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  1. I love the simplicity of the game although it would be nice to have another food source! I have seen meny posts on the topic of more guns and I honestly think that adding too many guns will ruin the game, its about survival with what you have, not a FPS. All I say is that a hunting shot gun would be nice to have thats all
  2. Hi, everybody! Sorry for my bad English, I'm French So, I'm going to suggest a few changes for this game. I already posted a few ideas a few months ago, but Since then, I played a lot more. This game is so amazing (Maybe it's because I love realism and cold and survival). But let's jump to the suggestion. Also, sorry if some of the suggestions I make where already posted Wolves : -I think it would be better if wolves where actually working in a pack, you would encounter them more rarely, but when you would, you would already be dead meat (or not but it would be more intense). -Add babies, everybody loves baby wolves -wolf lair? Wolf returning in the lair when morning comes and going out at the sunset? If you kill too many they don't spawn anymore? Could wolves have to eat a daily amount of meat or they starve? I think I am actually asking too much there... Yup I definitely am. Bears: -a bear. Deadly, very fast in spite of it's looks. So why is it so slow and nearly passive until you attack him? Did you see the revenant? That bear was scary. Those in game are easy to avoid. They should be more aggressive and faster. -And just like in the revenant (yup, again) make baby bears Deers: -baby deers And after watching the revenant (yup, AGAIN), i found something was weird: in this game, you can heal from a tons of wolves biting your neck off simply with a bandage, antiseptic and a little sleep. But it's a game. Too much realism kills the fun. For some of us. (Maybe make a realism game mode?) I am almost sure these ones have been discussed before but just in case: Being able to make a little tent with animal skin and sticks. Would be very useful in timberwolf mountain. Craft traps for bigger animals than rabbits. Moving corpses (extremely useful) Jumping Maybe an empty big city already scavenged by other people and now even emptier then nature? I hope my suggestions were Useful, a big thanks to the devs and keep the amazing work on!
  3. I think a lighter would be awesome considering we have the accelerant we could use that as lighter fluid also a tent would be a useful thing especially if your in the middle of nowhere it could be a good little shelter another idea is a kerosene heater so you could heat up really quick and no a kerosene heater does not require electricity so it would be able to work.
  4. How many folks would like to be able to sort the activity in the various forums by Love (the little heart thingies), views, comments and what else? That way, useful and interesting topics would be readily visible.
  5. Just a couple of ideas and or thoughts I had. Being a bush pilot, as the character is, he/she would have a very good understanding of the area she/he flies over, hence at least a rudimentary map. A number of pilots fly with a thigh map for easy reference. The maps that are available are excellent, but within the game he/she would have a decent guess as to where the plane came down. Airplane wreckage reasonably close to where the survivor starts would be realistic. Of course there could always be the option of our intrepid survivor, barely escape a burning wreck. The addition of "Seasons" in the story version would add another dimension. Overall I thoroughly enjoy the entire direction along with the enhancements projected and evolving. Keep up the great work!
  6. So I have binge played fire watch (one 5 hour session) and I have to say there are meny similarities between Fire watch and The long dark. While playing fire watch I very much enjoyed the co-op with an NPC so Thats what I think should be in TLD, just a NPC companion that follows you to develop a story. I just think that without another survivor of the plane crash the story would be kinda bland as the only objective would be to survive.
  7. Something I've been thinking about lately is the abrupt way falls are handled. Sometimes I'll be wandering along a fairly steep incline, the view jerks for a moment, and I receive notice that I have sprained both my wrists and an ankle, and I continue moving on. In my imagination that means I likely twisted my ankle, fell to the ground, and caught myself awkwardly with both hands. But the short animation that plays and the fact that I barely stop for a moment before I continue moving is incongruous with this image. Of course, the design so far has been fairly strict about not taking control of the camera away from the player, and I respect that. But I think a slightly more dramatic falling animation would be warranted to make this event feel more than just a temporary nuisance. Hence, my suggestions on expanding the fall event to be a little more dramatic: 1. Animation improvement. The player is put into a crouch position and the camera shifts down sharply, before rising back up, with the player returning to a standing position. Accompanying audio for the initial injury grunt, and then an "effort grunt" for standing back up. This gives the impression of having hit the ground, and having gotten back up. A custom animation could be designed, but I expect this is a lot simpler to implement? Correct me if I'm wrong. 2. Inventory item drop chance. I like that injuries are rolled randomly, but much like wolf struggles have a range of potential events, this could be one "minor" event that is rolled on a fall, where some items fall from the inventory and hit the ground. 3. Item damage chance. Another potential event, similar to torn clothing, but focused on specific equipment damage. Your lantern might cop a beating, for example, or one or more arrows get bent out of shape, losing condition. 4. Condition loss. Minor scrapes and bumps that accompany such a fall, but aren't specific injuries (e.g. lacerations and bruises). I think this could apply both to fall events that occur from navigating rough/uneven terrain, and from fall damage events.
