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  1. I'm running TLD in DX11 and I see frequent to infrequent freezes. Save one recent instance where I put an oil lamp on top of a box next to the furnace in the Riken, they all appear to be happening at random, but I wonder if they are more frequent in very high FPS areas. No real proof there, but a number of them happened indoors and around the outer edges of the maps - enough of them didn't for me to be uncertain about that theory though. System specs: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit COEM edition Intel(r) Core(TM) i7-4820K CPU 3.60 Ghz 16,0 GB RAM, Kingston, custom timings Gainward Geforce 770 (2 GB VRAM), driver version 375.86 A thing to note about the crashes is that they aren't immediate. The screen output freezes, but I can hear the game reacting to my input. I'll hear walking, menu or UI sounds for a few more seconds until I guess Windows realizes it's not receiving enough event cues from the program. That's all the info I have. Thankfully I am able to play on Stalker without losing too much progress on every crash because I seem to get hurt a lot. Free save every time. :B Edit: the crashes seem to no correlation to the memory usage. At the time of crashing it can be a few hundred MB or 1-2 GB. It can happen two minutes into a fresh game or an hour or so. TLD_2016-12-07_124338.rar DxDiag.txt
  2. Hey All, Just encountered a bug where I am no longer able to select items in containers to move them. It occurred after the character was over-encumbered, but persisted after dropping everything, and also when I reloaded from a previous save. I was unable to select items in my inventory or in the container, however inventory without the container worked as normal. output_log (2).txt
  3. New video from my interloper season I really hope you enjoy it and if you do id appreciate a comment let me know what you think what I can improve weather be editing action or just my survival skills . You guys are awesome
  4. All my badge "data/progression" has been reset to 0 on the main menu page and while in a game with an active badge (free runner). No saved games were lost. I had cold fusion and free runner badges. I use Steam Cloud to sync my save games on my laptop and desktop. They are both running Windows 10 64 bit. Steam Cloud and writing over saved data may have caused this.
  5. OSX 10.11.6 Radeon HD 6750M 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 Ever since Vigilant Trespass beta, there's those weird graphical glitches for a millisecond when looking around outdoors. They don't happen indoors and they don't happen if viewport doesn't move. Player.log
  6. So I played in Mystery Lake legion and i been go to fishing cabin and 3 wolves was around there.I was slowly run from the place but one wolf seed me and has coming to me.I was running to the another fishing cabin and i been inside.Wolf was coming to me slowly and i dont haved flares .Wolf was near me and attacked me but luckly i haved hunting knife :D.I won with wolf and he run from me and...Wolf has not running from that cabin but he was running on walls and he was in cupboards.I was waiting little while but he was running running so i checked cupboards and i go from that place.
  7. I came back to a save after a month of not playing, and all of my locations outside of my current map (timber wolf mountain) were reset. I had stored up resources and tools across Pleasant Valley, and when I returned they were all empty and "unstarched." Each location showed "new location discovered." Please let me know how to proceed. I did not open this save during the "4 Days of Night," and the issue started and has continued after "4 Days of Night" concluded. MacBook Pro Intel i7 2.2 GHz 16 GB Ram AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1024 MB Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB
  8. I lost all my badges earned as well as progress set back to zero. I had earned free runner, and cold fusion, was about 50% on book smart, 78% on snow walker, 13 % on fire starter, and I dont remember the other one. Also, all the key binding that were saved were reset to default; however the save game was still intact. I was in CH after falling in water I entered one of the cabins at the fishing camp when the game froze. I never entered the cabin, it froze as I went to open door. I had to restart CPU and when I went back into the game all progress was lost for the feats, reset to zero. That was the first time. I reloaded the save and started heading to the cabin again, made it 3/4 the way there and crashed again. Didnt have to hard reset though. Attached is the log from the 2nd crash. I can attach one from 1st if needed. Not sure if there is a way to get of this progress back. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. PC i7-3770 windows 10 8GB DDR3 Ram GTX 650Ti crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  9. Hi guys !! How you doing? Well, this happened a lot for me. when i had a venison but i didn't want to eat all of it at once. (e.g I wanted to eat it in 3 portion ). How about something like " eat half " and " eat quarter " of something??? Share your idea about it !!!
