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Found 695 results

  1. Wind breaks don't seem to work at all right now in regards to campfires when the direction of the wind changes. Links to VOD demonstrating the wind putting out(reducing to 9m) campfires that should be protected: The wind direction change seems to trigger the fire getting blown out, even when the wind is blowing from a protected direction(definitely protected as it can be built right back up again without a problem). And then for some reason the wind direction changed again and it didn't get blown out:
  2. Hi guys, Digging the latest update, but it has created an issue: since I have an older TV, I can not see all of the icons that are on the edge of the screen in the HUD. Icons like the heavy load indicator are not even visible, I can only see the very top of the icon which looks like a small white line. I only know it's the heavy load icon from months of playing. Obviously this wasn't an issue on any of the previous versions (I've had the game about a year). Is there a way to adjust the HUD so I can see all the info? Most games these days have that option. FYI, there isn't an adjustment on my TV for that. Thanks for the killer game and keep up the great work! - Jake
  3. It seems that whenever i start exploring a big map the game crashes. My cpu looks like it hits 100% as soon as the crash happens. So far this has only happened in outside large areas and not inside buildings. Would appreciate some assistance :D. output_log.txt
  4. I'm playing this on a PC, Windows 10. It was no problem deploying the rope and climbing down the Ravine. When I climbed up I had to stop at the ledge near the top and recover some stamina. I slept for a few hours before continuing. After reaching the top, I grabbed all the items I had left there so I would be too heavy for the climb, then walked all the way to the Coastal Highway. Once I crossed regions and saw the spinning circle that indicated the game had been saved, I exited the game. Now, when I load the game it takes me straight to the ledge near the top of the Ravine after waking up. I walk to the rope but it doesn't highlight, so I'm unable to climb the rest of the way. I'm pretty sure that if I get any closer to the rope I'll fall to my death. As you can see from the picture, I'm pretty much right in front of it.
  5. The long dark on metacritic !!! Why 0 critic ?????
  6. this has been a big issue for a long time. the "bad-bots.html" error message that pops up on some devices when trying to access the forums. i have gathered that this issue is per DEVICE, because i get the error message on my phone connected to the same wifi im currently using the forums on, on my xbox. i was SO excited to get my phone, because i thought "yay, i can finally share my screenshots from this game!" but i cant access this site at all on my phone. i know that this has been an issue for a long while but i just wanted to let yall know that it still persists.
  7. All these bugs can be reproduced very easily in Pleasant valley in both the Farmstead and Red Barn. You can 'glitch' or 'clip' into the texture for the thing on the side of the silo behind the Farmstead. When in the truck inside the Red Barn (passenger's seat) if you turn left at a certain angle while looking down a little the camera snaps you back looking at the passenger door. You can place the sleeping bag inside the fire barrel in the Red Barn (I do not know if you can do this with every fire barrel or if these 'bugs' have been reported in the past). Also I have no idea which tag this needs, I don't need support, this is not a discussion, question, or suggestion.
  8. This has been going on since the release of the latest update and I have it happening in several new sandboxes since the update so reproduction of this is 100% of the time. When picking up sticks from the ground, while the rifle/bow are equipped, and in view, are no longer equipped after picking up the sticks. It also happens when picking up crow feathers and already cut logs, but only happens about half the time if you cut the cedar/fir limb yourself. Does not happen when harvesting mushrooms or lichens, or harvesting/looting animals/corpses. I'm hoping this is not an intended function as it is quite annoying to have to keep equipping the rifle/bow after every picking up every stick, feather, etc.
