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  1. Assuming we'll never have latchable coolers, I'd like to be able to move platic or metal containers outside. Wouldn't do it near the bear, but move the container outside and put a bunch of scrapmetal, water or logs on top of it and it should keep the wolves out. That way I could get the benefit of a "freezer" without having to use the dead guys as defacto coolers.
  2. The "smart" suggestion: Craft-able beds. I'd like to be able to craft a one-man cot or small bed and place it, for example, inside the dam on Mystery Lake. 12 reclaimed wood and 22 cured guts should do the job The other suggestion: Please allow us to be able to break down the sign outside Camp Office for reclaimed wood. Why? Because it's startled me so many times when I mistook it for a wolf! Please...let me chop that thing down
  3. I have been playing TLD from a few month now and one mechanic I really want added to the game is snow depth and ice. Snow depth: You know when you are walking outside on the grass and you walk though deeper snow and you can't move as fast? That is what I am talking about, when walking in TLD walking though snow you should have a slower speed depending on the depth. Now you may be saying to your self "Oh! that would suck! I don't want that!"-you to counter the slow walking speed is one simple solution: Snow Shoes!!! (cheering in background) the idea with the snow shoes is that you have your normal walking speed on snow when wearing them. One other suggestion for snow travel (This will be great for pleasant valley) is skies and ski polls. when traversing large fields of snow you can put on skies to glide around. Note* when going down hill you will naturally go faster but you may be thinking how would you go up hill? just make it so you can spend like 5 in game minutes to take the skies off and put them on your back and carry on! Lastly running on ice make no sense, you can run on ice (I curl so I know you can) but with added difficulty and maybe the chance of slipping and hurting yourself, to counter this all you need is snowshoes again! most snowshoes have metal spikes on the bottom so you can grip into the ice and move faster than walking (but slower than running) I love this game and I can not wait to see where it will go! I love supporting a good Canadian game and I hope we get to that beta mode soon!!! -Harrison (The Canadian Loonie)
  4. Hunting in the Long Dark is one of my favourite aspects of the game and something that, I believe, still needs work. Now, while not everyone wants the Long Dark to be a hunting simulator I think everyone can agree that one thing needs to change: animal behaviour when wounded. In the present game, animals only bleed when wounded if they're running away. If you lose line of sight (easy to do) than the animal stops running and no longer bleeds making them very hard to track (since the paw/hoof prints don't always appear properly). As a result, I've shot many an animal only to lose it once it got into the treeline because the blood trail disappears. Even if you do find an animal later, you can't tell if it's the one you shot (and therefore soon to bleed out) since it behaves like a normal creature until it suddenly collapses. What's worse, if it is wounded and you wound it again, it resets the original bleed timer! If you wounded an animal enough for it to bleed out and eventually die, than it should keep bleeding and act wounded until dead even if not being chased. If you shoot a wounded animal than the wounds should stack (and decrease the bleed out timer), not reset. This is one of my last major frustrations with this game and I'd love for it to be fixed before the game launches. Lastly, if you'd like a trip into the archives, here are my original two posts on the subject:
  5. We haven't suggested eating bark or pine cone nuts or pollen yet. The following is an overall guide to several categories of plants that can be gathered either in winter or fall or year round in some cases. Note good old cattails is right up there! I expect we may have to wait for a next product release for substantial new food sources; not really a big issue with the current first release. The forum activity seems to have died down from anticipation of Story Mode and the expected end of new functionality. Can we talk about the future after product release? Is there a future after product release? I recall that Hinterland said they planned future TLD product releases possibly for other seasons.
  6. Please allow remapping "Brandish Torch" to a button of my choosing. There have been SO many times I've brandished torches while simply picking up sticks, opening a door, etc. It is by far the most frustrating thing in the world to, instead of picking up a stick, swinging your torch until it goes out! For the love of God, please allow us to remap to a different key than the "Interact" key. Please.
  7. We should be able to mark trees with our hatchet/knife. But getting lost is fun (stressful) dynamic in the game.... Im a little torn on this one. For the stove, i'm not much of a cook but i can boil water and fry up a steak at the same time. For an outdoor fire i could understand that we can only cook/heat on item at a time.
  8. In a game about exploring the great outdoors and finding what supplies and tools we can to survive, I am surprised that we do not have any trail mix in the game! It could be basic raisins, peanuts, and chocolate chips or it could be a fictional gourmet brand similar to Sahale Snacks with different mixes of fruits, nuts, and so forth. I'll leave the weight and calorie count up to you all, but how about some trail mix in the game??
