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  1. I've been falling back in love with TLD all over again recently for the Aussie winter (almost reaching single digit temps at night!) there are so many lovely fine details and one thing I was thinking that would make minor but noticable differences (while also being relatively easy to implement) would be having more ways for the needs to work together or against each other! Only in very minor ways to not disturb the feeling of the game as it is, but it would add a neat little extra bit of immersion and make some needs feel a bit less like just keeping a timer filled up imho The examples I have been thinking of go something like this: If you have a full stomach (say somewhere between 2000-2200 and 2500 calories) and are therefore digesting food, your fatigue should drop a little faster, but also recover a little faster with sleep, while also slightly increasing thirst rate. If you have an empty stomach (with therefore very little energy in your body), temperature and fatigue both drain a little faster. Fully hydrated? Hunger drains a little slower, due to feeling fuller. Inverse should also be true for dehydration and freezing cold. nice and warm? all needs drain very slightly slower. (I would also suggest overheating to cause water to drop faster but being too warm as a problem doesn't exist in the game) utterly exhausted? hunger and water drain a little faster. I feel like these changes would not only make the game more immersive, but also give clear incentives to keep the needs full, and encourage sustainable and normal human behaviors like drinking water with food, eating regular meals especially before sleeping, etc. Thanks for reading!
  2. I am loving story mode but I am seriously ready to rage quit now. **slightly spoilery** I am trying to complete the quest for the radio tower parts. The number of times you have to fight the bear is game breaking. Currently I am in the bears lair and you still need to stab and button mash three times to try and kill him (I hope this is the last time). Is this the same stupid game loop 4 times (3 bear fights with 3 sets of stabbing plus the final one in the lair) with 3 more sets of stabbing not counting the number of times I fuck up timing or fingers slip off mouse? Each time you lose you have to watch the same bear tearing you apart animation without being able to skip it. I've had the same stupid fight in the lair for the last half an hour and my interest in this game is fading by the minute. I have vented, one more go and then I am skipping the story mode unsatisfied. Update: once again died by blood loss on the third bear charge. I have no idea how people mash buttons too long, heaven help anyone with a disability or an ergonomic mouse that hasn't been designed to stupidly mash buttons repeatedly.
  3. Hello everyone! This is my first forum submission and I hope you enjoy reading this! However, this might be too long so if you're in a TL:DR mood, just scroll down to the last few paragraphs. So I've been playing The Long Dark ever since (I believe) its launch date and I have 820 hours on it (yes, I know I should have more but I take long breaks, especially if I don't like the updates or when I get bored). However, ever since I've played TLD, I have always had a problem with the rifle. I can remember repeatedly sending feedback to Hinterland Games about suggestions to "fix" the rifle. These ranged from 'angry-man-child' rants to 'nicely-worded' suggestions. I'm sad to say but Hinterland Games are still yet to implement any of my suggestions. For the longest time, my problem has been the rifle's sway. The rifle (in the earlier versions); 1. Never sways at 100% energy 2. Slight sway at 75% 3. Significant sway at 50% 4. Mighty sway at %40 and below (And for the longest time, my suggestion has always been for them to implement some sort of hold breath mechanic to steady the aim) My first solution to this issue was to always bring a ton of coffee for every task that would need me to carry the rifle (i.e. exploring or hunting). My second solution was to get a bow. I can remember when they introduced the "skill" system wherein you can develop skills with certain tools or tasks the more you do them. I was so excited about this that I did not bother reading anything about the update and wanted to see for myself what awaited me once I mastered the rifle skill. ALSO, this update gave the rifle a strong sway, no matter how much energy you have - which also gets worse and worse the more tired you are. After about 50+ bullets or so (this is hyperbole - I don't accurately know how many shots it takes to master), I finally mastered the rifle skill...only to be disappointed to know that all it does is increase the critical hit chance and the damage, reduce per use condition, increase accuracy range (which, imo, is irrelevant), and +5 condition per repair. I find it weird that rifle mastery in the game does not involve the player learning how to hold their breath to steady their aim, nor does it grant the ability to cock the bolt faster than you could at novice level. The only way I've ever used rifles is to line up my shot using right click, then do a quick-scope. This is because the aim is steady for the first half-second of right clicking. Ever since I had this problem, I only ever saw the rifle as a stepping stone between having no weapons and having the bow - the most OP weapon in the game. Then the revolver came along...which made the rifle completely obsolete. My only reasons