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  1. Please add a spray for a shelter/safehouse. when the location spraypaint came i thought i could mark buildings as my safehouse or places as a shelter, but that specific option never happened. an example i made, please add this
  2. In the beginning when id log into the game as far back as 2016 when i first got it i was greeted by a moving image of trappers cabin with that wonderful music in the background. However ever since Episode 3 came out the scene has changed to Thomson's crossing with a different(and still very good) song, but i miss trappers and that got me thinking. It's a small touch but could we have the ability to change the scene of the background on the main menu by completing challenges or discovering a location? For example completing Hopeless rescue can give you a background of the lighthouse or completing Whiteout can reward a background of the Quonset set in a harsh blizzard. That's it and i hope I'm not the only one that misses trappers cabin. I put some pictures here as ideas for backgrounds so you can see what i mean.
  3. Boneviolin


    I think a new animal would fit in The game. Like a fox, hard to catch, fast, doesn't have much meat, a warm light hide, some more nice enivorement to The game. Maybe not a very useful feature to the game, maybe this could be more of a way to get more warm clothes, than a new way of getting food. If there aren't any foxes in Canada, then I might just sound like an idiot😐
  4. Ever since the addition of the Timberwolves, which I've enjoyed immensely, I have been wondering what other unique wildlife the developers possibly could add to further the game's depth and challenge. Since the game is set in a frigid Canadian wilderness I was thinking it wouldn't be far out to add unique variations of already existing wildlife like they did with the wolves. Perhaps they could eventually bring forth polar bears either in a reskin of the bear with maybe enhanced strength and senses, or maybe have a variation in how the predator functions and attacks, similarly to the wolves. Other concepts I was thinking about were perhaps the addition of cougars, but I would assume this would take longer to add considering there isn't something like this in the current version of the game. It would be amazing to see any of these ideas come to fruition later down the road. This is already by far the best survival experience I have played, much love to Hinterland Studios.
  5. Rares

    New way of MRE

    Can you make the MRE with the option to open it and to see the food like:main meal,energy drinks(made with water),protein bars,candy,etc.I"m a really big fan btw.Add more types of MRE.
  6. I got a few suggestions for the game that might improve it if you ever see this. Cauterizing wounds could be a good mechanic of first aid to heal bleeding, but at the cost of some condition and needing to use painkillers after if you want to stop the pain. You could just get a knife or hatchet and heat it up at a campfire or by a match if possible. This could be a useful mechanic if bandages are not available to the player. Now an ability to zoom in or have an item like binoculars would be amazing since it's hard for me sometimes to see far away. Also, I like to explore the world carefully to make sure I don't get surprised by a bear or a wolf, or when I need to track a stag from a distance. A zoom in feature of binoculars would make the experience better for players like me, taking there sweet time to survive the snow apocalypse. I would be glad if these things were added but it's just a suggestion, I like to make sure that this game can be the best for everyone.
  7. Salut moi j'aimerait bien ajouté de jumelle dans TLD qui permettrai de voir 3-4X plus que la normale. Dite moi si vous êtes pour ! ; )
  8. The ability to put out fires, or at a minimum outdoor fires with either snow or water. The whole point of a fire is to keep warm and in the long dark that means keeping it going for as long as possible, but with the ability to remove outdoor fires in the latest update I found myself getting impatient while waiting for the fire to go out. This is somewhat of an issue especially with outdoor fires because sometimes they go longer than expected. I just wanted to make a request to be able to move snow over the fire or some function to end it prematurely. The main reason was so that I can clean up after myself and not waste time waiting for the fire to go out. This is especially true when waking up the next morning with an hour or two to kill when I am losing daylight, and I want to get moving but there is a little bit of burn left. I'm not sure if this is in the spirit of the game, and it may be a bit counter intuitive, but it's an otherwise small addition that I think would pair nicely with the ability to remove outdoor fires in the most recent update.
  9. I am absolutely dyeing to see this feature added, it would just be a dream, in a winter apocalypse though. I’m really hoping this will be added maybe in the future!
  10. I would have bit more realism in the falling in the ice like ice pick or sticks and you would need to get out of the ice by yourself
  11. DarKube

    New feats

    I think it would be the perfect time with the Fearless Navigator to add a feat themed on cartography. Maybe something like "When you have explored the entire map, you are more efficient at mapping and youre map fill 25% faster" I think it would fit well in the game and can be another bonus for the Faithful Cartographer challenge. Let me now what do you think of this idea 😉! PS: I really enjoy this community and I'm so happy to be back on those forums !
  12. Knoxyrfc