  8. I find it a bit of a nuisance to have to click into my backpack every time I want to check my weight quickly. That information should be pertinent so I've mocked up an idea that adds a weight bar into the main status page. Since the weight works such that a lower measure is better and since it doesn't directly effect your condition it would therefore need to be separate from the other indicators.
  9. After playing fire watch is one session (5 hours) I have to say there are some similarities to The Long Dark, mainly the art style. But after playing I come the think how cool something like the co-op NPC thingy would be in TLD (What I mean is because online co-op is a pain the the bottom to implement, have an NPC companion that provides a story line) I believe that this will make the story mode very fun and interesting, mainly because than you can develop a story not just an objective (Survive). Lastly this NPC companion should be the other gender of the player, or you can choose what gender your companion is. I really do not care who the companion is. Ps. I get lonely it would be nice to have someone to look after. Best regards Harrison (The Canadian Loonie)
  10. Surprised it's not already there. Finding books could prompt an excerpt / quote or two / first sentence. Some food for thought, would be good. There are already some nice quotes to start the game... then never again.. why not? As Kafka says, "A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us".
  11. Shovels (already suggested multiple times by people, but bear with me) would be a new tool to add to the game that allow players to access areas or objects that are normally covered with snow. Currently the game has two states for buildings - whole and destroyed. It would be interesting to have buildings which are whole, but inaccessible due to snowfall, UNLESS you have a shovel - this would mean the player would have to shovel snow out of the way to open a door. Perhaps all buildings should have a chance to be blocked by a snowdrift - snow slides off of roofs all the time, so its not a hard stretch of the imagination. This concept of "snowboundness" could be extended to other things. For example, how do you thoroughly search a corpse which is embedded so deeply in a snow drift that you can only see a foot or a face poking out? You could then dig them out to search them. This would present a dilemma to the player - do you spend the calories digging up the corpse in hopes of finding decent supplies, or do you leave it and return another time? Deep snow banks would also present the opportunity to dig snow shelters with the shovel, something invaluable in a blizzard. I also think that the act of butchering a deer should come with a risk - cutting into the animal will release the scent of blood which will carry on the wind, alerting downwind wolves to your presence. You could mitigate this issue slightly by burying the corpse of the deer, reducing the chances of being detected by a wolf. Note that this would not aggro the wolf, just trigger it to investigate the source of the smell. Seeing as there is a presence of whatever the Canadian equivalent of US forestry rangers is (the lookouts, as an example), I reckon that given the environment, there would be supply caches in various places. I remember early playthroughs of TLD would often end in death if I tried to climb the mountain in ML area, to get to the Forestry Lookout, simply due to cold and starvation. Obviously, now, things have been rebalanced, however it would be nice if there was a wooden chest at the base or halfway up the mountain containing some supplies. The boxes would simply be a square, wooden chest, painted yellow or green, with a padlock on it. As an interesting change to the ordinary act of vandalism when opening containers of this sort, I'd like to introduce a few mechanics: The contents are randomly generated, but will always contain an item of clothing above 50%, some food and at least one fuel item. Rare spawns include tools and rope. The accessibility and state of the box is randomly chosen. Similar to "destroyed" buildings, some caches may be smashed in by some person previously (despite lacking any contents, this can be harvested for reclaimed wood, provided you have a hatchet). Some boxes will be frozen shut, requiring a prybar to open, some will need to be dug out due to a heavy covering of snow. All caches (except destroyed caches) have a combination padlock holding them shut. They can be smashed. Cache boxes can be used to store objects indefinitely (but has finite volume, and food degrades at the same rate as it would at the external temperature). However smashing the lock on a cache results in a 5% chance that it will be emptied by some unknown person (come on, you think you are the ONLY one out there trying to survive?). Locked caches containing your stored items have a 0.1% chance of being smashed open and emptied. Blizzards and snowfall can freeze caches shut again or rebury caches which you have uncovered, so once you've opened up a cache, there's no guarantee it will remain the way you left it. Emptied caches have a chance (5%) of sometimes be refilled by an unknown person (whom you will never see) - however the code on the lock will have been changed, and smashed locks will be replaced. If you repeatedly smash locks instead of opening them, there is a chance that upon the cache being refilled, a heavier, smash proof lock (with a 5 number combination instead of a 3 number combination) will be installed on the cache.
