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  1. Estoy Jugando en modo Supervivencia, la verdad es mi juego favorito por mucho y me escapo todo el tiempo de la realidad... bueno por momentos se me complica con el tema de la claustrofobia en juego, a veces simplemente debes caminar mucho para bajar el estado de claustrofobia el cual generalmente se desata cuando pasas muchas horas crafteando alguna ropa con cueros entonces escuchas una brutal tormenta afuera y claustrofobia que te obliga a "salir a dar un paseo" no se si le pasa a ambos personajes (solo me paso con la mujer) se me ocurre que quizá en vez de mandarnos a morir bajo una ventisca mortal, podrían incluir algún tipo de trabajo como "talla de madera" para distraer la atención del pj. que debamos hacerlo quizá de la puerta para afuera pero sin tener que salir a morir. Tallar en madera quizá como artesanía los animales que se ven en el juego para bajar el estado de estrés y hasta incluso algún logro por hacerlos todos (lobos, osos, alces, ciervos, cuervos conejos y peces) "Conoce tu Paraíso" le pondría o algo así... bueno también incluir otros animales en juego como Ardillas ?? sigo viviendo dentro del juego les doy gracias por vuestro tiempo.
  2. vta4ever

    ankle braces

    an ankle brace that decreases the likelihood of a sprain that the ankle it is placed on. maybe also an improvised bandage wrap that has a lower chance of preventing a sprain.
  3. My mouse and keyboard won't work during the game. In the main menu everything is perfectly fine. But when the game starts, the environment is still running, my character is getting cold, the wind blows, but i cant move or look around. I cant even exit the game. I have to alt+tab everytime? It's been like this for 3 days. I tried rebooting steam and my pc but it didn't work. I uninstalled the game and installed it again. Still didn't work. Please help me.
  4. Just some thoughts let let me know what you think. 1. When the player is holding a lit torch or road flare. If the player attempts to start a fire, the held lit item is the default “starter” this way the player doesn’t have to cycle to find the held lit (torch/flare). 2. Combining certain matching items for a averaged percentage of the combined items condition. Such items would be coffee tins, herbal tea, lantern fuel, jerrycans, and I’m sure I’m missing more items. So say you have one item say lantern fuel at 58% and a second at 87% rather than have the two in your inventory, there would be a combine option and the combined average condition would be around 72%. This would also add the combined weight together obviously. (Just a suggestion for the neatfreaks like myself I hate a messy inventory). I also understand that the size of the container dictates how much of the particular item can be combined into one container, so you can’t combine a 90% full canister and a 30% full canister but being able to combine them could maximize what the player can return with when headed back to their base. (provided they aren’t too encumbered) 3. Removing the condition % from matches altogether. Unless I’m misinformed a 10% condition match won’t function any differently than a 90% condition match. If that is the case why not have it so all wood/cardboard matches would only take up two squares in your fire starter tab.
  5. LkP

    glowing arrows

    Since we often struggle to find arrows, and since we have access to some phosphorescent mushrooms, why not allow to scrub arrows on the mushrooms in order to make them glowing a little ? (could be used for many other things but, as a first step, flashy green arrows would be nice)
  6. (I go on and on so just skip like 8 lines if you don’t feel like reading) When I was playing The Long Dark, I was doing the challenge where you have 30 days to prepare for a coming storm. I checked the list of things that I must stock pile and I saw that I needed a rifle, so I simple take note of needing a rifle and continue my session of playing in the coastal highway when I came across a body. This body was pressed up against a tree and frozen, the man had in front of him a rifle and a bullet. ALL I could think about was the scene in the movie Jeremiah Johnson when all he wants is a 50 rifle and finds a body of man with a rifle, a dead bear and a note. The note has the final will and testament of the man saying how the bear took his legs but he was able to kill it and that he hopes someone takes his rifle as long as it wasn’t a Native American. Hope you consider adding something like an Easter egg to pay tribute to such a good movie.