    Give us more

    Firstly let me say how fantastic this game is. At first I was like ok it's a game I can just run through quickly, blah blah blah, but in reality the more I played it the more I fell in love with it. It's right up there as one of my all time favourite games. Really great job. There a few small things that I would like to see added into the game. The first one would be a sled that can be pulled behind you to assist in carrying a bunch of gear from location to location, especially when trying to bring back all that moose meat without 4 trips. Obviously it would have a non sprint penalty. The other thing is a scope for the rifle. Even just a X2 or 3 magnification. The lens ring alone would help dial in those shots. Also a strap for the rifle accompanied by a holster. Both could be craftable. I get that glass could frost up but a little iron ring at the end of the barrel would be sufficient. I would like to stalk wolves before they start stalking me. Or maybe even a shotgun for those tight situations. The third is, clothes that are worn should only be half weight as the weight is distributed around the body and not acting as luggage. A bergen. Surely there's bigger backpacks out there in the big bad wilderness other than what seems like a schoolbag. Last but by no means least. New flora and fauna. Not expecting everyone to agree. Just think they are viable options and realistic options in harsh environments.
  13. (Note: I wrote this whole thing out and right after I finished writing it, I realized my idea would not work within the context of this game world given the geomagnetic disaster that’s taken place. But I am going to post this anyway for the sake of not totally wasting my time, haha!) Hello! I am new to this forum and somewhat new to The Long Dark. I have owned the game since early access but have only logged around 40 hours off and on throughout the years. While recently getting back in to the game, I had an idea regarding survival mode and a possible end game that was exciting to think about, so I thought I would share! I will start by saying I realize what I am purposing is unrealistic in the near-term as it would result in adding a substantial amount of new content to the game, and this would probably be more practical for a sequel if that ever happens. I am a huge fan of Subnautica, and my favorite aspect of that game is it’s very much a survival game much like The Long Dark, but it was not truly endless unless you wanted it to be. You could eventually, with enough work, escape the planet to find safety. I think The Long Dark could greatly benefit from a similar structure to keep players interest longer term.. which I know sounds bizarre suggesting something that has an ending could last longer than a mode that is truly endless, but in my case I would definitely stick with the game longer if I was working towards something more meaningful than just seeing another sunrise. Here is my possibly too ambitious idea. It involves adding at least two new regions to the game as well as several new items and gameplay mechanics. One region would be a smaller private style airfield with a badly damaged plane that has the potential for flight after some significant repairs. Various items would be needed to get the plane back in the air. Some common, some not so common. Finding these items would require the player to travel to every corner of the map. Some items could even be improvised and crafted (things like a makeshift propeller blade crafted from the blade on a boat perhaps?). Make the player be like Matt Damon in The Martian, and really have to think outside the box to get the plane airborne. The second region would be an enormous mountain. Near the summit I imagine a crashed plane with smoke bellowing in the sky to make sure the player cannot miss it. Eventually the smoke will fade, but upon first seeing the plane it will be there. After finding the repairable plane at the airfield, it should be obvious to the player they need to reach that plane. A required item for repair that only can be found at that plane on the mountain. Reaching the plane on the mountain will be the true trial, and is what will insure the player must sink hours upon hours in to the game before they can escape. That way it’s not just about walking around from place to place counting on RNG to save your life. Scaling the mountain would require various resources. Only the highest tier of clothing will be enough to survive the cold. You will need specific equipment to scale the mountain (Ice hooks, ropes, oxygen, etc.). Getting to the top and then back down would take multiple in-game days, and no food can be found on the mountain. I imagine the real obstacle will come in the form of having enough stamina to scale the mountainside. I think of Shadow of the Colossus, and reaching the secret garden, which required consuming enough hard to find items in the game to increase your stamina meter enough to make the climb. I am not sure what you could use to increase stamina in The Long Dark other than just simply walking (I think it needs to be more challenging than that), but it needs to make sense in the context of this world. Maybe reading enough books on rock climbing or collecting/crafting rare consumables perhaps. Repairing the plane and escaping should not be easy. It should take dozens of hours of gameplay at minimum. And of course all this can be completely ignored for those that have no interest in leaving the freezing Canadian wilderness behind. This is just something I thought would be really cool to work towards as I play, but I understand not everyone needs that end goal to keep them going. For me personally, it would make this the perfect survival game. Thanks for reading if you did!
  14. Should we have some type of saw for harvesting wood from limbs. The hack saw won't cut it. [groan] Optionally it could be resharpened using a round file or a tool kit or requiring a work bench. (please discuss) Old saws tend to be rusty and dull quickly. Heating and quenching and tempering could be added at the forge to improve the ability to stay sharp. A rusty saw can loose it's temper if it is case hardened and become dull. Is there going to be an activity mechanic added to wood harvesting like the one for cooking? Harvesting wood is time consuming with the hatchet. Fire and wood are some of the most valuable assets we have so being able to create stores of firewood is a reasonable plan for survival especially if there is an extended storm or if we find other uses for wood. We wouldn't have to cut limbs or logs to firewood length; we could make poles for all sorts of nifty things such as a cooking tripod, a teepee shelter, a ladder, a sled. A draw knife would also make a great extension for shaping things such as a handle for the axe, if it breaks. Currently it costs 45 minutes to get three pieces of cedar or 50 minutes for five pieces using the hatchet. With a buck-saw you could cut a three inch limb in half in about two minutes and a 4 inch limb in 3.5 minutes. Maybe less because I haven't found anything online about wood cutting rates. So that would net you 30 to 40 pieces of wood in an hour. If you only cut half way through, often that is enough to snap the large branch with a stout kick or angled between two trees for leverage you could go even faster. The rate would be even higher if you took down trees and cut them with a cross-cut saw and split them with a maul. It would make it possible to have a fire going for extended periods of time and perhaps to damp down a fire or bank it in order to further preserve it at night. This would make the game more interesting so that we could weather out longer storms or use shelters that were more affected by the outdoor temperatures. I'm sure there are ways to balance out the advantages such as the additional weight of a 30" buck-saw at around 3-4 pounds or a bigger cross-cut saw at 8 1/2 lbs for a three foot single man cross cut saw. Here is a useful website covering the importance of the cross-cut saw in the survival context where there is no fuel for a chainsaw. It only takes about an hour to cut and split a cord of wood with modern tools, even less with a power splitter.
  15. this game is more than five years old, and McKenzie still walks around with his bare hands. It's a survival game... it's 40C Outside the window, and he's running around with his bare hands. Developers, make a visualization of the clothes on the character, thank you.
  16. Veteran

