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  1. There's a metric ton of backpacks scattered throughout the entirety of Great Bear. Why not put one on and use it to carry items? It would make late game a lot easier, and would help with scavenging.
  2. So I've only been playing a month and DAMN this is an amazing game. I've literally thought "ok, lemme just stock up on fish and water and I'll turn it off" and next thing I know its 4 hours later. That being said, there's a couple things / changes that I think could help improve this already awesome game: Containers: metal and plastic containers should be able to be carried and placed. One of my main issues I have with this game is item storage. I find a lovely little shelter and start settling down in that area, and soon enough the 3 ½ drawers in that place are full. If I could scavenge plastic and metal containers from nearby areas to help organize, that'd be awesome. Sleds: Not necessarily to ride, but to transport goods. And to balance it, make them drain your endurance almost as fast as running does. But the weight limit on inventory means sometimes dozens of trips to certain areas to get everything you need. This would also be useful in hunting, as you could (theoretically) take back multiple kills (although I'd up the smell meter if a deer carcass is just riding shotgun out in the open). Furniture: this one is multi-part. -I'd like to be able to break down more things. If I'm in a cabin or house with 3 bunkbeds, I really dont need 2 of them. Same with counters and cabinets. -I'd also like to be able to FIX things, like cabinets or lockers. -Moveable furniture, just so I can rearrange the space to my playstyle. -Also being able to take a piece of furniture from one structure or area to another would be awesome. Make it hard, make it drain all your meters faster, but if I could take a workbench or a fridge from one place to another, that'd be awesome (and something people would probably try to do in that situation). -Building things. A shelf, a box, etc. If I had to choose, though, I'd rather take the things from other places. Axes/saws: let me chop down trees or at least break down a log from a fallen tree or the woodcut areas. Let me get a woodpile big enough to last days and days if I put the work in and dry it out (probably by putting it next to a fire). Again, I think this game is amazing and I love and look forward to your updates. This is just me tossing my 2 cents in (and I'm sorry if I repeated anyone else's suggestions, I'm new here and didn't want to read dozens of pages).
  3. this game is more than five years old, and McKenzie still walks around with his bare hands. It's a survival game... it's 40C Outside the window, and he's running around with his bare hands. Developers, make a visualization of the clothes on the character, thank you.
  4. Dual wielding revolvers would be a good alternative to just using one, it could be a way for high revolver skill players to make timberwolf self defense easier. My idea is thatat revolver skill 3 you will be able to dual wield. When dual wielding, there would be an invisible crosshair on the screen, and your bullets will land somewhere in that area. At revolver skill 3 it would be hard to hit a timberwolf unless closer then 3 meters. At skill 4 the effective range would be 5 meters and at skill 5 about 8 meters. The controls would be LMB shoots the revolver in your left hand and RMB the one in your right hand. This would be an interesting alternative for high revolver skill players to defend themselves from timberwolves. Even if in most cases using one revolver would be enough, being able to dual wield would be great.
  5. I opened my eyes All I saw was a blue sky. A piercing wind enveloped my body while I lay in the snow ... Where am I? Slowly getting up, I saw a railway line right in front of me, on both sides there was a continuous swamp covered with ice. All I remember is a sudden, bright, blinding flash, green, at night. I was lying in bed with Yana, she came to me a week ago to celebrate the new year. I get up slowly and head for the broken hut in the distance, meditating along the way. We must gather our thoughts, one more time. I flooded the stove, my girlfriend and I had a snack, drank a glass of wine, and went to bed. At night I woke up from the bright light and fell asleep, then I wake up here. How is this possible ?! In my pockets lie - a telephone without a connection; a warning from the nearest Dargo station meteorologists about an impending storm printed by fax; three candy candies. Having reached the broken house, I see a warehouse of logs, matches, paper. Trying to catch a cellular signal 46% battery charge No network signal Heck I hear a characteristic howl and not one ... wolves ... well, you need to gather your thoughts. Around the wolves, there is no food, water, clothes, it is not known where I am, and what happened to my girlfriend, there is no cellular network signal. The first thing to do is to keep warm. I’ll take the frozen paper in my hands and try to rekindle it in the oven, attempt number 1 is bad. Attempt 2 is bad. No. The paper does not fit, an interesting case under the table is nearby, yeah, for the glasses, I’ll take it, inside a napkin for cleaning glasses is excellent. I use for ignition. Attempt 1, successfully, I throw a freshly made tinder from chips, the flame burns, damn happy. My toes, ears, nose, turned blue, a burning fire saves me. Throwing the wood into the stove, I lay down beside him, and fell asleep with the feeling that pain and hypothermia were gradually passing, which caused a slight smile on my face. To be continued...
  6. I often find that in late game I spend quite a bit of time indoors, It would be a nice feature to be able to move around furniture or fix the decrepit shelving and generally make the place that you're staying in a bit nicer
  7. To add some realism and additional difficulty, my suggestion is to treat toilet water as being unsafe. To make it safe, water purification tablets would need to be used. Otherwise, if a player chose to drink toilet water that had not been purified, they would run the same risk as drinking melted snow that had not been boiled. It seems like this would involve a fairly simple change (changing toilet water from safe to unsafe) that might be well received by most players.
  8. I think it would be cool if the sanity feature from “Green Hell” was added into TLD. You can eventually start to go insane and imagine seeing or hearing wolves or bears that aren’t actually there. Your sanity can decrease if you eat really stale food or if you are really cold for an extended period of time. And your sanity can increase if you spend time warm, well fed, and well slept.
  9. Long time player (Sandbox, mostly), but new within the Community. My Wish List is 2 parts... 1) Within the actual Wish List forum, I wish there was a Search option, because I don't know if my Topic/Wish has already been discussed, and I did not want to page through 142 pages of Wish Lists in order to find it. 2) My actual wish.... Shadows. I think this would be an interesting enhancement to navigation, while maintaining the survival aspect of the game. We already have footprints, that stay or fade with the wind/snow. Why not shadows? Just like in real life, shadows can be used to help navigate to ensure we are not walking in a circle, or heading towards a certain direction. Shadows would only be available sometimes, as weather allows, and only when it is sunny. I'm sure there are more rules that can be appended to this, but I've always found myself wanting shadows during game play.
  10. Klaeto

