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  1. OK so in real life it is possible to make a fuel a primitive kerosene/oil for storm lanterns from birch bark you pack a steel can with a lid (like a coffee can) full of birch bark and punch a nail hole in the bottom of that can so the produced oil can drain into another can once heated in a fire. maybe I would suggest 10 birch bark and 2 recycled cans (reusable) for 500ml as it's a game and have the appearance of the cans be within the fire stacked on top each other? Not sure if links are allowed but there's the real life example.
  2. As we know, we wont get changing hand models based on mittens or gloves. But can we be forced to take off gloves before using a rifle? Or take chance on frostbite when your rifle is showed with naked hands (presumption that character took off gloves automatically off screen). Same system can be applied for any item in bare hand (revolver, latern, flare, etc)...
  3. Recently purchased game. Love it btw. Only suggestion I had was to add default keys in directions. Mainly for newbies like me Example... Open Radial Menu (Default: Space bar) Might have missed it somewhere earlier, but had to look it up in key bindings to figure out it was space bar
  4. It would be very nice if the visuals for the rifle, revolver, and the bow looked different depending on the condition said weapon has. The rifle could have scratches if low condition, the bow could look more scraped and/or damaged, and the metal on the revolver could be rusty and/or have chunks off of the weapon.
  5. Thomas Pickar


    Pancakes could have a box of Just Add Water pancake mix and just like coffee and herbal tea they take water out of your inventory to make and can be cooked on a hot stone or in a cooking pot or stovetop or they can even add a designated frying pan and the whole box could give about 2,000 calories worth of Pancakes
  6. Wasn’t sure if this happened to anyone else, but I’ve always found myself having a bunch of extra tinder and having to leave it on the floor. Once you’re at a certain level for your fire starting skill, you don’t even need tinder in order to start a fire, making it pointless to carry. Maybe tinder could be added to fires to make them hotter for a certain amount of time. It would give players a reason to carry a bunch of tinder.
  7. I would like to see in the future a convenient console for exploring the world. This will make it much easier to get different information and help me write new tutorials.
  8. I wish we could breakdown burned out campfires, even if only as an option to get rid of them when we are done using them. I find myself looking for good places to put them outside, and most often I opt not to just because I will eventually wreck the place with campfires just littered all over. This is also why I don't use fire to thaw carcasses, I know it would make it easier to harvest and keep me warm... but I just can't get past the fact that it will leave a seemingly random firepit there forever. It's silly, I know...
  9. The snow shelter is good for waiting out cabin fever and for making an outpost, but with the higher difficulties, the 45 min build time makes it very risky to use the snow shelter in emergency situations without dying from hypothermia. Usually I’ll just find a cave or an indoor area instead of sleeping in a snow shelter because you can still freeze to death in your sleep (far less likely if you have a bearskin bedroll though). A one-man portable tent could be useful in emergency situations and make the remote regions more survivable on the harder modes. Maybe add the option for one of those portable tent stoves so that you can make a fire inside the tent. Both the tent and stove should weigh a decent amount so that the player must contemplate about bring them on their journey. The tent should take less time to set up than a snow shelter. One thing that could be added for use in a tent, building, car, or cave are mummy sleeping bags. They could be rarer then bedrolls but be warmer than them so that you have something better to use while trying to get the bearskin bedroll. Interloper is so much more difficult with the intestinal parasites affliction. In my opinion, it’s really unfair. If I forge tools, make a bow, kill a bear or wolf, and cook the meat properly, I should be able to eat the meat without worrying about parasites. The parasites aren’t prions or anything, so they should be killed when the meat is cooked. It’s frustrating being only able to eat one piece of meat per day so that you have the least chance of getting an affliction that can last 20 days or more. I understand why it was put in, but it maybe it should be an affliction for eating raw fish. Eating raw fresh fish shouldn’t give you food poisoning, but should instead put you at risk for intestinal parasites, making it viable to eat fish raw, while also allowing for the safer option of cooking it before eating it. Snowshoes have been requested already but I thought of ways they could be balanced. Snowshoes could make you walk faster in snow, but make it harder to run and make you walk slower up hills. They could be findable or able to be crafted with sticks and some sort of cordage (animal sinew). The findable/artificial ones should be better than the craftable ones (more durable or quicker movement). Snowshoes could allow for bigger maps and would be useful in Pleasant Valley.