  7. Firstly, please let me say that I LOVE the game. I'm about 200hrs in (trying to reach 500). So far there are only a few things that I feel could improve the experience, which I've detailed below... Backpacks as items My biggest frustration with the game is not being able to drop the backpack (and its contents) to pick up later - either inside for safekeeping or outside for extra speed. It would also be a fantastic way of creating movable caches or backpacks for different weather conditions. Expanded foraging Second biggest frustration is the lack of edible flora like berries or root vegetables. The game seems weighted towards hunting which I feel both encourages a reliance on weaponry, makes exploration problematic (because meat smell) and discourages foraging. More dynamic environment Third is that Great Bear Island doesn't really feel alive. It's really well designed and full of surprises... but (apart from the weather) it's not dynamic. a) Dynamic obstacles like avalanches, ice melts and snow buildup could make exploration more spontaneous. b) Dynamic events like tree falls, bale fires and building collapse could both affect exploration and make the world feel more alive. c) More small, non intractable fauna like birds, mice, insects and rodents could make the world feel more alive. These events could happen in real-time for maximum impact or while sleeping for easier implementation. Increased weather patterns In contrast, Great Bear Island's weather is really dynamic and I'd love to see more weather types. The mysterious nature of 'the event' gives a little more creative freedom regarding weather patterns but hail, thunder or seismic activity are all believable options. Burning houses I'd really enjoy it if there was some danger to using fire indoors. Like the potential of burning the house down and having to move on. Campfire breakdown The ability to break down a campfire would be really useful. Thanks for reading!
  8. Obligatory first post, long time forum lurker, hundred of hours played etc. I feel like the current backpack and item system could be vastly improved with some modifications. The new backpack model, as others have said, has made me wish for various backpack models to equip. Similar to other clothing slots, you could find better backpacks and make your own out of hide. The items would have durability and could be damaged by blizzards, struggles and time. Imagine the desperate scramble, after a bear mauls you and rips your backpack open, spilling your items on the floor. You have seconds to choose which items to grab and take whilst running away from the bear. Obviously, this would make carrying all of your items in your backpack more risky. This could be offset by pockets on clothes, giving the jackets and pants various carry volumes and allowing you to keep some items close to you. For example, you are tired and need to climb that last rope, you drop your backpack, going up the rope with only your clothes, matches and bandage in your pocket and a revolver on a holster. This could also be relevant to draw time on weapons. You cant quickly whip out your revolver or flare to deal with a wolf if it's in your backpack. Its a safer bet to carry your rifle in bear territory than have it holstered on your back in case you need it in an instant, etc. To deal with locational storage, it may make sense to give items volume as well as weight. Lets face it, your rifle doesn't actually go in your backpack and you don't really want to walk around with 10 cans of peaches in your backpack. Unfortunately adding volume in addition to weight would require every item to be rebalanced and would be a huge test load for hinterland. (A good example of this system in action is NeoScavenger or even the Resident Evil series). I feel that splitting up your item storage would allow for greater roleplay and more considered choices before heading out into the world, keep what is key close to your body. The downside would be item/inventory management would not be as streamlined and simple, however in real life you keep your phone in your pocket rather then in a backpack so it should feel intuitive. I feel I saw a similar topic to this months ago but let me know how you feel!
