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  1. Salut moi j'aimerait bien ajouté de jumelle dans TLD qui permettrai de voir 3-4X plus que la normale. Dite moi si vous êtes pour ! ; )
  2. When sorting inventory on weight, and for instance dropping an item, focus will shift to the next item instead of following the item already selected, which then obviously has moved down. Then you have to find the item down in the list again to drop more, and again, and again. It gets really tiresome. It's been a while since I played the game, and I distinctly remember it did follow the item earlier, but I might be mistaken. Was this changed? Same goes for moving items into a container for instance, when sorted by weight.
  3. I have been playing the long dark for a while now on my Xbox, and the game is great but I would really love to be able to use keyboard and mouse rather than a controller to play it. Everything just feels much slower when you're using a controller for tld, and it just feels much better with a keyboard. And rather than just telling people to get a pc, it could be easier to just add keyboard and mouse support to the game. Xbox has opened up keyboard and mouse support to a select few games and I'm hoping that hinterland studio could add tld to that list. Hopeful this will happen someday.
  4. Well, the title says it all. Bears are quite badass, but I personally think they could be made scarier. A single good shot from rifle or bow and it's over, as long as you have someplace to hide. I'd love them to be tougher. Maybe not a haybale like the moose, but not even the furry blood bag it's now. I'd like bleeding to start only for critical hits, or something like that. And another thing. Have you hunted the Spruce Falls bear? I did, doomed it with an arrow, hid in a car and watched in awe as it walked in a straight line right upon cars. Now, if a bear can climb cars, which is impossible for the questionably athletic survivor, it should be allowed to climb (maybe slowly) stairs, tree trunks and the infamous bearproof ledges, keeping in mind that real bears are adept tree climbers. Yes, I know there are technical limitations to animal movement, path finding and all that, but I'm imagining the thrill of being cornered in a hunter's blind with a bear crawling up the stairs like a furious giant hedgehog after tanking all your arrows. And likely starting another game right afterwards...
  5. Noticed the temperature and thinking about it, I know what 110 degrees feels like in a room, and it's unbearable. I don't know whether it's possible to feel too hot in the game, and whether any of the stats are affected by this? If not, I'm putting this out there as a suggestion. I can see some gamer's not going for this idea as it would be a pain to manage all the time.
  6. So i recently went on the Wiki page for Old Man's Beard Lichen and its name is Usnea. Apparently its very flammable when dried and can be used as a firestarter so i was thinking what if making it into tinder? Say 2 Liches make 3 Tinder plugs And speaking of Tinder, what about when you have level 3 firestarting and tinder is no longer required, what if instead making all tinder in the game obsolete it would add a +5% starting bonus ONLY if you have level 3 firestarting+ . Otherwise people just forget about tinder past like day 30 when they get lvl 3 fires
  7. At first I thought that it would not be bad for a wolf to be tamed, I was lonely and bored. We could hunt together ... But then, from the corner, this creature attacked me, and tore all my clothes. So - no taming. Make shotgun cartridges more slaughter. And add a sniper rifle so you can wet these creatures before they notice me. A good wolf - dead wolf.
  8. IDK if this was brought up before and if it was feel free to tell me; Snowshoes as a new clothing accessory, you can find ones made of metal and maintain them with scrap and basic tools or craft some yourself with cured animal gut and cured saplings, pros- reduces chance of wet clothing and allows faster walking movement and uphill climbs, (especially in fields or forests) cons- massive hit to your sprinting bar, when being mauled with them on definite chance of sprained ankles, obviously can't wear them inside or climbing ropes, (would cause them to degrade faster, and potential injuries) and then there's weight, (hmm they seem to be more of a detriment then a benefit) that's all I got on the subject, leave your thoughts would love to see what people think.
