem may have to do with the subnet those PCs are on (public computers). I was able to access the forums from them last week but not this week. However I can access from home PC. So...disregard this
  3. I really feel the need to say this as a new (ish) player. I love you guys for the things that you do, and the support that you give. There is simply no gaming community that can compare to this. There is a reason this game has such a following. Keep doing exactly what you are doing, and congratulations on your success, well deserved, more to come.
  4. I've been getting a lot of CTD. I think since the last hotfix. Never had this issue with TLD before. Always in inventory or crafting screens. Actually, inventory isn't 100% accurate as it's predominantly when examining an object in inventory (ex. to sharpen, clean, harvest, repair, etc.). Hope this isn't a duplicate issue (I did look briefly). Crash logs are generated about 75% of the time I think (I have 10 crash logs in the folder since May 18th but I'm certain there have been at least 3 or 4 more crashes than that). I've attached the latest log. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  5. Since the v.338 patch installed a few days ago I have experienced at least 5 CTDs. Only the first CTD generated an error log folder (which was submitted in a previous post when it 1st occured). The rest of the CTDs afterwards just return to desktop with the Windows message that reads "tld.exe has stopped responding." This occurs on two systems, one a desktop with an AMD GPU & AMD CPU, the other system being a laptop with a Nvidia GPU & Intel CPU. Edit: another CTD but this time generated error report (attached). Please advise, I await your reply. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  6. I have several wolf pelts and guts that I collected a couple of weeks ago that are not curing in Coastal Highway. I tried moving them between different interiors, but no go. Some I collected more recently are curing.
  7. Went ice fishing the other day and when I went to cook the fish, they showed zero calories. I've searched the forums for an answer and even looked through google, I haven't been able to find an answer for this. Help! I can't keep getting food poisoning because I'm eating raw lake fish.
  8. I'm really worried, my Xbox One just updated the game and I was really happy to see the improvements. And I found my One month game wasn't opening even with it appearing in the saved games, I decided to restart the game and the horrible surprise I have is that the game dissapeared and I can swear I never pressed X (erease game) I really want to recover that game, Please help!
  9. hi, this isnt a big issue, i know anything is to be expected during the alpha version of this game. but i thought i should report that one of my characters is gone after the new update. i tried doing a hard restart on my xbox, though it didn't help. i, at the time, had all 5 save slots occupied with a different character. and i know for a fact that the save didn't corrupt due to powering the console off or exiting the game during saving, because the character that disappeared is one i havent played recently. all 4 of my other characters are still fine, though. thanks ahead of time for looking into this
  10. The error message read "heapsize too big" and asked me to send the attachment to you. 2016-05-26_205042.7z
  11. Hi! I'm here to report a bug. Indeed, I face odd crashes since this morning. Whenever I leave a house in Coastal Highway, my game just shut down. Fortunately, reloading will make me go back to the moment I got inside the said house. I really don't know what's the reason of this crash. Here is the log of the last crash I had. I hope it's not my bad and that it will help you solve this eventual issue. Crash - Resethel - 23 May 2016.log
  12. I just bought the Alpha version of long dark from steam. Once the game finished downloading I opened it and it crashed immediately right after i pressed a key to start the game. My computer meets all the minimum requirements to run the game: window 7 professional, 4GB RAM, i5 dual core cpu, and NVIDIA NVS 3100m with 512 MB video RAM. Here is the first few lines of the error report: Unity Player [version: Unity 5.3.4f1_fdbb5133b820] KERNELBASE.dll caused an Unknown exception type (0xe0434f4d) in module KERNELBASE.dll at 0023:74fdb727. Any idea how to make it work? I zipped the error folder and uploaded it to dropbox so you can take a look: Please help. Thanks, Ben
  13. Current Version: 332, Steam OS: Ubuntu 14.04 So I had a lot of game crashes in the area of coastal highway. Most often they seem to happen upon transitioning to either inside outside of a building. I had one crash while managing a container inside a house but that might be unrelated. Wolfs can often run in place shortly at a specific range when they barrel towards you when you carry a flare. Writing any amount of text in the journal and pressing ESC will cancel all text written. I would love for there to be some quicker way to finish up writing a journal than clicking out to finish the entry. On that note I love the journal. I don't know of how many great games I have played and I thought to myself. Man I wish there was some in game journal system so I could write of my travels and thought during the game. And now I finally have one There could be some text on predator meat describing the risk for parasites. Firs time I ate some wolf meat i suddenly saw the notification of the increased risk and almost panicked. I had and still have no idea how to deal with a parasitic infection if it hits. Another thing i would like is that you don't have to re equip matches every time they burn out, it is a bit silly to cycle all other light sources to get anew match. I find myself doing this way to often since the lantern guzzles fuel like no tomorrow.
  14. Fairly sure this is a common thing but I have been experiencing wolves glitching when lighting flares and waving them around. For instance here: fluffy started moving on the spot and I was able to stand over the wolf. Its not too bad but can just kind of ruin the immersion when you are in an intense wolf situation... It's kind of funny though. I'm on a Mac lowish settings. Thanks just thought I would say something
  15. The following bug occures always on "El Capitan" and the TLD version 0.332. When I swipe from TLD to my desktop or other screen using the 4-Finger swipe on the mousepad and then back to TLD the mouse click of my external mouse will be captured but not the motion. I use the external mouse since the apple mouse can by design not left and right click at the same time which is needed to shoot the rifle. The mouse connects via a USB stick. When I turn off the mouse or when I reconnect it it will still only capture the clicks. After restarting the game the issue disapears until I swipe again to another screen. The motion of the mousepad is still captured which leaves me with no option to shoot until I rested an hour and restarted the game. PS: your game is awsome! ;-)
  16. I noticed sometimes that the firebrand is overpoweringly loud. It's actually quite often. I don't know if this is specific to my system or whether a lot of people are experiencing this but if it's many people then perhaps the sound effects volume should be lowered?