  10. I lost all my badges earned as well as progress set back to zero. I had earned free runner, and cold fusion, was about 50% on book smart, 78% on snow walker, 13 % on fire starter, and I dont remember the other one. I was in CH after falling in water I entered one of the cabins at the fishing camp when the game froze. I never entered the cabin, it froze as I went to open door. I had to restart CPU and when I went back into the game all progress was lost for the feats, reset to zero. My save game was still there though. Not sure if there is a way to get this back. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. I attached my debug log from that game. output_log.txt
  11. Voyager/Pleasant Valley/59+ Days Hey, Team! Thanks for the Halloween event. It's fun! I'm trying to hunt down all those pies. But... I've got the dreaded perma-Cabin Fever bug. (I'm afraid I'm part of the demographic that detests the whole CF mechanic, so: double agh! I HAVE PIES TO COLLECT!) I noticed, however, a unique feature regarding the days count, and I wonder if this has anything to do with CF's failure to reset. On first glance in my journal, it seemed TLD was no longer counting days. The main journal screen, as you can see here, incorrectly reports "49" days. BUT on second glance, at the stats page... the days count is correct. No idea if this is relevant to the bug, but I know you all are working on a patch. Hope this helps! Thanks.
  12. In this review, I will be covering what I thought of the game as a whole, as well as what I think could be improved or implemented at a later date. I have purchased "The long dark" a few months back and instantly fell in love with it. The stunning visuals and beautiful audio, all melded together in one brilliant alpha survival game. I for one, am a huge fan of winter and forests in any game, so as for that, this game took the cake. I really enjoy the slow pace this game set up, and the difficult challenge to survive. This game has almost everything I could ask for in a survival game. Now, my review isn't all praise, mind you. Let's move on to what I think should be added to the game. Throughout my time exploring the vast wilderness that is "The long dark", I've come across countless wolves that were to aggressive for comfort, and I couldn't fight back. I do realize that you can pull a hunting knife when they pounce you, but why not pull a prybar out or a hatchet when it's near you and try to scare it off? I believe that in any survival situation, that'd make sense. Have a weapon drawn, ready to fend off or frighten the attacker (bears not included). They're just wolves after all, a few loud battle cries and brandishes of your weapon and they should retreat for a small amount of time. I'm not asking for much, but flares are scarce as it is, and during the whiteout challenge even more so. I also feel you should be able to craft makeshift shelters for when you're in dire need of a break or shield from the wind. I'm not asking for much, just a few branches tied together with about 10-20 cloth and bam, you have a makeshift shelter. This isn't that impossible a request I'm sure, seeing as there's one near the dam in mystery lake. Those are the two features I crave most in the upcoming updates of this game. As for bugs and the like, I have yet to run into any, so good work hinterland. Though I find the wolves are very aggressive and high in numbers in the whiteout challenge after the recent update. I wonder if that's just luck or intentional, but it's made it nearly impossible to leave the gas station or return without dying. For "The long dark" alpha build, even with it being an alpha, I have to rate this highly and recommend it to all who love a good challenge. It's a wonderfully crafted game and absolutely worth the purchase. I look forward to the upcoming features and hope you take my review to heart as constructive criticism. I love the game and keep up the good work! -Teegan
  13. I'm not sure if this is meant to part of the game but I found some weird 'clipping' areas at the Lake Overlook area of the Long Dark in ML. Have a look at these pictures and tell me what all of you think.
  14. I had 45 days. Had everything in the world item wise... Hammer, bow, rifle, ammo, arrows, and both flare guns. I had been everywhere had 52% of the map discovered... Died of good poision from a can of peaches that was 45% value in the echo ravine chasm cave.. in timberwolf mountain... had an hour left on my rest needed... And died... That's not really what upset me... This is my longest run and i died in a very small way it almost hurts... WHAT PISSES ME OFF IS THIS, I got the note from the mountaineers hut on crystal lake, after i died and started reading all my notes on all my days I found the note and it said 'examine'. The screen had the note (the 3 days about him waiting for his friends in the cabin then going out) then in the bottom right it said 'quit to menu'. I COULD NOT SAVE MY JOURNAL. @admin Anyway I can get the files back or the save or the journal? It's completely deleted and I'm crying on the inside. Please help I can only be strong for so long. (btw I only want it back for the journal. If i can only get the save I will kill myself by trying to get food poising by eating raw rancid meat, I only want the journal).