  9. What would the technical- and time- constraints required to update the loading bar interactions with animated ones? Example: exiting a door means looking for two seconds at a loading bar. Why not animating it with a hand reaching for the door handle? Same for opening cans of food with a tool and then eating them. Harvesting animal would be the next example. Right now a good majority of time is wasted looking at those loading bars and the inventory management is already taking way too much time. Is this kind of quality of life upgrade doable with your current budget / animator skills / time? Thanks for your time
  10. Hello/ It seems to me necessary to add a mod (Button... F3 example) showing Savezone temperatures (protection from winds) In the form of points (maximum and minimum temperatures), and NPS vision zone. This can be done in the form of Skills / By pressing or by the profession after using the Mushroom tincture)) (yes, I thought that ...) 2. Please add an Auto-Move key
  11. First off, Hinterland, thank you for this beautiful game. I have been thinking about how nice multiplayer in this game would be. Specifically in survival, kinda like Minecraft. I'm personally PS4 but would love to talk about this with PC or XBOX as well. Thanks for considering.
  12. New Skills: Extract fibers from plants - maybe existing plants like the Maple Sapling Making cloth from fibers Extract & refine wax - from bayberry plants Poison - extracted from poisonous berries Extract salt from saltwater Cutting down trees - the higher level the bigger tree you can cut New Gear: Slingshot - made from sticks & rubber (rubber harvested from say rubber boots or rubber trees) - at workbench Sleighs - made of fir wood & metal (Can not be carried in inventory & can only be outside - slows you down considerably) - at Forge Snowshoes - made of wood and string - in inventory Skiis - made of planks & wax (made from Bayberry plants) - at workbench Bone knife - made from animal bones & cloth, so nothing goes to waste - at workbench A proper axe - to cut down trees - smaller at first then bigger the higher level you get - at forge Nails - for whatever use, you use nails for, lol - at forge New Ressources: Berries - both eatable & poisonous Bayberry plants Rubber trees - even though not natural to Canada Salt - to preserve meat for longer time Eatable mushrooms - found in caves growing on the walls & hard to spot Squirrels - not so much for the meat, but for the tail to add on rabbits hat or other hats Other things: When harvesting the lantern, we can take the Firestriker out to have for later use. (credit DystOptimist on Twitch) We should eventually be able to make a small cabin or something similar with the trees, we cut down. Only for the "endgamers" keeping a survival mode going for 3000-5000 in-game days. This is just a brainstorm wishlist....
  13. I feel that the ability to harvest lantern fuel from extra lanterns you find, is missing. Say for example that you have a 95% condition lantern with 0,5 liters of fuel. Then you find another one in 35% condition with 0,5 liters as well. Then you should be able to take the fuel from the bad one and add it to the good one. Maybe through harvesting (and also getting scrap metal) or another action (not unlike the unloading of the rifle) for just the fuel. Would also be cool if you could take fuel from cars (if there is any) and use for lanterns or fire starting accelerants. What do you think?
  14. I think randomized loot tables would bring more fun to the game (and more death)
  15. Some time ago I thought: "What a pity, we can't harvest bones". Then, I searched a utility for bones and I thought of bones statuettes (I'm surprised, "statuette" is a french word). But a logic TLD player doesn't lose time at crafting decorative statuettes, and for the utility of these statuettes, with this dear @SneakySquid, we thought that they could increase the wildlife respawn rate ( and, for sure, there also are a trophies). Yes it's a little bit mystic but, in TLD, there is Bear Spear, Old Bear that doesn’t shy bullets, Aurora which produce power and Methuselah is mystic too. You can harvest one bone for each carcass. Statuettes require a table of engraving (it's just flat stone). Tables of engraving can be found in a native village, in the region that @SneakySquid is going to make, the region of the first nations. I post the link when he'll have posts his region. We think a challenge involving statuettes will be great in this region. For this challenge, you start in a cave (not explorable) with a lot of little alcoves and you must craft 5 mooses and 5 bears statuettes, 25 wolfs and 25 deers statuettes and 30 rabbits statuettes. The difficulty is the same as Stalker. Statuette: Craft: Range: Tips: Rabbit Statuette 1 rabbit bone, 1h, a knife 250 meters very useful with snares, more effective with 2 near rabbits spots Deer Statuette 1 deer bone, 1h30min, a knife 400 meters if you are a good and quiet hunter (bow or rifle), this guarantees you plenty of food Wolf Statuette 1 wolf bone, 2h, a knife 750 meters ideal in interloper, with bow and decoys. But if you quit your safe zone, you can be in risk Moose Statuette 1 moose bone, 2h30, a knife 300 meters given the rarity of moose and the usefulness of its skin, this statuette is useful Bear Statuette 1 bear bone, 3h, a knife 15 meters you are obliged to put this statuette IN the bear den, but this statuette is great !