  9. I have spent way too much time this past weekend exploring the new update. After several ill-fated starts, I finally got a nice stable 30-something-day Stalker mode run established. (Exactly on the 30 day mark I got cabin fever...) The sprain system, while annoying before, is the bane of my Long Dark Existence in a way that it wasn't previously. I appreciate Hinterland's attention to making it a better experience but it is a resource-sink and... I'm getting sprains even more often than I did before! Constantly! My character must have bones made of twigs or something. I get sprain injury risk from: Cooking fish on the pot belly stove picking up a stone to throw at a rabbit Really? I can't fight off a wolf or walk on ANY hilly terrain without getting a sprain. I don't even bother treating them any more because it takes all my cloth and I can just rest it off anyhow. Also, I'll just get another sprain in 2 minutes. If I take painkillers it doesn't do anything unless I also use a bandage and I still get the red screen pain flashes. THE SPRAIN HEALS BEFORE THE PAIN. So, with no treatment at all except time, I get a notification that the sprain is all better but the pain from it lasts for another couple of hours! If I have treated the sprain with a bandage and painkillers, I get another sprain despite the fact that my wrist/ankle is already wrapped! Unlike stopping blood, a cloth bandage would not be used up if only used as an ankle or wrist wrap. And sprains on top of wrapped healed sprains (and more painkillers)? This really needs re-thinking. Also, that stupid moose attacked me and I went the entire 120 hours of rest plus a bandage but the affliction would not go away until I also put a second bandage on... after it was presumably healed. PAINKILLERS: I'm really convinced my TLD character has a painkiller addiction which is why she wants all these pills repeatedly at the slightest nudge. Let's say you get a sprained ankle and 2 sprained wrists (from walking down one hill). You have to take painkillers for each separate injury- in this case 6 painkillers in total. This makes zero sense at all.... one dose of painkiller should really take care of everything. And then you can immediately re-injure and have to take MORE painkillers! I'm pretty sure these painkillers aren't advil- you take 6 of those things and you'd be passed out, loopy, whatever people who get hooked on painkillers experience. In all honestly and seriousness, this rampant use of painkillers in the game needs a serious re-think. (Or add in a "painkiller addiction" affliction.) The sprains too.... if they are going to require more effort to treat, they really need to be much harder to get. Re-injury after treatment should not happen. (And cooking fish should not put me at risk for sprain injury.)
  10. Fluffy has a very special place in our hearts, and since she escaped the damn to the Winding River, I think it's time for the devs to honour her with even a very slight colour change, maybe make her a shade lighter, not hard to do and would give a lot of players who grew to love her snarly ass closure. Cheers Hinterland!
  11. Eating other foods separately is fine. But, Id like to be able to eat cat tails in groups. There only 150 calories and are always stacked. It would save time clicking in inventory for long periods of time.
  12. Been since 7/18 that game has been crashing at disclaimer screen on xbox one first generation. Play anywhere works on pc for the same game number, verified by Microsoft support that also had me do ALL the resets/defrags possible to no avail. Ive sent NUMEROUS tickets daily to hinterland support with no response but they close them as "fixed" and it is very much not fixed nor can microsoft fix it. It is on hinterlands end to resolve this issue. As it is completely unplayable and a $20 virtual paper weight.
  13. I think it would be cool if you guys could add more activities to be done at night time other than the Aurora events. Maybe make a certain item appear at night, for instance special owl feathers to harvest for a special type of arrow to be crafted? Or make it easier to hunt deer as they sleep at night?
  14. Trilo


    Been playing this game for a little over 4 years now, and I love it. But something's missing. . . I say pets would be a great idea! You Could find a wolf cub and grow him, and he would help you by hunting, bringing you sticks, or he would prevent other wolves from attacking you. Or you would unlock one by completing a challenge. The posibilities are infinite.
  15. I feel like one major and easy way to streamline the daily experience of surviving would be to not have the pickup confirmation screen each time you pick up something that has no chance to have less than 100% condition, like picking up sticks, wood, saplings, and maybe harvesting cat tails. I understand that they come up for the option to not pick it up, and to see the model up close, but I'd say it's safe to assume that the player wants to pickup a stick or sapling they specifically walked over to and clicked on. Maybe have the confirmation for the first time a player encounters that item? For most items sure, since the condition can be a factor in determining whether you want to keep it or not, and maybe players would want to keep the cat tail stalks but not heads, but even just on sticks would save I think most players a huge number of irritating and flow breaking double clicks. just my two cents , cheers hinterland! PS. anyone else think cattail stalks are OP being so abundant, efficient and long-lasting? let me know your thoughts!