  17. Two screens of where I got stuck in ML. One location I knew I would get stuck, tested that theory out. The other location, I was running from a bear. On the plus side, the bear couldn't get me. :-)
  18. i've noticed that bears will still get stuck in place, in their walking animation. this happened to me twice so far - once on Crystal Lake in Timberwolf Mountain right by the fishing hut on stalker. i was being chased by a bear and miraculously outran it, then ducked in the hut. when i peeked my head out, he was stuck in place walking away. as i tried to sneak around him, he became unstuck and started walking toward me. the next time it happened, is at the Farmstead on Pleasant Valley, again on stalker. this was on the same save file. the bear that roams around the farmstead was in the middle of the field, stuck walking in place as before. i apologize for no screenshots, i don't have a way to upload them to the forums from my xbox one.
  19. There have been many times when playing the game, where I meant to eat or drink something in my inventory, but accidentally take a nibble out of something raw I had just hunted/harvested. Though I quickly cancel the action, every time I do, gives me food poisoning. I'd like to see a "yes or no" option for raw meats. And maybe food that's in bad shape or "ruined". So nobody gets food poisoning by accident, which could cost them their life.
  20. What do you fellow players think about my thoughts? Do you disagree? Please post, I'm looking for some good discussion . Sorry about all the '(on roadmaps)', just want to make sure you guys know I know its already a plan . First off, I want to start by saying I have had some of the best experiences of any-game playing TLD, and I want to thank Raphael and the creative team for that and for all of their continued efforts on developing this already excellent game. This post is just about what I have felt and thought over my approx. past 4 months of gameplay, (whether already on the roadmap or not), and wanting to hear what others have to say, so here we go: I would like to talk about the 'hunter gatherer' vs the 'hibernate' lifestyle; In my opinion the hunter gatherer way of operating is great; you roam across the land looking for scraps of food to survive off and somewhere to sleep the night, constantly wary of wolves or the odd bear. There are I think a few possible developments to be made, such as the ability to find and setup tents, increased numbers of wildlife (more than whats on the roadmap, eagles?) and NPCs (I know its on the roadmap, but I just feel NPCs would be great and would add more character to the game, literally...). And, in desperate situations, to be able to gut a newly dead dear or other animal and crawl inside it for warmth. I have also felt for a long time that seasons would be amazing, growing food and getting ready for winter whilst in summer, however I am aware this has already been put on the roadmap so that is awesome! There also definitely needs to be an increased amount of possible items to be found; personally, I think a shotgun would be a good addition. However, second way, the hibernate lifestyle; is the one that I think needs most development; There should be more mechanics and gameplay to keep this kind of player on his toes. Meat should have to be stored correctly as to avoid maggots and rotting (adding realism as well as interest), and storms should be able to break in parts of your shelter (this would then further utilise the use of the rebuild mechanic on the roadmap). I also feel you should be able to sit on chairs and customise your shelter (this is kinda on the roadmap) more, I want to make clear I don't mean like a sims game, but just to be able to add more character and a sense of home to your chosen safehouse; being able to sit is a small thing but I do believe it would be magical, watching the fire as it crackles in front of you and then falling asleep. I am aware there have been additions that try to help with the repetitiveness of hibernating, such as cabin fever - but I believe cabin fever is more of an annoyance to the player and although keeping you on your toes it doesn't actually put much additional enjoyment into the game. So in summary these are some of the most pressing things that In my opinion are needed for the game: Increased variation for the hibernate lifestyle; More shelter customisation and the ability to sit on chairs. (on roadmap) Meat curing and realistic storage. Storms breaking in parts of your shelter. Other additions (aware most of this is already on the roadmap); Being able to gut dears and crawling inside them for warmth. Finding tents and setting them up. Seasons. Being able to grow plants in spring and summer. Increased numbers of wildlife. Eagles? More items; shotgun?
  21. Hi, on my laptop's AZERTY keyboard I cannot assign the digits. Regards, Olivier
  22. The game got quite laggy after I changed my graphics card. And I'm not sure if the game is optimized for my current graphics card or not. I mostly get around 14-24FPS. I get a lot of lag at; Outdoors and Indoors (especially large indoors such as Hydro Dam), blizzards, wind that makes the trees shake, fire or anything related to general light sources. There was only some moments where I got a solid 30FPS indoors. The game is on the lowest setting and I'm playing with a low resolution at fullscreen. And yes, I tried windowed. Is there anything I can do to improve the performance of the game? My computer does a good job at keeping other games around 30FPS. I'll post my PC specs if necessary. Btw, I was using an Nvidia graphics card before. Cheers.
  23. Hi there, I purchased the game three days ago, all was working fine until it updated today, now I open the game and after the command 'press any key to continue' the game crashes. What info do I need to post on here to resolve this? I can post the crash files if it helps. Really want to get this fixed as I want to crack on with the game!
  24. Hi. I started playing this game since v.302 on my Macbook Pro (2015). I had all video settings set to maximum and had around 20-28 fps. Not much, but playable. After recent updates fps did drop to around 14-18. It is significant drop, and playing is not comfortable now. Is it expected behavior? Maybe there were some video quality improvements that require such more processing power?
  25. Birds fly above this place, but there is no corpse.