  12. After some time playing, I could not stop thinking that the food system could be improved a little to work better with the variety of food available. Currently, it doesn’t feel right that 300 calories of chocolate work the same way as 300 calories of meat. Certainly, both give energy, but we all know that after a chocolate bar we would be hungry again earlier. Trying to think about a possible solution that would keep things as simple as possible, my suggestion is to add 3 categories of calories. Each category represented by 3 colors in the calorie bar and in food descriptions: red, yellow and green. Using each type of calories will affect the winded bar in a different way. Red will reduce it a little faster, yellow normal and green a little slower. In other words, red calories will get us tired earlier than green calories. The calorie bar will then work as a common First In, First Out stack (FIFO). Each food eaten will enter the calorie bar through the left, while the calories spent will be taken out from the right of the bar. I believe this system will give more value to foods taken from the land (meat, fat, etc), which also require more effort and resources to get, cook and carry. Edit: Following comments and summarizing my answers below, here I explain why I chose this idea over a more complex fat/carbohydrate/protein system. Basically, I could not achieve a way to implement the time factor into the calorie bar in a simpler way. That's why I thought that directly affecting how tired you get with certain foods was the easiest way of simplifying the whole complexity, favoring foods with fat and proteins over foods with just sugar. Another more complicated idea I was thinking about was to have two calorie bars. One called "potential calories" and the other "active calories". Everything you eat goes to the potential bar, as if it was your digestive system. Then the active calories bar was being filled from the potential calories with time constraints. Carbohydrates would generate active calories faster and over a short time, while fat and protein foods will generate active calories slower but over a long time. This will also simulate the need to digest your food before actually getting something from it, which also feels weird in the game where you just eat and can use calories right away. I abandoned this idea because it felt too complicated, although I'd love it.
  13. Hi all wanted to suggest, that's if it's possible as no idea how achievements work adding 2 possibilities. Firstly: a) Not All Who Wander are Lost: unlocked for discovering ALL the locations in one single game and b) Expand the days survived according to difficulty level for example: Apologies for poor image quality, I'm no graphic artist they are meant to represent bronze silver and gold Just thought it would give more significance to someone who survived 200 days in stalker in comparison to someone who cheesed it in Pilgrim. Thanks for reading Neil
  14. Here are a few suggestions that I have thought of. Nails: Nails would be an interesting item to be able to find. You could hang items up on the wall like Wolf Pelts or repair things like the hole in the Timberwolf Mountain Mountaineers Hut ceiling for a small warmth bonus. You can only use nails if you have a Hammer or the Hatchet. They could also be used for a clothing line (See Below). Saw Blades: Currently, if your Hacksaw becomes dull, you have to repair it with scrap metal and simple tools. The Hatchet and Knife recently got an update where you can sharpen them with the Whetstone, but that seems impractical for a Hacksaw. My thought was to have a Hacksaw base that never breaks, but the blades will. All you would need to do is replace the blades. The initial Hacksaw could have a blade at a random percent, but then you could find Hacksaw blade boxes that have 2-5 Blades at 100%. Moose: We are playing in Canada right? How is there not a Moose in the game yet? They could be difficult to approach, charge you if they see you like the Wolf (They also have a wider range of vision than a wolf so they would be easier to provoke), and send you flying with their antlers. The bonus would be they would have a lot of meat, and you could maybe keep the Antlers as a trophy. Wet Clothes & Clothing Line: They should add the fact that your clothes get wet in the game, and when you enter a warm place they become damp and keep you cold. You could make a clothing line with 2x Gut, and 2x Nails (Mentioned above) and hang it up in a 8-10 foot area indoors near a stationary fire barrel or fire place. This would keep your clothing from going bad, and this would give extra incentive to make a second set of clothing so you could then immediately put on another set while that one drys. You could even add a feature to "Swap clothes" with anything that is currently dry on the line. It could maybe take 2-8 hours to dry them, depending on the clothing item. Rabbit Fur Hat: Currently you can make an ultimate clothing for Shoes (Deer Skin Boots), Pants (Deer Skin Pants), Jacket (Wolf Skin Coat), Gloves (Rabbit Skin Mittens), and Bedroll (Bear Skin Bedroll) but you cannot make a specialty hat. It would be cool to add a Rabbit Skin Hat, it would give extra incentive to hunt Rabbits, but at the same time complete your wilderness clothing attire. Some of these I have previously mentioned in my Let's Plays, so please check them out if you haven't yet! You can search for JobbyPaws Gaming on YouTube, or check out my Let's Play page on the forum. Thanks and let me know what you guys think!