  16. Northern Canada has more animals and plants that survive the harsh winter, snow foxes for example there is also black bears and grizzly bears and cornus mas which grows throughout BC at -25c. with birch bark, branches , pine branches with needles, furs, cloth and even snow you can build igloos, Teepees and lean-too ,somewhere to drop off goods or create your own house, surviving these conditions are easy I want to thrive in them. I know Hinterland said they are not going to add co op but it would be a real good aspect to add, most people play games as a social interaction so sales would improve and being able to have atleast four people in a server together. Snowshoes would be a great addition, it is hard to walk in snow no matter how much so the carry weight is understandable but with snowshoes you would be able to walk with more ease and maybe be able to carry five more pounds. Could always have more areas to explore but those have been being added at a very responsible rate. Wouldn’t mind being able to find upgrades for the rifle and revolver, a grip for revolver and a scope for rifle, nothing else really don’t want it to feel to much like a shooter , just something to increase accuracy. This game has so much potential like the title says. I wouldn’t like to see any more weapons tho, the rifle, bow, revolver and spear is the perfect amount.
  17. Здравствуйте, прежде всего хочу сказать спасибо за обновление.Моя идея для нового вызова. Что можно назвать дилеммой детектива. Просто в этом тесте нужно будет найти револьвер .Но проблема в том , что это будет один для всего теста , и нужно будет проверить каждый шкафчик, разбить коробки и посмотреть, где это возможно.Не забыть выжить. И пистолет будет только в одном случайном месте.Вот моя идея :).
  18. Hello, players and community. I'm a player from China. There are many cuisines in China, so I think it will be cool if we can use fish, meat and ganoderma lucidum or others to make a soup. (It can provide more calories than eat these ingredients alone)
  19. vta4ever

    New Maps

    I understand that they are challenging to make and take away from developing gameplay things and mechanics, I would love to see some more maps with more variety. I think hushed river valley was a step in the right direction when it comes to mapping variety, but I would love to see some maps with centerpieces, atmosphere, and wildlife being built around human infrastructures, like an oil pipeline or an airfield. it would also be interesting to make a map creator and let players make their own map, but that would be labor intesive for everybody, including the devs which have enough to do already. what do you guys think?
  20. I’m currently in a quite long run on a Vanilla Interloper. Some frustration came in with this mode, that sometimes doesn’t seem “quite right” compared to expected behavior I’d have if I had to survive in real life: The sleeping mechanism has its own healing curve, that doesn’t stack with background recovery (confirmed by personal science and @Ruruwawa). A good sleep on regular Loper (setting is “Medium”) on calories will bring you at least 32%, sometimes 40% without Herbal, depending on the bed you sleep in, but not only that since I got both values at Trapper’s. For the somewhat low price of 750 calories per day. Since you lose 1% health per hour when you’re starving, it’s far more efficient to spend your day starved (14h=-14%), and the game allows you to do activities that use calories (harvest carcasses, harvest curtains, brake crates, whatever). That’s a net minimum of +15% everyday provided you find 750 calories, which is 5 cattail stalks. Maybe forbidding calories-activities while you’re starved would fix Interloper, but this option is not available in custom settings as far as I know. The fix to this problem would be to disable “at rest recovery” curve and have the “awake” one play also during sleeping like @Drifter Man suggested, but this possibility doesn’t exist either, and the Low “at rest” curve is still giving you more health back than regular background, by at least a factor of 2 or 3 compared to calories cost. Regular Interloper came with a fix that treated the symptoms instead of the cause: “Rest as a resource” is here to prevent you from sleep-healing as much as you want. Problem is, the only consequence of this mechanic, which actually arguably doesn’t seem realistic in the first place, is that on Loper you end up running stupidly around your indoors place before going to sleep. Which doesn’t punish you in any way since you’re starved already. I felt frustrated the game makes me behave strangely like that, so I poked around a bit in Custom Settings to find what I could play on my next runs, that would force me to behave differently – more “realistically”. I’m not experienced enough to play a DeadMan mode, plus I feel it’s not really realistic that you can’t heal at all, and the Emergency Stim