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Found 677 results

  1. Hi guys !! How you doing ?? I think we need an ability to pull branches (maybe limb )!!!! What is your idea?
  2. Should the tools you find along the way such as the hatchet, crowbar, hunting knife or even metal working hammer be usable as a defensive or even offensive weapon.
  3. In the Camp Office after sunset. I heard a 'click' and it was like noon inside (see attached). I should have tried to done research while I could. I went outside and came back in and it was as supposed to be.
  4. Hi guys !!!! How you doing? So , we decided to discuss the dog breed !! so first read topic below! And , which type of dog do you think we need ???
  5. Was trying to enter into the Quonset Gas Station from the front entrance when it wouldn't complete the load / save. Just a black screen. I hit F1 a few times to see if I could light my lamp but while I could hear the it lighting, it never lit. After a few minutes, I closed out of the game, and relaunched. I found that all my hard work was for nothing as it restarted me back inside the gas station when I woke up. To add insult to injury, when I attempted to leave said gas station from the back door, it crashed. Attached is the crashed file report. 2016-08-13 crash
  6. Hi guys! How you doing?? So, Sleeping bad and hammock : What is your idea about them??
  7. hello, when I try to leave carter hydro dam & environs - cave system to winding river the loading screen freezes. this seems only to happen in that direction. i have tried this several times over a week or two with the same result. i travelled from mystery lake to winding into the cave no problem, and even ducked back out to winding river from the cave also with no problem. but several times now when travelling from pleasant valley into the cave, then attempting to enter winding river the screen freezes and eventually i have to force quit. i have a new 21.5-inch i mac 2.8 ghz intel core i5. thank you.
  8. Hi guys!!! Those empty cave in Timberwolf mountain need to be threat !!!!!!
  9. I read through a lot of the other topics and noticed only one recent (within the last month or two) post that stated that the challenges weren't saving once you've completed it, but those posts were on older versions of Sandbox Alpha. I am on the most updated version (Sandbox Alpha v350) and I am still having issues with it. I've tried playing Nomad twice now and once I am finished with the challenge it says I've completed it, but it doesn't actually give me the badge for it. I've also tried Whiteout and Hopeless Rescue and still nothing. I really enjoy the game and it let's me save my progress, but I just wish I would get the badge for completing the challenges. If there is any news as to it getting fixed or any kind of future update or even if I missed a forum already discussing this issue, I'd love to know as soon as possible. Thanks for all that you do, keep up the great work! Big fan! - Destiny
  10. Hi guys!!! How you doing ???? So , those corpses in TLD need some Improvement. I mean we need new type of them. for example new corpse have some high condition food or material while old ones have low condition thing. OR how about women corpses? And when corpse is empty. IT MEAN HE DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING!!!! and it shouldn't have cloth. So what is your idea??????
  11. Became literally stuck next to a tree coming down a hill in Mystery Lake. Perhaps it's just bad luck with the evironment? Attached is the debug screenshot. Couldn't find anything on a quick search of current bugs. I spent at least 5 minutes trying to move around to get out of it, but alas...
  12. Hi guys!!!! How are you ?? so, don't like to say that . but maybe small potassium cyanide pill in a inventory item that is unremovable ??
  13. Hi guys! how are you? so , snare is good but i am just tired of place snare and go to sleep and next day i see dead rabbit. (or not) how about some new kind of trap that is craftable (or not) ??
  14. Hi guys How you doing today? I am fine! so , a new poll about Gondola lift. i think it should be in game. but don't know how it should be. full of supplies or full of threat !!!!! tell me you idea!!!!!! and good luck!!!
  15. Its minor, but I noticed it straight away, there is a gap in the texturing that makes part of the cliff see through near the lake overlook on ML. Screenshot (its near middle):
  16. Hello, since version .349, the main menu in the Linux version is unresponsive when running the game through the 64bits binary (on a 64bits system). This appears to affect several users, see this GoG post: Weirdly enough, when running the game through the 32bits binary, the issue does not occur. As for a more precise description of the problem: the game starts fine; the initial disclaimer appears, and clicking with the mouse makes it go away; the menu background loads, and then clicking again makes the menu items appear. From that point on, it is not possible to click on any of the menu items (including Quit); the options highlight but clicking does nothing. I happend to have the game both on GoG and steam (updates on GoG were a little too slow for my liking so I ended up buying it on steam as well ;-)); and I can confirm this occurs on both versions. In both cases, running the 32bits binary works (the menu is responsive). [edit] Just saw that the steam and GoG binaries appear to be exactly the same; so I guess it's no surprise that it occurs on both.