  15. I’ve been playing for a while now, and I see that there are a lot of missed opportunities in gameplay because of the lack of a morale/comfort need in the game. Not only will it add realism, but cure that late game boredom from redundancy. Looking forward to the future or not feeling like there is one, and having a little fun from time to time is an important reality of survival. It also encompasses much of the most commonly requested things on the forum. This new need will have to be either slow decaying or easily satisfied to avoid it overtaking gameplay and players repeating the same action many times in a row to fill the need. If the need is not satisfied, it will make the character tired, hungry, and get older easier. It won’t kill you, but it will become irritating and the player will want to satisfy the need soon. Decision making is a core game component and deciding to use items in new interactions deepens the concept. 1. Candles and Honey. a. Bees can be added to game and provide a vast variety of new interactions. i. Harvesting honeycomb will sacrifice health from being stung. ii. Can be used as bait for wildlife. iii. Honey can be eaten. iv. Wax can be melted and cloth can be added to create candles. v. Wax can be melted and herbs (rosehips and other new harvestable) can be added to make balm to treat afflictions. 1. This should need a container to be put in – maybe an old body cream tin or a craftable container. 2. Moisturizers a. Some people may think it odd, but winter is dry and makes you uncomfortable at times and cause afflictions. i. Finding lotion bottles or body cream tins in medical cabinets and first aid kits can be used to treat dry skin and bee stings as well as raise morale. ii. Lip balm in gas stations and medical cabinets can treat chapped lips and provide morale boost. iii. Balm crafting from above can be used to treat both afflictions listed. 3. Whittling and Weaving. a. Sticks, saplings, and firewood can be used to whittle. Cordage can be made with saplings (cut first, then cured in strips), reeds that grow need water, and vining plants. Perhaps a chair is required to sit in while creating an item. i. Weaving process will boost morale. 1. Weave gathering baskets to collect berries –blueberries, cranberries, and elderberries (these are poisonous if eaten before dark and ripe – good for gameplay) are all native to Canada (imagine them smooshed all over your gear and backpack if you put them inside) a. Berries can be eaten fresh or dried (like curing pelts) in their baskets. b. You will need to drop the basket in order to use other gear like a gun or bow and cannot be added to your pack; however, the weight of the contents will still be included. 2. Create log holders for beside the fireplace and stove. ii. Whittling can only be done with a knife and the process will boost morale. 1. Carve a walking/hiking stick to improve speed going uphill and decrease the likelihood of injury going downhill. 2. Whittle figurines of wildlife and use them as bookends on a shelf, a viewing interaction will provide a small amount of morale boost. 3. Carve matchboxes that hold up to 50 matches and declutter inventories. 4. Make a candleholder so a candle can be used as a lantern (but running will put the candle out). 5. Carve a birdfeeder to attract birds that (rarely) drop feathers and lay eggs in the trees nearby. a. Eggs will easily break while being harvested and require a gathering basket. b. Feeders will need filled every few days (or weeks) with seeds and nuts. i. Squirrels/raccoons can destroy feeders and take the food from inside or even become trapped or killed inside one that has fallen and be used to harvest meat, guts, and pelts. 1. Hats can be made from cured pelts. 