  16. 1. I think it would be nice touch, if your character can handle rifle, or other weapons with more confidence when increasing character skill. That means handling the bolt, reloading etc. In the highest rank you should be able to cycle bolt fast, while you are aiming. For flare gun, you insert a new shell right after empty shell extraction. Its slighty based on Escape from Tarkov and also "Practice makes perfect". 2. For interiors, where is no fire place nor stove is craftable can heater (or stove) comes handy. It can heat one small tincan, or provide emergemency source of heat. Its crafted from old can, one cloth and it consumes one fire accelerant for one hour. Something like this: Let make empty tin cans even more useful! Feel free to discuss.
  17. I don't think the invisible wall in the road after passing the hydro dam is an elegant solution. Does not fit with the game itself. Maybe devs could make Mackenzie turn back instead of hitting the invisible wall. Another idea may be to place big fallen tree. If you need to go there in future episodes you could make the player to start a big fire for burning the tree.
  18. Baiting wolves should not be 100% effective. I feel that this mechanic is too cheap. Baiting should have some probability of success like making fire or every other mechanic in the game. I feel i'm 100% safe with just some pieces of raw meat. This change would bring much more tension to the game and will make it more realistic.
  19. Hi Hinterlands. Would be possible to open a Spanish International section? I sometimes have some language troubles. Thanks a lot!
  20. Sometimes when it's full moon in the middle of the night, indoor areas with windows can be well lit up as shown in this screenshot. I think we should be able to craft in the vicinity of this light area. Some areas are very dark during daytime, but this particular area seemed to be even lighter than those dark areas. Shouldn't the dark\light check be based on luminosity if possible rather than time or fire check?
  21. I was going down TWM and starting to get really cold, other parameters were fine. Got me thinking; It should be possible to raise your body temperature by moving/sprinting. This is tought in survival schools. Also,doing this when NOT freezing should make you sweat, and therefor get wet in internal layers of clothing. This might encourage taking of your bearskincoat a hot day if your planning on moving around alot.
  22. I'm relatively new to the game but I've been perusing the wiki pages reading about clothing items and have noticed some stats that seem backwards or otherwise don't make logical sense. I expected to find rationale by comparing all the items in the category to find some balance reasons, but a few don't seem right. Trail boots/Mackenzie's Boots: Same base warmth as the leather dress shoes and running shoes (which are typically synthetic materials and have mesh panels). This is absurd, less so for the leather dress shoes but more so for the running shoes, but both should be colder than any solid leather above-ankle boot. These two boots are also half the base warmth as the work boots, which are basically the same boot construction minus a steel toe in the real world. Trail boots/Mackenzie's boots, ski boots & combat boots: When harvested, give only 1 cured leather, even though they are tall, full-shank boots. Combat boots and ski boots especially go halfway up the calf, but only give 1 leather, even though the shorter work boots give 2? Running shoes & leather shoes: When harvested, give 2 cured leather, while the trail/mackenzie/combat/ski boots only give 1. The leather shoes are made of leather, sure, but it really should give only 1 when harvested while those other four taller boots should give you 2 (but it's backwards). The running shoes really shouldn't give any leather, more like cloth, and if for the sake of the game mechanic of all shoes requiring/giving leather to repair/harvest, the running shoes should definitely not give more leather than any full-shank leather boot. Making my own specific recommendations for the warmth/wind ratings of the shoes is complex because of having to weigh the other features of all the shoes, but in general I think these changes should be made: Leather shoes should have more wind bonus than the running shoes, but perhaps leave the base warmth the same. Both should give only 1 leather when harvested, and maybe the running shoes should only give cloth and no leather. Trail/Mackenzie's boots should give more base warmth than the leather/running shoes, perhaps being the same as the combat boots or work boots. Both should give 2 leather when harvested, as should the ski boots and combat boots. Work boots base warmth should drop a bit and be the same as the combat boots and probably the trail boots, too. As of now they are way too close (only 0.5 C difference) to the warmth of mountaineering boots, which should be much, much warmer than any typical construction worker boot. Harvesting the work boots should give the same amount of leather as the combat and trail boots, meaning an increase in the other boots to 2 leather.