    Fishing feat

    Catch 300 fishes to increase rates of catching fish by 20 %
  17. Spray Cans. I have been going around Coastal Highway marking things. Mostly cars that didn't or no longer have a battery or, in one case, has a trunk full of sticks. 1. When bringing up the spray can marking menu, perhaps the game can say "You don't have a spray can" or "You have no spray paint" if that is the case. Save some consternation about what happened. The current implementation shows you readying a spray can whether you have a work one or not. It only tells you when you try and you can't. I do not know how the mechanic selects which can to use but seems to default to using the lower condition (less paint in it) first does suit me. 2. In inventory, when a spray can is empty, maybe mark it as "ruined" unless there is going to be some way to refill one. Right now I am littering around the Quonset garage with the empty spray cans. Pretty but like brands and survival bows, they apparently cannot be disposed of only dropped. 3. In the Coastal Townsite, due to the proximity of the cars (and houses), marking locations there generates an ill-defined mark that if you're looking at it now shows all the marks you have in that area and asks if you want to delete any or all. If you had a specific one you decided to delete, you don't know which of the list of marks is that one and does that actually erase the mark from wherever it was placed or just from the list? 4. It appears that limited visibility (I guess) seems to prevent marks that should be clearly visible from appearing on the map. I marked the cars near the Fishing Camp and, while the cars got marked, nothing showed on the map. I tried to update it with charcoal which is where I got the not enough visibility so I assume that restriction may have bled over to whether it should show the paint marks. When it was implemented I was not sure that they would be useful, but I guess I am finding a reasonable use for them.
  18. At the moment, The Long Dark is a walking simulator. Frankly, it is long and boring. However if you add a van or a vehicle it would make transportation and movement MUCH easier. Obviously, you would have to use jerry cans to fuel it or you could siphon the cars in the area to get fuel. There can only be certain spawn locations, ie. the garage in Coastal highway or the barn near the farmhouse in Pleasant Valley, and you would need to have a vehicle in each region. The van or car could start on bricks with other parts missing (condition could me randomised) and you would have to scavenge parts from the cards and pickup trucks around Great Bear Island to restore it. Maybe, you could use the back of the van to store things and maybe to sleep in, like a mobile home. There could be a key in the same building as the vehicle and you would need it to start the car, or you could hot wire it (which could be a risk as you could electrocute yourself). The vehicle could break down if it runs out of fuel or a part breaks. And you would need to source parts and fuel to fix it. There could be buttons for windscreen wipers (during when it snows) or for headlights (helpful at night or during blizzards). If you damage the hull you would need a welder and scrap metal to fix it. Maybe if a tire goes flat, you would need to find a spare wheel. I believe implementing this feature would better the game and make it a fun experience.
  19. Hello Hinterland Studio! First of all, I have to say that your game has an awesome atmosphere. I love it! So, I have only one teeny weeny wish. I'm refering to the section "Journal" -> "Collections". When I examine an item and then return (by pressing the circle button (PlayStation 4 gamepad)), then the marker always jumps to the top of the itemlist. It would be awesome and helpful if the marker kept the position of the last item examined. Sometimes, I have to go through dozens of collectibles several times to find the next item that I still need to examine. That is a little bit annoying. So, that's it! Thank you for this great game! Best regards from Germany, Omega
  20. This is probably just my OCD again but I would like to see having this implemented in one of the future updates/patches. I absolutely love the Fearless Navigator update but it is indeed a bit annoying that the game pulls custom markers into a single spray can one if they are too close to each other. I would love to be able to mark stuff like the outside of a moose area with several markers rather than a single one in the middle so I can see the zone on the map. Having some sort of toggle button for this would be great.