4. Music. a. Stationary (not moveable) instruments (with sheet music) can be found in various locations are the world and a few (rare) moveable ones as well. Perhaps sheet music can be found hidden all over the world. i. Piano in the church. ii. Harmonica in the trapper’s. iii. Guitar in a cabin. iv. Cello in a school music room. 5. Alcohol. a. Drinking will make you a little sleepy, but allow you to become warmer slightly faster. It will be hard to find alcohol and you’ll want to ration it. i. Communion wine in the church. ii. Vodka in a cargo hold. more stuff from my notes that I didn't mention i. Beer in the gas station. ii. Whisky in the trapper’s. iii. Moonshine in the barn. 2. Smoking. a. Cigarettes are ultra-rare (everyone who smokes would be smoking like crazy during this terrible point in history) and will mostly be found singly or in pairs on corpses and in the gas station; perhaps a few in a motel lobby? i. With this comes the potential for a lighter. I have mixed feelings about it, but if they are very rare and decay easily it wouldn’t take too much away from gameplay, but actually add a little. They could be used as an accelerant in a pinch. Perhaps an ultra-rare zippo could be the only lighter available and use kerosene. BTW I wish we could empty lantern fuel into jerry cans and other jerry cans into each other, it is annoying. 3. Roasting/Making Jerky. a. Smoking meats to make jerky makes a lot of sense in this environment, I mean beef jerky is a staple in early gameplay. i. Perhaps a new piece of equipment is needed (found or built) to make jerky. b. Nuts can be roasted and eaten–hazelnuts and black walnuts are native to Canada. i. Trail mix can be made with roasted nuts and dried berries; perhaps mix in candy you find. 1. The process of making the trail mix and eating it after you finished will boost morale, but not change the nutrition of the food. 2. Mixing will require a container to keep it in – maybe a zip-lock bag or craftable pouch. 4. Growing Plants. a. A stationary greenhouse (in a school biology lab on its roof, a burnt down homestead, or a supermarket) should be available. Growing plants should be difficult to reduce the risk of exploitation or making the game too easy and ruin the atmosphere at turn it into a farming simulation. Each step in the process will boost morale as it is being completed. There will be no beds stoves nearby to avoid base camp potential and exploitation. i. Barely, corn, beans, onions, and herbs can be grown but will need lots of care. They will cause a stomach ache if eaten raw and will need to be cooked into stew. 1. Heat. A heating furnace (that cannot be used to cook or boil water) will need to burn nearly continuously for hours each day for many days to allow plants to grow. 2. Water. Lots of water will be needed to quench plants properly. Perhaps you need a watering can or spray bottle to complete the action. 3. Fertilizer. Fish can be added to a bin (in greenhouse) and left for several weeks to until I can be used. 5. Small Animal Interactions. a. Birdfeeders are mentioned above, perhaps craftable birdhouses as well for a slightly more likely egg nest? b. Breeding rabbits. This process will require a lot of effort to avoid exploitation and making the game too easy. i. Time. 1. WEEKS, at least two, if not three or four. ii. Supplies. 1. A craftable hutch to house them. a. Ten cedar firewood, four fir firewood, four metal scrap, nesting material, six hours (intervals of one hour) 2. Rabbits, two of them caught in craftable traps. 3. Water, given every 2-3 days. 4. Food, given every 2-3 days (rosehips, cattail stalk, nuts, berries, seeds, barely, and herbs) 5. Cleaning. Cleaning the cage and replacing the nesting material every 4-6 days (cloth, newspaper, c. Mice? I think this could have a lot of potential. Mice could be a problem inside specific shelters and not outdoors; they eat the food and decay clothing and other materials. You can catch then in a craftable trap (live or dead), and eat them or keep up to three in a craftable cage which you can interact with. They will have similar needs to rabbits and produce offspring. 6. Working on Projects. a. Build a treehouse, woodshed, food cellar – that keeps it fresher longer (in a fixed location that the supplies are sitting and done in intervals like the wolf coat). b. Patch up holes at your base shelter. 7. Stargazing and Cloud Watching. a. This action will increase vulnerability to wildlife and allow you to get very cold quickly. 