  23. I've seen the idea of a region with buildings galore float around here with mixed results and wanted to offer a different sort of idea for a Metropolis on Great Bear Island: one that was never finished. During the time of Richard Carter and his plan for Hydroelectric dams on the Island, perhaps another entrepreneur stepped up in with a plan to build an urban area on the island: a young CEO by the name of Kyle Royce. Wanting to get in quick, Royce got backers for his project and rushed in to start building with little to no research or testing, hoping to get in quick before anyone else did. Unfortunately for him, the geological problems reared their ugly heads and the Carter project failed. Funding ran out when the backers for Royce's project withdrew their money and everything was abandoned, left as it was. Rather than a shining cityscape, all that remains are the metal and cement skeletons of what might've been, and some of the equipment that couldn't be taken off the island. In this region, you'll find little in the way of dedicated shelter. Old trailers and a cheap construction office for the workers and personnel offer the only dedicated protection from the elements. Meanwhile, some forgotten tools and scraps of metal and cloth can be found littering the unfinished buildings with a couple large cranes standing like forgotten monoliths of a lost era. Paved roads are the only finished part of this urban landscape, but have deteriorated and crumbled as mother nature takes back hold of her world. Much like Forlorn Muskeg, you might find a furnace outdoors, with nor shortage of workbenches. Animals have started taking back the area with deer and rabbits living on the outskirts of the region and wolves patrolling the city area.
  24. Played and loved TLD since 2016 and Im all positive on the progress so far! Makes it hard not to think about ways to make it even more immersive and vast. - Thermos (tool) to make bringing hot food outpossible - Improvised spear (weapon) to equip if a Wolf is closing in, to possibly impale and not have to start a struggle - Fire starting bow (tool), an improvised Fire starter - Storing food outdoors (to keep it fresh longer) will attract wild life. Could make for good trap as well... Please let me know what you think! Good? Bad? Doable?
  25. Hi team, I know you're reading, so thank you for making my favorite game! When I took a look at my previous wish list (link) I was glad to see that most of the things found their way into the game over time. The thing I'm most grateful is the bow - it's been my favorite tool in the game ever since you added it. Here's my second list of things that I think will improve the quality of the game and will bring a bit more realism to the experience. I'm sorry it's too long, but I prefer to have it in one place instead of making 20 threads about everything. Also I know some of the stuff may already be written somewhere but I'll write them anyway so you see that there is high demand. High priority list (definitely should be implemented when you have the time to do it): 1. Let meat have it's own smelliness factor on it's own so animals would be attracted to it. The way it is now when you carry meat on you, you become a wolf magnet. But when it's on the ground, and the wolves didn't see you drop it they would just walk over it and ignore it. 2. Allow a dragging action (for example with the right button) for small outdoor containers (like backpacks, plastic and metal containers) to compliment the above wish. If we can move these closer to our bases we can safely store the meat in closed containers right there. The dragging action should also be possible for other small objects, like branches for example, and we should be able to slooowly drag dead wolves and deer. 3. Fire temperature should affect the speed of cooking and boiling. For example a slow fire will take longer time for both actions and a bigger fire will take less time. For example a fire made with 2 sticks can get you 1 liter of water for the same amount of time like the fire in a forge with lots of coal and 200 degrees output. 4. No melting of snow should be required when you are inside a fishing hut with a cleared hole. Why would you melt snow when you have water right there? Skip right to the boiling. 5. Have free time while fishing. I know some people find ice fishing boring so they want a minigame for reeling the fish out for example but I think it's okay - it is boring and it's meant to be. What I wish though is to have free time while the tackle is in there. For example I'd like to be able to tend the fire and cook, read a book, rest in my sleeping bag or prepare some rose hips for boiling while I'm fishing. There should of course still be the option to skip the time as it currently is if you have nothing better to do. 6. We should be able to look around unlimited at 360° while in cars and move between the left and the right seat, no matter front or back. The current viewing limitations inside cars makes it impossible to track the movements of an animal for example. 