  9. Day 3: Still harvesting the same newspaper, almost done. Day 4: Running low on food, almost done with this newspaper though. Day 5: So hungry. Must finish harvesting this newspaper. Day 6: I have become one with the newspaper. ============ Encountered a bug where I went to harvest a seemingly benign roll of newspaper. However, the harvesting refused to complete and the time acceleration went on for hours, continually "harvesting". All I could do is hopelessly sit by as the newspaper slowly drained away my life essence (creative interpretation) as I got more and more hungry and thirsty. Hitting "Cancel" did nothing - I finally had to force quit the game. Of note (seen in screenshot #1) is that the harvesting originally took place with the inventory screen open, which shouldn't happen. I forget how, but I managed to close the inventory screen (probably with the hotkey), and got stuck in the normal screen (screenshot #2) for quite some time. Here is also my Player.log. I believe this is the specific error below, or relates to me killing it (not sure which). Otherwise, the log seems the same as usual. I'm assuming this is just a one off type deal, but I figured I'd do due diligence and report it anyway. Cheers. XIO: fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0.0" after 1106916 requests (1106914 known processed) with 1 events remaining. Timed out waiting for game mapping! pure virtual method called terminate called without an active exception
  10. Hi guys !!! How you doing ??? I don't get new update but how about More First-Person Presence ?? for example eating , drinking , bandaging and ... ?? Do you like it ???? Let me know !!!
  11. I love this game. Love it. Keep wanting to play it but at this point I'm a little discouraged because my sandbox games keep getting deleted. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it, but they always seem to get deleted after I've finally been able to make my wolf coat, deer boots, and pants. Basically once I've been far enough to get all the materials and either make them or about to make them. I really want to play but I dont want to keep starting games over again if they are just going to keep getting deleted. I'm pretty bummed. I've done the hard reset and everything. My saves are still missing. When do you think this issue will be fixed?
  12. Since the recent update; my sandboxes no longer have toilets (at least in CH). I know a couple of people had this issue during the test branch, but I was not one of them. I have checked multiple houses. Theses sandboxes are not new ones, they are pre update saves.
  13. Hi Guys !!! How you doing ??? Well , Small landfill site (for realism !! maybe you can pick up something useful !! And I think it is common in Canada According to ) What is your idea?????
  14. I shot a bear at least once as the marks on the ground clearly showed me. And I shot another 2 times at the bear. While chasing after him to get his precious meat the bear turned around, run towards me. I hit him again before he mauled me. When I woke up he walked away from me. I decided to take a nap to recover and look for the bear next day. I have been searching the bear everywhere I would expect him (dead or alive). I walked the bear's normal trail but could not find him. The blood trail had vanished too quickly. Does anybody know how long a corpse will be there to be found before it disappears? What did I wrong? Where is the bear?
  15. Hi guys !!! How you doing ? I working on a novel. I get inspired by TLD !!!! I Should Thank my friend who helped me !!! @Wastelander @Baukster77 I will edit this whenever I can !!! So don't forget to check it out !!! (I will do my best but it might have a typo !! ) I hope you enjoy it !!! Don't forget to comment your idea about it !!!!!!! The Survivor The sun was setting slowly, as little snowflakes came falling from the sky. Young teen was running through the streets. He suddenly stopped in front of a dilapidated apartment building. He looked around, but there was nobody there. He took a deep breath and looked at the building, it used to be one of the biggest buildings of the neighborhood. But that was before the earthquake happened. Now it was just a death trap. The earthquake destroyed the entrance, and the building was not accessible. He walked around the back of the building. There was a small old metal fire escape ladder at the back of building. After double checking his backpack (today was a good day!! He found a tuna can !!!) he started to climb ladder . Arash climbed up the ladder. and after fifty steps later he was at the rooftop. There was a big hole in the roof, and on the other side of the roof there was a door that led to fifth floor. Arash stepped on a plank that was laid over the hole. He tried to keep his head up - the hole was about six meters deep.... He finally reached the door and opened it, not before watching the sunset for a second. "Well, one good day's about to finish" he whispered. After a few