    Oil fix

    Ability to take fuel from Storm lanterns, or the ability to empty one Jerry can into another?
  11. Bergmann

    Wish list

    Каждый раз при замене одежды, нужно чтобы вид от первого лица также менялся! Например меняет персонаж перчатки или куртку, меняется вид удерживания оружия, ножа и т.д. Добавьте возможность строить что-то новое, укрытия (на поверхности) или небольшой домик. Добавьте возможность рубить свежие деревья. Добавьте новые угрозы. Разновидности медведей, волков, лосей, в каждой локации должны абсолютно отличаться от прежних. На каждой локации должно быть свое собственное поведение для животных. Не похожее на остальных. Добавьте новую живность, например птицы. Пусть будет возможность питаться их мясом. Добавьте возможность переносить вещи, пусть сумка вмещает больше КГ. Либо нужно добавить деревянные сани. ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО, добавьте возможность автоматического выхода из сна, при риске обморожения или переохлаждения. (все время я погибал только по этой причине)
  12. I would really like a gamemode where you won't get attacked by feral animals like wolfes and bears. I would love if they are still there, but i would like if i could focus more on surviving and exploring the other ways. I am completley new to the game and i keep getting scared to go out of the cabin in fear of meeting a wolf haha. Just a gamemode to choose as a beginner to explore and get used to the game before you build yourself up to get more advanced :)
  13. Boneviolin