  21. I do not know If this has already been mentioned but maybe adding more plants I know its winter but maybe there could be a few such as cattails that you could grow for food and grow the medicinal plants. Also I think it would be cool to add some sort of sled or something that could allow you to drag items behind you. and then finally I think adding bikes would be cool so you could get around faster
  22. For those who don't know, Protein Poisoning is when the body has too much protein and not enough nutrients (fat, vitamins, minerals) to digest it. You basically starve to death despite eating. In the wild, you can't survive on a diet of only rabbits as they have far too much protein and not enough other nutrients. For more info, here's the wikipedia page. Now, as it currently stands, Protein Poisoning isn't implemented into TLD and you can live solely off of a diet of rabbits. I personally have no complaints about this as I always try to vary my diet in the game. However, I've seen enough posts about it over the years to put some thought into it and I think I have a TLD-esque idea to fit Protein Poisoning into the game. It would work similarly to how Intestinal Parasites currently works, where you get a growing percentage each time you eat predator meat. Each time you ate a rabbit steak you would increase "Risk of Protein Poisoning." The risk decreases over time, meaning if you vary your diet this will never affect you. If, however, you happen to have a craving for rabbit flesh and you increase your risk to 100% you get the effect: Protein Poisoning. At the minimum, Protein Poisoning gives you no calorie gain when eating rabbit. This means if you don't start eating other things you'll eventually starve and start losing condition. As an add-on, it could also increase your loss of fatigue and/or water and calories. However, it shouldn't cause condition loss on its own. To cure Protein Poisoning, all you have to do is consume X number (maybe 20,000 or so) of calories from non-rabbit sources. It could also require one Reishi and Rosehip tea. Overall, Protein Poisoning would be an easily-avoidable affliction that could be a serious threat if untreated. Treatment would be easy, provided you can find some other animals or food to eat. It shouldn't be in Pilgrim, but I wouldn't be against seeing it in Voyageur and above difficulties. What do you all think?
  23. I believe that the long dark would be a great game to have multiplayer. Problems that come with multiplayer are how would waiting work or entering buildings or Researching. My ideas for solutions is make like if someone wants to wait for something the other player can accept to wait with them or also do something that passes time. Also when you are breaking down something or harvesting a carcass the other player can chose to come and help to speed up the process. Or if they chose to not Help out time passes as normal and to speed up the time the other player must do something else to pass time. Also for entering buildings Either make it force every one in that building or have people entering places be separate. Being separate as in people can leave as they please is the better option and the nicer option but maybe because of how the long dark loads into every building the everyone being forced into the same area. If multiplayer gets added something that I think would be cool is a form of communication like radio or how we saw in chapter three via land line Please comment any more ideas and your thoughts
  24. I have played succesfully all the other challenges except 2018-2019 Twilight and Midnight challenges. Is it possible to get them in the game in the future so those would be available to all old and new players? Challenges are nice and it would be nice to be able to play them later also. Shouldn't be too hard to add them back in the game? Didn't see "seach" option on the forum. It could save time and prevent double posting.
  25. I think that clothes should weight less while you're wearing them. I know that you're still physicly carrying them, but I get pretty often frustrated about I have too much stuff and try desparetly to drop something that I don't need just to see that over half of my carryweight is overtaken by My clothes. Atleast change the weight of shoes, you're physicly standing on them... Kinda. I just think this would be a nice thing to get changed. Like reduce the weight atleast a little bit while wearing a piece of wear.