minutes He entered the house from the rooftop door. A big part of the staircase had collapsed about a year ago. so he walked carefully to the fifth floor. There was a lot of stuff on the floor, but the usable stuff he had taken a month ago. He sat by the big hole and jumped to the fourth floor. This floor was full of stuff, which made walking pretty hard. It took some time for Arash to get to the door. "Never gets easier" Arash said. He got out of the house and climbed down the stairs until he reached to old wrecked door on the third floor. He tried to open the door but it didn't open. "Come on!! It's going to get worse day by day !!!! " Arash said Impatiently. finally he busted the door down. The door landed on the floor. Arash tried to keep his calm. He entered the house and put his backpack on the ground, lifted the door to its place. after that he looked at his semi-wrecked house. . . . * : Arash is a Persian name
  16. Hi guys !!! How you doing ?? Don't we need new type of Cave ?? (you don't know what will you see in an ancient river cave !!! )
  17. Hello, I'm not sure if this can be duplicated easily or if I'll ever see it again but I'll post it here anyway. I started a new survivor mode game and got to about day 8 when i needed to repair my 35% ragged mittens. As I start it I somehow pressed both mouse buttons simultaneously and after it quickly displayed it had failed it would keep going draining me of all of my stats. No key press would cancel it and once it got to about 3/4 of the bar on the top right it held there while the rest of time kept going along with all of my stats. That kept going like that until i closed the program with alt+f4. The last save was perfectly fine when I loaded it and the output log is from before I started the game up again. output-copy.txt
  18. Bug report Occurred August 29, 2016, on PC. Description: I picked up a simple arrow from a deer stand, stored it in a container for a couple of in-game weeks. I crafted a new bow, and when I was outside I equipped the bow and the ammo count stayed at zero and attempting to reload ("R") did nothing. I examined the arrow in my inventory. It was not broken and at good condition. I decided to try dropping the arrow and picking it back up. When I dropped the arrow, it hung in the air at about waist level. However, it was worse than just stuck in the air (instead of lying on the ground), as the perceived height and distance of the arrow changed when I looked up and down, left and right. This caused it to "wiggle" whenever I moved or looked while around it. Also, I could not pick it up again, I did not get an indicator that there was an arrow present while trying to pick it up. I left the area and returned and the arrow was gone. Screenshots attached. I have never had this occur before, and I do not know the steps required to reproduce it. I have had no other glitches, crashes, or other problems with the game so far (71 hours). I will attempt to use an arrow again once I find another arrow in my game and edit this post if I have any new information.
  19. Hi guys !! How you doing ?? I think we need an ability to pull branches (maybe limb )!!!! What is your idea?
  20. Should the tools you find along the way such as the hatchet, crowbar, hunting knife or even metal working hammer be usable as a defensive or even offensive weapon.
  21. In the Camp Office after sunset. I heard a 'click' and it was like noon inside (see attached). I should have tried to done research while I could. I went outside and came back in and it was as supposed to be.
  22. Hi guys !!!! How you doing? So , we decided to discuss the dog breed !! so first read topic below! And , which type of dog do you think we need ???
  23. Was trying to enter into the Quonset Gas Station from the front entrance when it wouldn't complete the load / save. Just a black screen. I hit F1 a few times to see if I could light my lamp but while I could hear the it lighting, it never lit. After a few minutes, I closed out of the game, and relaunched. I found that all my hard work was for nothing as it restarted me back inside the gas station when I woke up. To add insult to injury, when I attempted to leave said gas station from the back door, it crashed. Attached is the crashed file report. 2016-08-13 crash
  24. Hi guys! How you doing?? So, Sleeping bad and hammock : What is your idea about them??
  25. hello, when I try to leave carter hydro dam & environs - cave system to winding river the loading screen freezes. this seems only to happen in that direction. i have tried this several times over a week or two with the same result. i travelled from mystery lake to winding into the cave no problem, and even ducked back out to winding river from the cave also with no problem. but several times now when travelling from pleasant valley into the cave, then attempting to enter winding river the screen freezes and eventually i have to force quit. i have a new 21.5-inch i mac 2.8 ghz intel core i5. thank you.