  15. Hey guys, On the last hotfix, I lost all my journal, feats and challenges badges. The loss of the journals continued to be a problem and on logging in to play a game today... All my feats are gone! I had 5/6 (was still working on the fire one..). Please fix this. Didn't really plan on doing them all again. The feats, well, I will get them again as I play. But I usually play the Sandbox and didn't really plan on doing the challenges again. One more request, mind finishing story mode? You can always add more content later on in the form of updates, episodes or expansions! Thanks!
  16. Hi guys !!! One question : if the survivor is pilot and you begin at coastal highway and the plane is in TWM. Shouldn't be parachute or something ??
  17. Had the following problem multiple times with paper matches (tried to cross the dam building without any other source of light): (Windows/Steam) 1. Select the matches from the lighting radial menu; 2. click to light the match and hold while the progress-circle finishes; 3. the match lights up; 4. wait for the match to burn out; 5. click and hold to light the next match; 6. the progress circle finishes, but no effect - I need to re-select the matches from the radial menu to light the next one.
  18. Hi, First time poster here, and I have an issue with lag. Played TLD for awhile sometime back, didn't have any problems. Then I put it down for a few months, and now every minute or so, the game will drop from a buttery smooth 60 fps, to 1 fps for 3+ seconds. I stuck with it for 3 days, but now it's ended up costing me in some close encounters with wildlife. So I'm hoping someone can help me figure out a way to make it stop . I'll post a link to a video that shows exactly what I'm talking about. EDIT: Added a screenshot of my rigs hardware including the applications I typically have running along with TLD. I play on a high end PC that I know can run this game on max settings, which I do, but for the record I have tried all settings, top to bottom in-game with several minutes of trying each one; no resolution. Also, the issue persists no matter where I am or what's going on in-game. Launching windowed/fullscreen, DX9/11 did nothing as well. I'm nearly convinced it has nothing to do with TLD, and that it's either another application running on my system that's doing it, or one of my nvidia control panel settings. I just have no idea how to figure out which. That's about all I can think to say, I'll forward this message to the support e-mail as well. Thank you all! Lag occurs ~0:08 and 1:08: output_log.txt
  19. I don't know if it only relates to Linux, but I've played it on Ubuntu, so posting here. So anyway, the problem is that in Hopeless Rescue one of the final steps is to equip the emergency pistol. This step becomes available when you climb up to the top of the Lighthouse. If you equip the pistol using the keyboard shortcut, it doesn't advance the step. So firing it after that doesn't end the challenge. I'm really glad I had some spare shells with me because I fired two only to find out that I'm still at the equip step. After I opened the inventory and pressed unequip/equip, the step successfully advanced.
  20. Hi guys !!! How you doing ?? Hand cranked flashlight is a flashlight that get powered by muscle power of person who is using it !!!! (there is no need of battery !!!!! ) So what is your idea about it ???
  21. Hi guys! How you doing ! Well, what is your idea about it ?
  22. At first I thought this was in my head, I was blowing through matches like crazy. And then I started counting them. My current Interloper strategy for starting fires is to light a torch and then to use the torch to start a fire. The failure rates seem extremely high (I fail at least once to start a fire with 75% chance every time) so conserving matches seems like a no brainer. However, I just noticed that I'll start with 7 matches. Light the torch. And use the torch to start the fire. Yes, before you ask I am 100% sure I am using the torch as my ignition source. I'll fail to start it once, get it on the second try and I'll have 5 matches in my inventory. I consumed two even though I only lit the torch the once. I just tested this again with 5 matches. Light torch, fail once, light the fire on the second time: 3 matches. Either the failure of starting a fire consumes a match or the completion does. Or is it possible I am accidentally "partially" lighting my torch (by hitting LMB but not letting the bar complete) and that consumes a match? At any rate look at the use of torches, matches and ignition sources. I am playing on Steam with the current build.
  23. Hi guys! How you doin? Well I think I said about it in a topic for example Tie his/ her shoes Pull his/her winter coat zip up/down Look at his/her hand .. So what is your idea?
  24. Hi guys! How you doing Well i am bit tired of " about 10 hour of day left " on top of screen and i think it is not so real ! How about having a small watch?