    As Aurora being an important Part of The game, It should have some more abitities. Such as radiators, as them being found from buildings and houses and they use electricity, then why not make them work when there is electricity. When set on during aurora, they could make warmth and you could dry your wet clothes on them. But it could also burn clothes if kept on them for too long. This is just my suggestion, that I think would Be a logical and nice feature in the game.
  14. As everybody playing the long dark for more than few minutes aurora is pretty important part of the game. Hoever i don't think it has enough uses. So i have idea that would fit in with latest navigation update... cameras and printers. Mechanic would work something like this: -you could find cameras in locations such as camp office, turist huts and dead bodies -it would be a mechanic to get photos of interesting locations that could be used for surveying area you cloud print photos from cameras hoewer it would have it's risks: printers could be fault due to auror and damage camera witch would make it useful as a decoration, if printer would break down you would have Chance of geting electric burns wich would damage you, broken printers would be useless. i honestly think aurora is one of the best mechanics of the long dark so i think it needs some more functionality.
  15. While cooking, we currently have option to Wait Until Ready. Could you also add a Read Until Ready if we have a book? Thanks!
  16. I think it would be cool if you could either find or build/carve out of let's say tree bark or something to make a sled that you could put an animal carcass on or other items that are heavy in which you would drag behind you. Not only would you have to find or build the sled but you would also need to have a rope to attach to it so you could wrap it around you to be able to pull it. Also it would be cool if they could add some more animals like let's say a fox or cougar. Even a beaver that builds little dams in the rivers that are not completely frozen or where the ice cracks.
  17. We currently only have one throwable weapon in the game, and it’s primary use is to stun rabbits and be a distraction. I had an idea to expand the throwable weapons category. Throwing hatchets could be found in tool chests, trunks, cabinets, etc. Each hatchet would be 1.5 pounds or 24 ounces. They could come together in packs of 1 or 2 with 1 being the most common. When throwing a hatchet, you first have to wind up to get more power. The longer you wind up, the more power you have, therefore more distance the hatchet covers. I have made a list of what happens when the hatchet hits different animals, these are... Rabbits-immediately dies Wolves-if a wolf is hit, it will flee, but it does not cause them to die. It can not be used in a struggle, as that’s what a regular hatchet is for. If hit 4 times, it will die. Timberwolves-same effect as regular wolves, but it depletes the morale meter. Deer-will cause a bleed-out time for 100 minutes when hit. Hitting them 6 times will kill them, Bears-if hit, it will cause them to chase after the player, but do little to nothing. If they are charging and are hit in the face, they will flee, but only the face, or else they will continue charging. Moose-does not affect them at all. After an animal is hit with a throwing hatchet, their is a small chance that it could fall out of the animal’s body and be harvested off the ground. If the animal is killed by the hatchet or another source, it can be harvested off the body like arrows. The hatchet loses 3% durability after hitting an animal, but could lose up to 4% if it hits the ground before the animal dies. Their spawn would be fairly uncommon however as if the player had to many, their could go around being like a Viking raiding a village, throwing a hatchet at everything their see. Throwing hatchets could have durability replenished using a whetstone. The throwing hatchets could only be used for throwing, and not for anything else like cutting wood, struggles, harvesting, etc. They would have their own skill set that when leveled up would increase the distance a hatchet could be thrown and make aiming easier. Thoughts?
  18. Having a simple hand powered cart on some stretches of rail, it could allow for slightly faster travel or transporting a larger amount of materials. However it would require maintenance on the track to use in the first place for continued use. Maintenance such as clearing snow/fallen rocks of the track after heavy snowfall/storm et cetera, also using a large amount of scrap metal to forge replacement bits of track or using wood to replace the wooden slats
  19. It would be cool if you could get through the snow faster with snow shoes. I always see people crafting these on survivor shows. It’s just sticks and line! In game, they can be fragile and break easy when you’re on a slope. And they only work well in the snow, it would make you very slow on the ice or road etc. -Tan Man
  20. I would really love an update with co op online mode...i know others do too since I've been only playing for a few days n am gonna buy so i can own it...its an awesome game and hope all are staying safe at this time
  21. I Have been kinda bothered about The fact that if your'e wearing two hats, you can't use a scarf, wich is quite unlogical. So I toutght that maybe there could be one or two slots for only face- and neckwear, seperately from The hat slots.
  22. I think a thermos bottle would be a perfect way to keep your hot drinks warm for atleast a little while, when going out to explore.
  23. I would like to see binoculars added as an tool so you can tell from a long distance if a moving object is a wolf, deer, bear, moose, whatever.
  24. Dougydoug37


    I think it would be nice if bonfires were added to the game. It could take more firewood and tinder to start the fire, but it could last longer, give off more heat, and you could cook more at one time around it.
  25. A Swiss Army knife is something that i was wandering from a long time to be added, maybe (if not it will be too op) making it easly breakable or disable it for upper difficulties