  10. Hello! I've been following The Long Dark since 2014, and there has always been a detail that sort of bugged me. I didn't know there was a forum where we could talk about TLD until I watched the video that they just uploaded haha. The toilet stalls. I never understood why we wouldn't be able to enter them; they could provide some sort of shelter, make it a building that you can enter without needing to go through a waiting screen. I doubt we would be able to find clean water there, but maybe someone left their newspapers there, or other various small items.
  11. Hello fellow The Long Darkies! It seems most of us NVIDIA users are experiencing graphical glitching after the REDUX update. I have good news for you! I found these launch parameters (from Unity issue tracker) that fixed the glitching for me and allows me to continue surviving! -force-glcore42 -force-clamped Hope this helps! Remember to up vote the issue in the link I provided, so the problem gets enough attention and hopefully a quick and permanent fix. So that such workarounds wouldn't be needed in the future. Antergos Linux 4.19.8-arch1-1-ARCH I5-7600K, 16GB DDR4, GTX 1060 3G nvidia 415.22, mesa 18.3.1-1
  12. Ok, so like to leave spare knives, hatchets and quality tools on top of the workbenches in my main shelters. There's no reason to be carrying all that stuff around, right? You can look at the attached image to see how my workbench looks like. So, I think it's a good idea if the items that are placed on top of workbenches counted as if they're in your inventory whenever you're crafting something in that workbench. For example, if quality tools is placed in the workbench, I could use it to craft simple arrows without the need to pick it up. Sometimes I just forget to drop the item again and I end up carrying it all the way to another region by mistake. It's a simple change that would improve quality of life for crafting and I don't see any immersion breaking in it, that is basically how it happens in real life. You'd just leave your tools by the desk, and not pick them up and carry them arround in your backpack by mistake after you're done working. Also, on another note: Arrow Shaft, Arrow Head, Line and Hook are all classified as "tools" in the inventory, while they should actually be classified as "materials", or at least appear in both filters. On a similar note, bandage is listed as a material and it isn't used for crafting anything. (as far as I know lol)
  13. Here are some suggestions and ideas to have for in TLD. 1: Recycle the use of ruined sewing kits, converting them into scrap metal. 2: Using bones, claws, antlers, and teeth for various tools or weapons - i.e. bone shards to make sewing needles to restore sewing kits, leg bones attached with wolf or bear jawbones to use as clubbing weapons, bones turned into knives. 3: Full discarding of ruined items that can't be recycled. 4: Recycling cans to also be used for scrap metal, converting into knife blades, fishing hooks, or even as a deterrent system (a string of cans that rattle to startle away wolves) if they get close to one's camp, or make the cooking pot. 5: Ruined food items should be used as bait for wolves and bears. 6: Goggles - to help combat blizzards. 7: Better blood trails on wounded animals - There have been a few times the blood trails would suddenly end and disappear leaving the corpse of the animal in an unknown location and direction. 8: Craft a bedroll from deer, wolf, and/or cloth if one can't find or kill a bear or moose. 9: Crafting candles from animal fat. 10: Crafting a sled, the sled can be used to carry supplies or dragging the carcasses of the animals hunted. (Scrap metal, cedar limb, cured intestine) 11: Keeping meat outside in a container (container, trunk, etc.) will keep the meat fresher longer and/or freezes it for later use, lessens decay rate greatly. 12: Slingshot (cured intestine, branch -stick-, stone), stones would be used for the ammo of it. If you can't throw a rock at a rabbit, test yourself with a slingshot. Using it on wolves would spook them on contact. Or even be crafted with sticks and anything rubber found in the game, or have the other kind of slingshot (primitive slingshot) using a cured intestine or cloth. 13: Tinder box, the metal container could be used and can be converted to be used to carry the embers from a fire to help start a new fire without using other materials to start fires. - Portable Stove (that can have embers in it to keep it ready for use) gives heat to the character while on the go (can only last a few hours before it snuffs out). 14: Handmade handsaw, crafted from using scrap metal (or cans) with cloth or cured intestine. 15: Bait traps, i.e. a knife would be used to hidden in meat or covered in animal blood and positioned in snow or ice (or tied down or onto something stationary) so the bear or wolf would eat/lick it and damage themselves on the blade causing them to bleed (this is an old method to kill predators). 