7. Wounds should not only drop the character's condition for the current moment and then allow him to recover but should affect the condition like the burns currently do (with the red bar) and slowly minimize and allow for recovery to occur. Burns do this better but they should not keep your condition low for 5 days straight and then suddenly disappear and allow you to recover. Both wounds and burns should have the red bar that will slowly make room for recovery, just like in reality when you have a wound or burn hurts you (which makes you feel that you're not at a 100%) and as they heal you feel better and better and feel less pain over time. 8. Painkillers should work for all pain. When you pop 2 pills you can't choose whether they should affect your wrist or your foot, they help for all your pain. You can achieve that with an injection, locally, but I don't want to see needles in the game. And I'm not going to complain about the amount of sprains, I definitely think they happen as mush as they need because the character is walking and occasionally running on snow, that probably has ice below it, with a load on his back - this is begging for a sprain. 9. Walking uphill should give a degree of warming bonus, running should give a few more degrees. Climbing on ropes should get your blood boiling for at least half an hour after you've stopped. Anything that makes you spend too much calories too fast should make you give off heat. It could be added like the bonus from a hot drink and the duration could be determined according to the calories spent. 10. Make toilet water non-potable. Everyone wants to boil that water they got from the toilet. 11. Pause activities when there are animals approaching. Example: I have a rabbit in my backpack and I go to explore. I stop to do some mapping with the charcoal and when the activity is done (the loading bar dissapears) there are three wolves already circling around me and waiting for me to be done, each one takes their turn at me and I die. In this situation this mechanic had an unfair negative effect. Another example: I'm harvesting a wolf carcass and cooking the meat, when I'm done (and loading bar disappears) I see that a bear walked through me and is standing just a few meters away, but when my character was in this "weightlessness" state it caused the bear to ignore me. In this situation the mechanic had an unfair positive effect. My suggestion is to pause the current activity, whatever it is (harvesting, cooking, mapping, etc.) when the character notices that there is a dangerous animal approaching. This will give enough time to take some action - light a fire, pull a weapon or run towards a safe place, because when you see a bear approaching you won't just stay to finish your chapter of "Advanced Guns, Guns, Guns". 12. Review boundaries of open windows at outdoor buildings so shooting through them is possible. I was in a situation where I tried to shoot a wolf with an arrow through a window of the maintenance shed and I ended up breaking the arrow. A test to place an object through the windows showed that they are blocked and objects don't go through. I was pleasantly surprised to see that shooting is possible through the broken windows of the PV farmhouse's sunroom. I'm not sure about other locations with broken/open windows but I think they should be reviewed. 13. Add the following commonly found IRL items: - axes for chopping wood faster, at the expense of being much heavier than a hatchet. Wouldn't carry it around with me but will leave it in my base. - kitchen knives that would be more common that the hunting knife, at the expense that they'll get ruined faster. Apparently the people that lived on the island left their houses in a hurry and left behind some food and clothes, but they took all of their knives with them? - lighters that should be rare and weigh a bit more but should be good to fire anything between 5 to 20 fires depending on the fuel they have. When you get a really good fire starting skill you will be able to use just the spark for at least 20 more fires until it breaks. - reading glasses, that could be used to start a fire but probably more slowly than a magnifier. - pens and pencils to use for mapping. When you go out on a mapping session you have to take 10 kilos of charcoal with you instead of a light pen or pencil? I love the hand-painted charcoal look of the map, but we should probably need a bit charcoal to just start a map of the region and then continue to modify it with a pencil. 