hunt would not be fun to me even if I knew where they were and was able to survive this mode long enough to find one which anyway is not the case. Here is what I ended up with, a set of halfway alternatives: the Sleepwalker Modes are a rising slope from Interloper to Deadman. Interloper SW0 SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 SW5 SW6 SW7 Calorie Burn Rate Very High HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH VERY HIGH Thirst High HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH Fatigue Medium HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH Freezing Very High HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH VERY HIGH Sleeping recovery Medium NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE Awake recovery Medium Very High +2 %/h High +1%/h Med +0.5%/h Low 0.25%/h Low 0.25%/h Low 0.25%/h Low 0.25%/h Low 0.25%/h Rest as resource YES NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO The slept part of the day is actually punishing: you have to be on calories for not losing precious health, but don’t get any recovery during this hours. Yes, this is a calorie sink. The next level would be a Deadman variation, where “awake recovery” is set to “None” I’ll start on sleepwalker level 1, since being starved is -1%/h (confirmed by personal science today), it seems fair to me that being fed should be +1%/h. Good assumption for the roleplayers / immersion: Below you will find the codes for playing these modes: SleepWalker Level Custom Code 0 8sDM-qj4P-KxuH-yaKO-LgEA 1 8sDM-qj4P-KxuT-x6KO-LgEA 2 8sDM-qj4P-Kxuf-xaKO-LgEA 3 8sDM-qj4P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA 4 8sDM-uj4P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA 5 8sDM-uj8P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA 6 8sDM-+j8P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA 7 8sDM-/j8P-Kxur-w6KO-LgEA Deadman Style 8sDM-/j8P-Kxu3-waKO-LgEA I’ve tested this mode a bit already, and it made me behave more realistically, so for me the SleepWalker variations hit their target. I hope some of you will test them, and if even only one of you likes it, I’d be glad to have taken the time to share my views in this post. When I’ll play this mode (no idea when), I’ll report just here just like I do with the actual BareSkins, this is why I posted in "survival stories" section.
  21. it would be nice it sees the clothing that you are wearing when you use a weapon or a light source. for example, if you are wearing a wolfskin coat then you can see the sleeves of the coat when using a weapon like the rifle. also, fix the rock clipping into the mine door in desolate point, the one kinda near the stone church.
  22. Really enjoying the game. I grew up in Alaska and this game scratches some nostalgic itches that no other game has been able to offer. It's pretty great. However, a constant gripe of mine (and this applies to many, many games, not specifically TLD) is having the interaction key on the face buttons of the controller (I play on xbox). In first-person games, I highly value being able to trigger interaction prompts without having to remove my thumb from the right analog stick. If I ever have the option, I always set interactions to the right shoulder/R1. >> I would just like to request that console players be given the option to remap their keys. << I can't properly express how much this would improve the game for me, and I'm sure there are others out there who would appreciate the option as well, even if it may not be a very common request. For me though, it would be a very big deal. Enjoying the game very much, but would simply like to remap keys on console. Thank you, Hinterland.
  23. 1. it would be nice to take the animal someplace warm and then harvest it just like rabbits. 2. when you find a dead body they could have a diary that can reveal their home or they could have a map or something, either way, it would be nice to have more ways in the game to discover new locations specially for new players who don't know the map!
  24. OK so in real life it is possible to make a fuel a primitive kerosene/oil for storm lanterns from birch bark you pack a steel can with a lid (like a coffee can) full of birch bark and punch a nail hole in the bottom of that can so the produced oil can drain into another can once heated in a fire. maybe I would suggest 10 birch bark and 2 recycled cans (reusable) for 500ml as it's a game and have the appearance of the cans be within the fire stacked on top each other? Not sure if links are allowed but there's the real life example.
  25. As we know, we wont get changing hand models based on mittens or gloves. But can we be forced to take off gloves before using a rifle? Or take chance on frostbite when your rifle is showed with naked hands (presumption that character took off gloves automatically off screen). Same system can be applied for any item in bare hand (revolver, latern, flare, etc)...