16: Cutting up down trees - trees that have already fallen down and such should be able to be cut up and used for firewood. 17: Rummaging burned out remains of buildings, charcoal, and possible metal items to be found. 18: Repair outdoor buildings. Like the Mountaineer's Hut, there should be a way to repair the holes in the roof and such to help keep the place warmer on colder days. Also being able to make makeshift doors for certain places and fishing huts. 19: Build various types of winter shelters. 20: Handwarmers, they would be one-time use and handy when freezing to death. They can be recycled for another use or put in the fire for fuel after they are used up. 21: Drying rack - for making jerky and dried fish, these food items would last longer. 22: Hollowed out tree logs for shelter. 23: Bottles of honey - can be used for food and healing. 24: Hard candy - can be crafted with the use of honey, can also be used as bait for deer and moose. 25: Various canned soups, canned meats, canned cat food, loose nuts and seeds (can be bait for deer, moose, and rabbits), harvesting bird eggs from nests, etc.. 26: Crafting a stone hammer - can be put together with stone, fir log, and cured intestine. 27: Interacting with furniture - can sleep on couches, rest on chairs, convert bathtubs into beds, etc.. 28: Bone Broth - crafting/cooking this gives warming effects after consumption or mixed with other food items to make stew in a pot. 29: Crafting a wood lantern - when your storm lantern is broken, you should be able to craft one that uses sticks for the fire use. It helps light the way but also keeps you warm as long as you have sticks in your inventory. 30: Uses for the hay bales, possibly some craftable things - can be used for warmth, bedding, fire starter, etc... 31: Able to place things. - This would allow us to organize places we have made our camp bases in. It'll be easier to keep things sorted out and not dumped piles on the ground. 32: More animals - foxes, mule deer, mountain goats, wolverine, cougar, lynx, caribou, elk, grizzly bears, birds, etc... Animals of Canada, maybe even a random polar bear along the coast. 33: Alarm system - using cans and cured intestine to set up a small alarm trap to scare off bears or wolves that trigger when they touch it. It will scare them away for a time. This will help keep certain areas safe from them in ambushing you or killing off, perhaps, rabbits or deer you have in the area. Or even help protect your outdoor camp. 34: Avalanches - Depending on what's happening via weather or if a firearm is discharged, there should be a chance for an avalanche to happen.
  14. Hi everyone First of all, sorry for my weak English, it is not my mother language. I am playing this game long enough to complete almost everything, to cut down the time until December I try to beat my own records in my favourite challenge: The hopeless rescue. (with only regular short cuts). Since I found only older threats (before last updates) I allowed me to open a new thread. So I am asking for help, to save more time. My actual record is 35 hours and 5 minutes ( found 5 coffee boxes before arriving in Timberwolf) My target is not to sleep one single hour, so I guess I need more coffee to find. I appreciate any tips from the community. Below my main question (more will follow :-) ) The farmhouse is my first target in PV, there I can cook 6 coffees simultaneously (with water from the dam and farm house). On my way to Timberwolf, right now I always use the way with the two climbing ropes, and I guess this takes me too much power, so I am trying to find a better way. On Whiteberrys map there is a foot path, but I never find this one. Dos this still exist? I think I can see it but not possible to go there up (only down). I attached a map: green one is the way I use right now the red one is the one I guess is the best, put I can’t find it! Is this way up on the foot path still possible with latest version? Blue one: I also tried this one but I lost to much time and it is difficult not to lose the way Coffee: I guess to come up to the plane without sleep I need to find 5 or 6 coffee boxes for 25-30 coffees. Where I found coffees: ML Trappers cabin, ML Camp office, ML container in front of dam, ML dam, PV farmhouse
  15. Does anyone else get kinda annoyed when you want to place a jerry can in a particular spot in a particular way, but to do it you either need to right click it multiple times from different angles, or try to angle yourself to place it just right? I feel like any easy fix would be to rotate items with the scroll wheel (on PC, not sure how keybindings work on other platforms). Maybe this wouldn't work due to coding issues, but it'd be nice to have this as an option.