to use the rifle these days is to: 1. Get the rifle mastery skill (for fun - gives me something to do) 2. Kill bears for sport - I usually ignore or walk around them coz imho, bear hide is useless 3. Kill moose for sport. If I wanted moose for meat, I would use the bow coz for some reason, you can one-shot-kill them with an arrow between their eyes The revolver is superior to the rifle in every way. It's efficient, lightweight, has a fast-firing rate, and reliable. Missing rifle shots feels like my entire economy just crashed, whereas missing revolver shots feel normal - as if its supposed to happen. The revolver has no sway, so when I miss shots, I feel personally responsible. This is a good thing because I cannot cry "design flaw". I see every shot I miss as a need to improve. It's also more economic. The introduction of bullet forging made the revolver a thousand times better but it did not help the rifle in any way. Crafting 500 revolver ammo made me invincible from wolves and timber wolves. Crafting even 50 rifle bullets is only a waste of resources and literally handicaps me, hindering me from realising my "true revolver potential". I am passionate about this subject because I love the rifle so much and I love The Long Dark. I feel that in a survival scenario, having a rifle should be and must be one of the most game-changing experience of survival. Having a rifle in the wild could mean life over death, food or starvation, eat or be eaten. This is one of my reasons for taking breaks from the game. Every update, I check the rifle. Every time I do, I'm disappointed. My favourite weapon is useless and a burden to use. I have ideas on how to improve it though: 1. Introduce a hold breath mechanic to steady the aim - could be introduced from novice level or maybe unlocked after reaching level 2 or level 3. Maybe even the ability to hold the breath longer as skill level increases. The length of time the player can hold their breath could be related to the player's current energy level and/or their current stamina (i.e. shorter breath after a sprint). 2. Faster bolt action as skill level increases - mastering the rifle should be related to the rifle's key aspects. A faster bolt action would really feel like a mastery of the rifle. 3. Remove the damage increase as skill levels up. Either increase rifle damage outright or just leave it as it is - I'm honestly quite satisfied with its "normal" damage. 4. A very tight sway and steadier aim when crouched. Common sense on this one. The introduction of these mechanics would make the rifle more dynamic and would make it a contender versus the revolver and the bow. Because as of now, there is no contest. The rifle is a hindrance - a handicap. This would make it less of a stepping stone and more of a game play definer. Do you want to be a silent and lightweight hunter with a bow? Or do you want to be a heavyweight with power and accuracy? If you're still reading at this point, I hope you enjoyed the read. Whether you agree or disagree, or better yet, have a better suggestion, please do let me know! Either way, I hope the game developers listen to this or considers these ideas.
  4. Add a pencil or pen with which you can draw the terrain on a map.
  5. Mountain lions A new kind of predator that when you’re out in the snow it stocks you far longer and stays near you long after you have tried to scare it off. It’s pelt can be used to either a pair of gloves, a coat, or a scarf to keep you warm. The mountain lion has a moral like the timberwolves but instead of more a group taking short bursts of attacks or close calls, it’s slower and much more methodical. The lion will tease you and make you waste a bullet or two to make you think it’s going to make you it’s next meal. The best way to fight it off is to take a shot from far away and make it runoff. The big cat isn’t always easy to scare off, one of the main ways is to face it head-on just like the bear mission in Wintermute. They are found mainly around Milton, timberwolf mountain, and mystery lake. Telescope Can be used as an extra navigation tool and helps find more obscure places and high up places to find resources Can be broken if you fall from a great height or during a skirmish with wolves, bears, or mountain lions. Can be found almost anywhere in the world Lighters Just like the matches or the storm lantern, it can be used as a portable and refuelable light source that is very light compared to the storm lantern. They can be found all around the world of the long dark It can be refueled by excellorant It can be broken during a skirmish or a fall if held by the player
  6. last man near molly's land when I carrying him every time some damn wolves appear and again and blue flare not enough. this is joke or something?! lost blood everytime. tried back up saves. every bullet everything is count dont wanna waste because aiming so hard.sick and tired every time load a back up save.I stock this part.even I got super stuff wolf made coat and rabbit gloves lost blood.there are too many and normal flares doesn't work for them. even if managed to deal with one wolves with one bullet shot wolf crew appear again and again. trying to get some sleep maybe just wolves go somewhere else.but no still there still wait.most frustrated part all of the wintermute. I really regret playing on the hardest difficulty I guess.any suggestions?maybe alternative route to way back? because directly towards on molly's territory is the shortest but definetly impossible to reach the community house.