  9. After spending a few weeks in Canada during the winter I have come up with a few ideas that I could be put into the game. They are as follows: -Goggles/sun glasses to prevent against snow blindness and help with storm visiblity -TENTS! and craftable survival shelters -Being able to use cat tails as clothes insulators -CROSS COUNTRY SKIS! with separate boots that you have to find -Snow shoes as well -Deep snow and slippery ice -Different sleeping bags -Snow mobile (maybe, probably not) -Camping stoves -Maps or possibly map fragments (cliche though) -THE FRICKING PLANE YOU CRASHED IN! -Frost bite in different parts of your body (feet hands face) and the ability to stop and for example take off your gloves to warm up your hands. -Liner gloves/socks -Face mask for windchill protection -Being able to use your tools/weapons like you can a gun!!! -Snow pants -A wetness/moisture factor -Warming up when you run -1kg of meat is a huge meal not a light snack!!!! -Different size backpacks -SLEDS to pull your gear at the cost of speed -More varied houses, they re very similar and get boring -FLASHLIGHTS/headlamps w/ batteries -More kinds of traps for animals (please!!!!! this could be really cool!!!!!) -Binoculars(?) -Please rework or tweak the food system it's a little excessive -More afflictions! -More MUSIC! If you guys find good music you could really amplify the atmosphere of the game! Thanks again for the great game It's pretty amazing already but those were just a few ideas I had.
  10. Hello, everyone! Here are some suggestions of me and my friends: 1) Honey (in jars and honeycombs) is a very nutritious food that spawns in cellars and kitchens. Doesn't spoil and can be kept for ages. Honeycombs can be used as a bait for bears. After eating honeycombs you can receive wax which can be used to create candles(wax+cloth). 2)Sanity. In the first day the sanity bar is full and you need about 10 days for it do drop completely if no effects are active. Insanity doesn't decrease health but causes hallucinations of dead or alive people, music, scary sounds and desorientation. Also slows you down. Sanity increases when you drink little doses of alcohol, listen to the music on radio and grammophones or play music instruments, It decreases faster when you are in the state of illness, when you see a dead body and when you're in darkness. 2) Alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are nutritious: (about 230 calories per 100 grammes for moonshine; 50 calories per 100 grammes for beer; 250 calories per 100 grammes for vodka; 350 calories per 100 grammes for liquor; 80 calories per 100 grammes for dry wine) and add an effect ''Alcohol in blood'' which increases heat gain in buildings or near to fire and icreases loss when it's cold. After drinking a certain amout (200-300 grammes for moonshine and 1500 grammes for beer) there's a big chanse of getting ''alcohol poisoning'' offect which causes disorientation and makes your character sleepy. After drinking some more there's a big chance of getting ''severe alcohol poisoning'' which also causes hallucinations of wollves running around you and a lot of different noises appearing and decreasing sanity a lot. In little doses increases sanity. 3) Music. You can fing guitars, garmonicas and pianos all over the place. Guitars and garmonicas can be taken. You also find notes which can help your character learn music to play in instrumeents. You can also find cassetes to listen in cars (because cars have batteries inside which we cannot use at the moment). 4) Weapons. You can craft a homemade gun with a gun base made in forge + wooden components made using a workbench. Takes a lot of time to reload but can kill a deer or scary a wolf. Makes bears only angries though. 5) Goats on some locations to get some goat wool and meat. Wool can be used to make hats scarfs and pullovers. 6) Baits made of peaches to attract rabbits. Baits made of old man's beard, ''herbs''(found in kitchens); birch saplings or even rabbit meat(be careful with that, it can also attract wolves!) to attract deer.
  11. If the temperature inside is above freezing then there shouldnt be any bodies in that room since they would have decomposed. I think that there should be a temperature below freezing in all rooms. At least on the higher difficulties. Also i was walking outside in the night and it was snowing. The snow is too white in the dark of the night and i could see stars. I would expect that since it was snowing there would be clouds and so i shouldnt had been able to see stars.