14. Add an option for making individual notes on the maps. I for example want to indicate where I've left a rifle, which building has a workbench or a forge, which buildings have laptops or PC's that I should check during the next aurora. Also it would be good to be able to "erase" some of the icons (like cat tails or saplings) when these resources are not there anymore. This kind of customization will increase the feeling of ownership of the map, making it truly your own. 15. Allow sleeping anywhere, without the warming bonus from the bedroll and add a penalty for sleeping on a cold surface - for example your "feels like" will be lower and you might wake up with a "stiffness" that will lower your condition with 10% percent until you sleep in a real bed or bedroll. Also make it possible to make a bedroll out of wolf skins too (why not take 6 of them to make one). It's just silly not to do that with the tons of wolf skins you have but go and kill two bears just to make it. It should be warmer than the sleeping bag but not as warm as the bear's. Low priority list (should be implemented some time but I won't cry a lot if you don't): 16. Allow us to extinguish fires and collect some of the wood back and also add an option to remove a campfire (probably an "X" icon as a last option in the picker will do). 17. Make caves dark again. It's great that some caves have openings to have light and wood go through, but the places that are further from an opening should be darker. The cave should punish you for forgetting to bring a lantern and cause you to use a few matches if you don't have anything else. Of course we also have the possibility to "feel" our way around by dropping an object and dragging it around in the cave to find a way you can walk towards. 18. Move the bow and arrows from the workbench to the manual crafting menu. You can absolutely create a makeshift bow and arrows anywhere you are and while having some downtime (while fishing for example) and a hatchet or a knife. It absolutely does not require a flat surface like the clothes do. 19. Improve item positioning boundaries so items can be placed closer to each other and not require too much space between them. 20. Dry wood. I've read that you have a "hidden" dryness quality to wood. Please go on with this idea because this is one of the most fundamental issues a survivor will face in the winter. Wet wood will start a fire slowly (if they will at all) and won't raise the temperature as much as the dry wood. You'll have to plan ahead and put your newly collected wood closer to the fire. Newly fallen sticks will not be so wet but the wood from heavy limbs that have stayed in the snow will have to be dried for days. This will be a good challenge if you go on with it, because quite frankly we kind of have it easy with the wood. 21. Add possibility to listen for transmissions in Signal Hill control room (or similarly radio equipped areas) during auroras. Could be done by rotating a knob (similar to opening a safe minigame) to switch frequencies and listen for transmissions. Also the character could try to call for help with that equipment - say a few lines like "is anyone there", "if anyone can hear this...". Any pilot knows how to use a radio. Here's a chance to add a heavily distorted chatter that occasionally sounds on some frequency - this will be something to scratch our heads about, like the HRV signal fire. Spoiler ahead (skip if you haven't seen the signal hill buffer memories): After reading the journal of the last lady that worked at the signal hill I know it's been used to transmit weather forecasts, and she is the one that put the the classical music we can listen to when the radios work. So the control room should be used for something like this. 22. Make climbing down ropes possible with any amount of gear. In reality you would tie your backpack to the rope, descend it safely and then you'd go down the rope too or just throw any unbreakable objects down first. I know this will be hard to execute in the game and you've talked about how hard it would be to separate the inventory from the character, so at least allow us to climb down while (encumbered) with more gear. 23. While the inventory is filtered alphabetically or by weight first, make it sort the items by quality second. For example: Two liters of water (2 kg/100%), Wolf meat (1kg/100%), Wolf meat (1kg/85%), Wolf meat (1kg/70%)... 24. Add alternative key mapping option, for example to be able to open inventory with "I" key as well as be able to set an alternative "mouse button 4". Also please make it possible to switch through items in horizontal menus with "A" and "D" or "Left" and "Right" keys (like how many hours to sleep / what to use to break the ice in the hole / what item to cook on this slot) and switch through vertical menu items with "W" and "S" or "Up" and "Down" keys. The mouse scroller should be usable in all these cases as well instead of clicking tiny arrows on the screen. 25. Name screenshots by date first. I can see that the names of the screenshots contain some data related to the game, but when you sort them by name the way they are named now, they arrange themselves kind of randomly. Can you please make the name of screenshots begin with screen_yyyymmdd_ and then the rest of the code? Phew! That was a lot of stuff. I have collected these thoughts in a txt file for a while now, I hope they help make the game better! I want to also say that I strongly support a suggestion in another topic to make items stored outside freeze so we'll have to unfreeze or warm up before consuming. And also, animators, please give us an occasional falling star at night!