  7. I feel like this hasn't been talked about in a while. Usually there wouldn't be much need to have primitive firestarting but I found myself in such a need the other day in hushed river valley when I ran out of matches. Plus it would just be a new thing to mess around with anyway. I think it would tie in nicely to the firestarting skill. Perhaps matches and strikers and such would offer MINIMAL skill gain while starting fires primitively would result in much larger skill gain. The obvious way would be using the bow method, and there might even be a little minigame similar to Stranded Deep's firestarting. Ie, tapping LT and RT to drill the stick with your hands and create friction. Except I would like to see it much harder than it is in that game. Starting a fire by hand is not easy and until you're top level firestarting it should continue to be a pain. But it's there if you have no matches. Or you're bored and want to learn a new skill.
  8. Do yall remember when the UI actually looked like a survival journal? That was awesome and I have no clue why they ditched it for what we have now. Does anyone else miss it?
  9. SpanishMoss

    Face Masks

    Introduction: As we all know as of making this post COVID-19 is spread throughout the world causing many country's to "shut down". Most of these country's employ face masks as a form of protection against the virus. The Long Dark does not have "viruses" in similar fashion, but face masks could still provide some benefit. ===Disposable Face Masks=== Disposable Face Masks will be found in boxes of 3-6. The box would weigh between 0.05 - 0.15 kg, and each mask would be about 0.02 kg. The masks could be worn in the accessories slot(s), but only one could be worn at a time. The masks condition decreases at a rate x4 faster than normal condition loss. The mask will be worn over the head coverings (meaning it takes damage first during a wildlife attack) Stats: Warmth +0.5 C | Wind +0.1 C | Waterproof 5% | Protection 0 | Sprint -0% ===Cloth Face Mask=== Cloth Face Masks are similar to Disposable Face Masks, but they are harder to find, and come singular. They weigh 0.1 kg each. These masks decay at the normal rate, and also can only be worn one at a time. They cannot be used at the same time as the Disposable Face Mask. The mask will be also be worn over the head coverings. Stats: Warmth +0.7 C | Wind +0.2 C | Waterproof 7% | Protection 0 | Sprint -0% Conclusion: These stats can all be changed, I am open to suggestions. (Disclaimer, I play the game in imperial units, so the stats may make no sense, I tried to convert them.) -SpanishMoss
  10. I would like to see the option to choose starting loot in custom difficulty. It would be awesome if I, for example, could set everything to the hardest and remove rifle and ammo spawns, but give my self a rifle and a few bullets to start with. I think it would be an interesting addition to the game and open up even more possibilities for “custom challenges.” I realize some might abuse it and take the whole point out of the game, but no one is being forced to do that and I think for those of us who adore what the game is it could introduce much more variation between games while remaining incredibly difficult, even allowing you to play out certain scenarios if you want to.
  11. I really really really really wish they would add multiplayer in this game or at least add a game mode that is made for multiplayer because that would bring the game alive more and would also encourage more survival. But most of all, it would also bring in the company more money.
  12. Rares

    More food

    I like to see more food like fruits(banana,apple,strawberry,etc).More calories better survive and also vegetables.
  13. Crafted with a ton of wood & scrap metal. Damn heavy once crafted so you can't lug a bunch around. A 2m (3 foot) section of fence that will stop animals from crossing. Can be used to block off sections of broken porch railing or fence off an area from predators.
  14. So I was thinking sure the game is lone survivor mainly but what about adding living npcs in limited numbers thru out the map the max there could be is 10 and you could either help or leave em to there fates idk just a idea that popped in my head
  15. This is the current iron sight (first picture that is a video miniature) And this is the old iron sight (second picture. the rifle aims at a wolf) I think the old one was better. The one that we have right niw does not let us shoot at more than 25 meters without missing. I dont have anything to add the title says everything
  16. This suggestion/complaint is for all platforms, and honestly, for all games, especially on consoles. Please give us the option to disable aim acceleration. It's one of the most frustrating things in gaming. Being able to reduce the look speed is moot if aiming isn't also influenced. Or at least let us alter vertical and horizontal speeds separately.
  17. The interface boundary for this cave entrance could use some adjustment. Maybe in some future update. I am standing what must be maybe 20 or more feet from the cave entrance itself, where the interface would normally be expected, and I can enter the cave from where I am standing in the image. Now that is not so bad, but what gets annoying is that because the zone of the interface boundary extends so far out, if you face towards the cave even a little bit you will get the Leave Bleak Inlet indicator. You can still move things around or place things so long as you are facing away from the the interface boundary and your orientation never cuts the plane of the boundary else the item will disappear into inventory. Again, not a big problem but annoying.
  18. I have noticed that the bridges whose travel way (i.e. road surface) consists of logs now cause a significant amount of bouncing motion when being walked across. It is very obvious, unsettling, and annoying. Now I found, in Bleak Inlet, that the bouncing (the log irregular road surface) can be so pronounced that I can get [sort of] stuck much like trying to cross a railroad track which has motivated me to complain about it.