  17. I`m suffering for multiple continuous crashes. The game crushes when entering/exiting the cabin. Attaching archive with some crash folders. My operating system is Windows XP.
  18. This has been bugging me. I think the character should be able to move his head left or right a certain degree (45 or 90) without changing direction of movement or side stepping.
  19. Hi again guys!!! How are you? so, I know it's early (maybe not!!) to talk about hunting with companion animal. but as we talked about dog as a companion (and it didn't go well). I think eagle is more reasonable and realistic. If you have any Idea about other usage or something. i be happy yo know it.!!!!!!!! thanks for reading !!!
  20. I've been playing the long dark for the last couple of weeks. Love the game. But I just went on to play it tonight and I've never had this problem before. Damn near died and lost everything I've been working on for the last couple of days. All of my indicator bars were in the white except for my hunger bar, it was very low and my condition was at 47%. I was then attacked by a wolf and it went all the way down to 1%. I fixed myself up with a wound dressing, ate and drank water so that all the indicator bars were in the white. But my condition stayed at 1%. I slept for 2 hours and my condition went to 5% and all my health indicators are still full but I am still woozy and have blurry vision. Is there supposed to be a slow condition recovery from a wolf attack after the update or is this a bug? Again all my health indicator bars are full and in the white, I am healed but my condition is at 5%.
  21. Whenever I try to go to from my PC I get a blank white screen with nothing but the text "bad-bots.html" in the upper left hand corner. So I'm submitting this support request via my iPhone.
  22. Hi guys. hope you doing fine. Don't get me wrong. I love TLD and I am so optimist about road map but don't you thing game need a little survival item? for example: using cars' mirror , glasses , tire and even chewing gum !!!! what's your idea?
  23. so , Hi again guys. this is gonna be a big topic and i actually need your help!!! we know that when NPCs come to game. it's great to trade with them. but you can't trade stick for rifle !! so that mean each thing has a value for trade. but i should tell you about my idea: when you want to sell anything the value of thing decrease by 10%. but don't worry i think something like bargaining skill should added to game. we got 3 type of trader. 2-1. fisherman 2-2. hunter 2.3. scavenger fisherman and hunter will buy their need(fishing tackle and ammo ) in high value (nearly double) and give you fish and meat with Discount. and about things rate i try to sort item by respawn (like fir limb) weight and condition. so here is some of them. stick 20 Reclaimed wood 40 cedar firewood 50 fir firewood 75 fire log 80 coal 1000 /kg book 50 survival book 200 torch 250 cloth 100 empty lantern 1000 kerosene 600/lit cardboard match (20) 400 wood match (20) 500 Firestriker 600 flare 300 Distress pistol shell 500 rifle ammo (5) 2000 tinder 20 Magnifying lens 400 bedroll 1000 hook 200 line 200 fishing tackle 400 scrap 200 simple tool 2000 quality tool 3000 pry bar 750 whetstone 600 hatchet 2500 knife 3000 rifle 5000 Distress pistol 10000 sewing kit 500 soda 250 deer meat (roasted) 700 bear meat (roasted) 700 wolf meat (roasted) 600 deer meat 600 bear meat 600 wolf meat 500 salty cracker 800 Military-Grade MRE 2000 energy bar 1000 Beef jerky 1200 Condensed milk 1000 Cat tail stalk 1200/kg Granola bar 800 Tin of sardines 750 Candy bar 750 Pork and beans 800 Peanut butter 750 Dog food 700 Tomato soup 600 Cup of herbal tea 200 Cup of coffee 200 Rose hip tea 250 ‎Reishi tea 250 Pinnacle peaches 500 Coho Salmon (Cooked) 300 Rabbit (Raw) 400 Smallmouth Bass (Cooked) 300 Lake Whitefsh (Cooked) 250 Rainbow Trout (Cooked) 200 Water (Potable) 100 and each of them multiplied by their condition. for example knife with 47 % condition value is 3000*47%=1410 and thanks to @Wastelander for help. So whats your idea?
  24. hello let me start by saying that my first 4 sandboxes did let me select my difficulty / gender. though, due to a string of bad luck leading to premature death in these characters, they are all dead. upon trying to start a new sandbox, no matter what i select, it sets me as male on voyageur. im still able to select my starting map. my lil sis completely refuses to play as a male, and i completely refuse to play on anything other than stalker so you see my issue with this i understand that anything can happen in the alpha, but i just thought i should inform yall, hopefully have it resolved in the next hotfix. in the meantime, i will just play on challenge mode. i still have quite a ways to go on white out!