  16. It’s always the small things that make the game more emersive. This wouldn’t be too hard to add and could just delay the upcoming update by a week. instead of having a circle as you are interacting with something you could actually be doing that for example instead of that progress bar you would actually be opening it like you would in real life you would be able to SEE them item in the cabinet not a gui but like you’d see a coffee mug in a microwave.
  17. So you know how the lights flash when the aurora is out? It would be awesome if the aurora affected the ovens as well so you could cook in them when the aurora is active, kinda like a fire. Unless they're gas ovens (Short but idk what else to put)
  18. Bruh-Ness


    I think i'd be great if the player could pick up a snowball just about anywhere outside these snowball could have a small chance to scare away wolves and bears for when the player has no flares or a flare gun. These could also be used to put out campfires. Or just be an item to to play around with.
  19. This is very simple (in theory) suggestion for quality of life, but I am certain a lot of people would be very happy with this. Right now, bullets have "two types" of textures when dropped to the ground. A single rifle bullet if it is just 1 bullet dropped, or a box of ammunition if you drop more then 1 bullet at the same time. I propose sticks work the same way. If its a single stick, drop it to the ground and it will look like a normal single stick. But if you drop 2 or more sticks (for example 15 sticks) at the same time, they would have a texture of several sticks lying together in a pile, and it would show up as "pile of sticks (15)", similarly as Bullets would, if you dropped 15 bullets to the ground at the same time (it would show up as "box of ammunition (15)"). This type of stacking would significantly reduce the frustration of having to pick up dropped sticks if there is a huge number of them (and significantly increase the life one gaming mouse, without needing to "click a hundred times".)
  20. I'm thinking it would give you 10 cloth like the sleeping bag and will take 2 hours to deconstruct (knife needed) and beds with... legs, stencil, wooden/metal frame... would give you reclaimed wood or scrapped metal depending on size twin bed: 3 scrap metal: 3:30 time to deconstruct: hacksaw needed full/double bed: 4 reclaimed wood: 4 hours: hatchet needed bunk bed: 6 reclaimed wood: 7 hours to deconstruct: hatchet needed bed: 3 reclaimed wood: 3 hours to deconstruct please tell me what you think of the time. it would be useful for long runs where cloth can be hard to find, and it would make sense since we sometimes got many beds in 1 location. so if we could deconstruct it and repair cloth or make a snow shelter
  21. It would be good to craft a smoking frame that could be placed over a campfire and/or fire barrel? Maybe out of some sticks and cured gut. To allow the ability to smoke meat/fish so they don't spoil nearly as quick. Could take a couple of hours for it to be ready but if the fire could still be used as for regular cooking at the same time, such as the two stones used for cooking normally and a rack with 4 slots sitting above the campfire. Oh and I really hope for a improvised whetstone...
  22. Had a random thought just a bit ago. What if in the woodland locations, where firewood can be found, could occasionally be found the medical plants as well? The idea is simple: After wood refreshes, there could commonly be found single pieces of rose hips, and rarely a reishi mushroom or old man´s beard as an item as well. This still makes the plants useful because they have a specific location where they can be found, marked by a map, and are quaranteed to be there if not picked up, but this would also make the medicinal plants more plentiful & at the same time, renewable. That would entice people to use the medical plants more for their other benefits, like warming up. Thoughts? My opinion would be, since reishi shrooms require 2 pieces, that the spawn rates of reishi shrooms through this random event would be sparce (or, they could be found growing on a limb, but I think that might be too difficult because it would be a plant (something permanent) linked to a limb of wood (something not permanent). Either way, shrooms would be somewhat rare-to-find (but not too much, which would make them a viable option for simply cooking the tea for warming up purposes). Beard takes three pieces to craft the binding so it would be somewhat rare too. Rose hips are tiny and take a lot to craft the appropriate tea, so they would be plentiful. For example, a little bit less common then sticks in my opinion. This could significantly improve the game by giving players more option to take advantage of certain buffs, and in long term games to not rely on the beachcombing for medical equipment so much.