8. Reading. a. Rereading will not be as satisfying to morale and books will eventually not satisfy morale if read too many times. i. Regular books can be read. ii. Textbooks (found in school classrooms) can boost and perhaps unlock craftables. iii. Manuals can be found inside the radio hut, gas station, processing plant, camp office, and in plane wreckage and can unlock craftables. iv. Bibles are immune to reread decay and can be found at the church and in motel side tables. v. Magazines will also fall apart as they are read over and over. 1. Nature magazines will unlock new whittling figurines. 2. Cooking magazines unlock new cooking recipes. 3. Pop culture magazine have less boost than other types, but have a crossword puzzle or Sudoku. (pens and pencils will be hard to find, but last a while) 9. Doodling. a. A chalkboard in a school classroom can be doodled on, but chalk must be found which quickly decays. b. A rare sketchbook can be found in a school art room and can be used up to 15 times, then can be used to make tinder plugs. 1 1. Puzzles and Games. (done without animations) a. Crosswords and Sudoku are mentioned above in magazines, but should also be available in newspapers. They shouldn’t be always available or even half completed. b. A jigsaw puzzle can be found in a specific location (perhaps the farmhouse somewhere near the crib) and will require a table to complete in several intervals. Once complete, it can be placed back in the box or left out to enjoy. c. The ultra-rare deck of cards can be used to play solitaire, free cell, and spider.
  16. Some NPC interactions could be done through cut-scenes with limited interaction or possibly with options for responses as in story mode games. In a way wolves and other critters could be considered non-human NPCs with AIs for behaviour. If they add non-player human characters, then I like the idea of them having an AI. It has been suggested that NPCs can be either aggressive or benevolent. We could share or trade items with friendly ones and perhaps struggle with the nasty ones. Any other suggestions/ideas? this is a good spot to specify how you might envision such interactions.
  17. For a while I've wished in certain situations that it would be possible to drag objects that you'd normally be able to break down or harvest from. This would be useful in situations where you kill an animal, but need to bring it closer to a fire you have going, or if you want to drag tree limbs closer towards your base before harvesting them. Maybe the drag function would be similar to sprinting and climbing, where you'd have a stamina bar and you'd only be able to drag something so far before you need to stop and rest. Of course, the stamina bar would deplete faster for heavier objects (carcasses, tree limbs,) but slower for objects that weigh less, like chairs or wooden crates. (This function would only be for static objects, of course, because we can already move things like firewood and animal pelts :P)
  18. I've been thinking about this idea of having eyelids that reduce your visibility when your outside during a storm or strong winds. The idea been that if you're outside during a blizzard IRL you're going to be squinting due to the harsh elements: Now of course there would be different levels to which the eyelids would squint, obviously in the middle of a blizzard it would have the strongest effect while in a gust it would be mild. This could correspond with wind shielding also, so that when you're in a wind shield your vision would go back to normal. Then, if you're wearing something like a hooded jacket, toque or scarf maybe the squinting wouldn't be as strong as your face would be shielded from the elements. Understandably the eyelids wouldn't be static and would have some breathing qualities to them. You could combine this with some additional grunts and groans and I think it would make for some immersive scenarios. Perhaps you could even go further and have blizzards actually push your character around at times, especially if you have no energy. I think this way when it's a nice day and you character is standing there not squinting and looking around taking in his surroundings then you'll appreciate it, really giving your character the feeling of genuinely reacting to the elements. What does everyone else think? I just felt standing out in a strong wind or storm seemed to not bother my character at all, like it didn't effect him, until I actually checked the stats and saw the temp.