  12. SteveP

    Deer Call

    What do you think of the idea of crafting a deer call? Calling in deer is the best hunting technique. There are just a few really good hunting videos on youtube that I could suggest (no time, rushing at the moment) Essentially the deer come in quite close wandering about. The hunter will make another type of noise such as clicking the tongue to make the deer freeze and then he takes his shot What do we make deer callers from? (more later)
  13. Forget online co-op, would split screen be atleast slightly more possible. What about having to worry about a tree falling onto you due to strong wind? Purhapse the cabin your staying at caught fire and is forceing you to relocate grabbing as much as you can before it turns to ash and becomes useless. I mean plenty of other nonenterable cabins have clearly already burned down. And the dam in mystery had a wolf in it. I had grabbed an energy bar off a frozen corps in the bottom generator room just to hear a howl coming from somewhere behind me, in the dark....I turned around to be tackled by this wolf. Then I had to haulass in the dark because he knocked the torch from my hands to find my way out of the dam with a wolf chasing me. Is that SUPPOSED to happen? Or was it a glitch spawn for wolfs...
  14. I had this interesting idea for a possible way to include a multiplayer platform. This could be a horrible idea but what if you could play with one other player, and each of you spawn in different parts of the game world. You could spend your time discovering and exploring in hopes to find that you each find each other to increase survival as well as just surviving. Who knows you may never find each other and even be so close and just miss each other. If you do find eachother, you each could have your own tasks, like one person will try and hunt and find wood, craft. while the other finds better shelter, makes clean water, and scavanges. 'd be interested to hear what you guys think, even if you think it's horrible!
  15. We should be able to build makeshift shelters. Stuff like a "lean to" maybe an igloo or various styles & types. The KEY to this wishlist request is to make these shelters TEMPORARY shelter. It wouldnt be to fun or fair really if you could just grab some sticks and other stuff right off the bat and build a shelter in the middle of bfe perminant af and indestrucatable. Thats why you impliment the temporary factor. For example: you craft a lean to shelter out of sticks, maybe some leather/cloth. Moss is a must for insulation as well as rope/guts to lash the shelter together. Now you can build it to last a certain amount of days. For instance lets max the shelter life at a week. (7 days) Your shelter can last up to 7 days but you still need a bed roll and a camp fire should be outside almost always seeing as how your not indoors completely. Now if you decide to take the shelter down after a day or two, you can recieve some of your used materials back. However, the longer you wait to take the shelter down or if you wait for it to fall apart after the 7 days, the less materials you are able to aquire from the left over scraps. Now, just like everything else in the game has estimation, we could even set the shelter life to an estimation setting so you arent guaranteed the full 7 days. Instead thats the max amount of your lucky. Take the elements into consideration as well. Strong winds or blizzards can knock your shelter over and destroy it wether in your sleep or out in about. If you place the campfire to close to your shelter you may catch the shelter on fire in your sleep and so on. Maybe you can make the shelters like a snare and deploy it and fold it up more than once, you know, 2 or 3 times before youve got to either repair it or craft a new one. Or you could have those shelters or the temp shelters you can make out of uncured materials in which case you can only use once. So. Many. Ideas.... Anybody else have any ideas /better suggestions along these lines or just in favor of this idea with makeshift shelters?
  16. I've noticed that condition when starving only degrades about 1% per hour. I abuse this by harvesting branches, chopping limbs, and other calorie-using actions and then at night eat enough calories to last 8 hours. I don't use the hibernate exploit, though I've read about it on Steam. To address the exploit: While in a starving condition all actions ought to take longer (double the time?) to accomplish (caused by apathy/depression). An affliction could be added to denote this state. Also, it would make sense that while recovering during sleep after starving all day for condition to increase 1% per hour instead of 5%. To clarify what I mean, if one does not get at least 1500 calories a day minimum then condition should increase much slower while asleep. An affliction could be added (call it "malnutrition?") that occurs when someone eats less than 1500 calories a day for some fuzzy number of days in a row, and it would take some fuzzy number (3~5?) days of constant "full stomach" status to recover from. While starving fatigue ought in increase twice as fast as normal. No calories = no energy, right? And while afflicted with "malnutrition" fatigue should increase twice as fast as well. Being afflicted with malnutrition and recovering only 1% (or maybe make it 0.5%) per hour of sleep would make the "hibernation" strategy a lot riskier play style. Thoughts?
  17. This Idea is like the new climbing mechanic but, it requires no tools and would be more common. Scrambling (if you don't already know) is a form of climbing that you use your hands and feet to climb a steep slope or rock face/jumble. This doesn't mean everything can be climbed only certain things like the sheer cliff side climbing mechanic but, you will be able to find these more frequently. These places will slow travel time and exhaust the player. Scrambling spots can be put in areas that are for more advanced players giving them a challenge. Thank you for reading and for any feed back