  23. May I suggest that a variety of stone and bone tools be included? Some of the first tools used by humanity were crafted from animal bone and stones. A fish bone might make effective needle, at least for a time. A stone knife isn't the sharpest, but it's still something. Sharpened antlers can make decent points, albeit not as hard as stone or metal. Heck, a bear or moose femur would probably make a formidable club without even altering them. I think in general stone and bone tools would be either less durable, or slower to use than their modern metal counterparts (though perhaps bone tools would be lighter in weight as well), but could still provide a way to get the job done if ready made implements or a furnace and forge aren't available to the player. Bone would also give us something additional to harvest from animal carcasses. While I'm on the topic, perhaps introducing bone marrow, and bone marrow soup would be a good addition as well. Marrow is very calorie rich and would give the player a reason to harvest and crack open bones even if they didn't need any primitive tools.
  24. Hello, fellow forum members! Those of you who have been around the forums for over a year and half might remember an old suggestion I made, about a way to turn birch bark into lantern fuel. (For those interested in the old topic, you can read it here) This suggestion was before the cooking update, so I decided to create a new thread and update it, with this mechanic in mind. Birch oil as a TLD alternative source of Lantern fuel Recipe: Outdoor campfire with a cooking pot would have an option to "make lantern fuel" - it would take 5 birch bark pieces, take 2 hours of cooking, and it would produce 0,2 to 0,3 l of Lantern fuel (depends on what the community considers to be a fair amount, note the poll) The best thing about it - the process is really simple, so simple it is realistic to attempt in the survival scenario. It would be great for the game because it would give the birch bark another use besides the tinder, which becomes obsolete after Level 3 fire-starting skill is reached. The poll: There is a poll for the community to determine what amount of lantern oil should be produced from the 5 pieces of birch oil and 2 hour cook time. Birch oil was used instead of kerosene in the oil-fueled lamps for a long time - some homesteaders use it to this day, because it is simple to make, out of natural resources, making it the perfect lantern fuel source in remote areas. It can be made out of several types of barks that are rich in oil - and birch bark is one of the, if not the richest, of them all. The only notable difference to kerosene is that this birch oil would produce heavy black smoke when burned. Other than that, their properties are highly similar. This is because there is a lot of black "ashes" from the charred bark, floating inside. If you took a filter of some sort and had the black oil seep through it, the resulting oil would be clean and produce next to no smoke at all. The byproduct of this is birch bark, turned into a charcoal. The vapors are a steam at first, the wood gas later - these byproducts are not collected during the process. Since fish oil can be used as lantern oil, I assume the Storm lanterns work not only on kerosene, but on other oils as well. Filtered birch oil would work without any issue in my opinion, the polluted one should work too, though it would probably sediment the ash inside of the lamp, so frequent maintenance would be required. For non believers I will be linking a YouTube tutorial video on how to make said oil, which I linked in the old thread as well: Any and all comments and critique is welcomed. If this seems unbalanced, please offer your opinion on how to balance it - and lets discuss it. I am also creating a new poll on how much lantern fuel should be produced this way.
  25. What do you guys think about the ability to make bonfires that have four cooking slots as opposed to the two granted by a normal campfire? As it currently stands, I think you can only put X number of fuel items into a fire before you can no longer feed it (correct me if I'm wrong). Thus, I think that the easiest way to implement a bonfire would be to "upgrade" a regular fire to a bonfire once you exceed that limit. You would then be required to maintain that number of fuel items or risk having the fire die down to a regular fire once more. The change would be obvious, with an additional two cooking slots and a larger pile of fuel being burned inside the fire. If a bonfire died down while cooking, the additional two items would simply pop off like how arrows pop off of a carcass and go into a paused state or simply skip the paused state and require re-cooking. Additional possibilities would be that bonfires aren't effected by wind, touching a bonfire would cause two burns instead of just the one, and they might be able to scare off or otherwise deter bears.