  19. I have been reading through the forum a bit and have noticed a few people suggesting a spear. My initial thought was it sounds awesome and realistic, but then people began talking about it making the game easy being able to defend yourself from wolves and hunting rabbits and I immediately agreed. So my thought was, how to have a non lethal version fro a little more balance... a Hockey Stick would work great. With a Hockey Stick, you could keep a wolf at bay, but not actually do serious damage to it. If you swing it enough and maybe hit the wolf once or twice, you could cause it to run off. It would be of little use against a Bear, and you couldn't really hunt with it (unless you hit a Rabbit with a slapshot, that might work lol). If you tried to slash a deer over the head with it, you would probably break it. So it would be a logical deterrent against a wolf, but not make the game that much easier. I have also heard people wanting to add morale to the game, because in a real life survival situation, morale is very important. A hockey stick would also be a good morale booster. You could flatten a soup can for a puck, and have a few animations of the character playing around and shooting the puck. You could only do this indoors, and it would take an hour of time and increase your morale. You could even add a small storyline to it, where the first time you played around you would whiff or throw some weak wristers against a wall, and then after a few practice sessions you're flipping the puck in the air and stick handling between your legs and hitting a water bottle off a shelf celebrating that Game 7 OT goal. Come on... it's every hockey fans dream to do that... and it would be an awesome animation. All in all, a Hockey Stick would be a great addition to the game. You could find only one on every map, in a house or fishing hut. It would be another deterrent like a Flare, and could act as a morale booster. To help balance it, you could make it lose 5% condition if you hit a wolf with it, and it can't be repaired.
  20. Although the UI has been vastly improved and tweaked I'm still holding out and hoping for more options. Like being able to move fuel from my lantern to Jerry can ( if available ) without destroying the lantern.. or if possible the little cans of fuel to the Jerry can. we have boxes of wood matches ranging 12 - 24. It would be awesome to combine the two 12 boxes into one box. all of this would still keep the same weight ratios with the added difference of course, but would clean up the inventory nicely! Plus with the added bonus of not having to do the math of all remaining resources and wasting valuable time ( and warmth ) I've also suggested this alot earlier in development and have seen it posted since then. A craftable only arrow quiver and corresponding UI tab. Sure the argument could be made to only carry 2-4 arrows.. But when your stuck in the middle of no where and surrounded by a pack of wolves.. 2-4 arrows does not suffice! Arrows go into the quiver tab, broken arrows go into the tool tab like usual. again thats to stop the clutter and allow You to check your things on the fly Much quicker.. dors not even have to Be a crafting recipe.. Could Just get it on loading the arrows into your inventory. another hope of mine is finding little tin boxes. Kind of like the old smoke tins. Which could be loaded up with matches etc. Up to a certain point. This could also help with "clutter" control. If these ideas are far from useable I'd understand. Someone out there let me know tho lol
  21. please let us be able to craft spears in the future, hinterland! watching the edge last night, it had just occurred to me how useful that would be for self defense and hunting. given the range of a spear, it would be a very useful tool for fighting off wolves and bears, and even for sticking small game if you can get close enough to them. it would be an extremely useful new tool/weapon for us to use, maybe crafted from a cured birch sapling and cloth, requiring a hunting knife. anyone else favor the idea?
  22. A lot of games use this technique, having their nice scenery slideshow during loading transition, with those nice little hints and tips on the bottom of the screen, or perhaps some quotes from famous survivalists. Maybe not every loading screen (like entering and exiting buildings) but perhaps map transitions. Sound good guys??
  23. these topics may have been brought up before. but, interesting idea when eating my last bit of peanut butter and salty crackers earlier. how about food preparation? for instance, you can combine crackers and peanut butter to make a serving of peanut butter crackers. or cut up a kg of venison and throw in the bits in some hot tomato soup. or maybe you wanna toss a bit of canned milk and sugar in your tea or coffee. you get the idea and food preservation aswell. before there were fridges, meat was preserved with large amounts of salt. or maybe let us pack a drink cooler or small freezer in our shelter full of snow and put our meat in it, reducing degradation rate. just a couple small ideas that i think would generally make the game better
  24. Just noticed a game save editor tool mentioned on a forum post, not used stuff like this before and wanted to ask if I am breaking the Terms of Use with one? To explain why I wanted to try is to create a sandbox save PURELY for a bit of archery practise! Not interested in cheating or exploiting any kind of leaderboard, after all I'm only cheating myself. Just wanted a quick way to load myself up with a bow and a generous supply of arrows and head to the farm where there's a target to pew pew. If this is not permitted, would you perhaps consider adding an archery sandbox minigame solely for this purpose? Cheers Neil
  25. In the low wind conditions, it seems a bit difficult to judge the wind direction. A common trick while hunting is to pick up some dust or snow and drop it to judge the wind speed and direction. Some hunters carry a small squirt bottle to put a puff of water spray into the air for the same reason. Others carry various scents either as bait or to mask the human scent.