  19. It would really be appreciated if we could have more control over game sounds in the "Options" menu, more specifically the ability to adjust the volume of waterfalls (dang that's loud in the headphones relative to other sounds!) and wind. Please and thank you! 🙂
  20. So I was playing the game for the first time and loving the experience. But I noticed that the game felt a little empty in survival. While that's fun and all the noises remind me a little of Dead Space, I found myself wishing I had a budy to go on an adventure with or maybe make our own structures to try and survive the cold without having to search for that one building to live in. Plus the map is HUGE and AMAZING but sometimes feels lonely to cross the entire map solo. I play on PS4 and would love to hear what other people think since I found a new survival game that I love and has the ability to constantly keep me on my toes.
  21. I love the hunting mechanics in this game and think that they add a lot of depth to the game cycle. I do however find that some details of the hunting rifle seem a bit sideways. The hunting rifle is a Lee Enfield of sorts, but it is missing some big details. Owning multiple of this rifle personally, I feel I can speak to the detail changes needed. For one, the rifle sight picture is off. I respect the need for a mechanic that makes landing a shot difficult, but it does not resemble the actual optic. I will attach images of the proper sight picture for reference. Having the narrow sight in the front makes the game feel more fair instead of having shots seemingly disappear into the ether if you are even slightly off with the extremely large front sight in game. Second, upon reload of an empty magazine with zero ammo in the gun, there is visibly a round still in the magazine in game. This is an easy programming fix and I have also included an image of an empty magazine for reference so that it may be corrected accurately. Third, the rifle action is too slow, especially with someone who has supposedly decent rifle skills by skill level 5. Even a novice like Mackenzie can quickly cycle an Enfield bolt as that is how they were designed. Here is a link to just how fast it can be cycled with basic practice. I propose instead of buffing critical chance and other invisible skills as level increases, adding hit areas on the animal and buffing the cycle and reload time for those times when a bear is charging or you just barely missed that deer. This will also challenge a player with ammo conservation as they may find themselves wasting more ammunition if it did not take 3 seconds between shots as it does currently. This game actually inspired me to buy Lee Enfields and since then have increased the immersion into the game. Tweaking these minor corrections will only serve to improve the game immersion and better represent the true, Canadian wilderness, Lee Enfield. Thank you
  22. I remember the days when that 3 kg rabbit carcass was too heavy to move so you had to stand in a blizzard to butcher it. Now we can scoop up the rabbit. I WISH we would get similar changes to the metal boxes and plastic boxes found around the game. They would make organizing my meat piles so much easier. Specifically I'd have it so you only get the prompt to pick it up if it has been both searched AND made empty. However, I think any method of allowing it to be moved would be great. IIRC people have done in game tests on meat decay rates outside on the ground vs outside in a container....and it stays longer inside a container. If that is the case, then how about allowing us to move ONE KIND of container but having it not keep meat fresher. I know this isn't the first time this request has been made. I'd really be intersted in hearing what kind of game balance is risked if it were to be implemented.
  23. Howdy, I am loving the games and am quite addicted at the moment. One thing I would like to see is more saplings around the place for bow and arrow making materials. They are pretty sparsely spread out and hard to find. Given the effort involved in getting crow feathers and arrow heads it would be nice if it was easier to find trees in a forest. I tend to move between regions semi regularly and don't want to be carrying branches to the next zone or check spoiler maps to find locations.
  24. Lumi

    Humming and song

    I recently watched a review for The Long Dark, which was nice and all, but one suggestion they had was something to break up the monotony of long trips through the snow, and his suggestion was to have the character hum, or whistle, or sing a song to themselves while they walked. I personally think that's a fantastic idea. I'm somewhere in the middle on the "dislike of spending ages romping through snow" spectrum, I think. I can quite happily take in the sights while I travel Great bear, but on the other hand I recently almost died my trying to save time and mountain goating off a cliff. Think about it though, your character would hum a lonely tune while they walked along. It would fit the isolated theme, be a really cool feature (like in rdr2, where your character hums) and could be potentially be dynamic, i.e their humming becomes more off-key, raspy and broken as they deteriorate and fade into the long dark, and of course would immediately stop if they're near and see animals, as not to alert any prey/threats. I think it'd be a really cool way to fill in the long hauls roving. I also think it should be really, really optional. As in, toggle-able in the options menu at any time just like sountrack music. What do you think?
  25. It would be really nice if you added alcohol as an item, both for consumption and medical usage. you could have beers and whiskey and all kinds of alcoholic types. they would have drunk sideeffects but maybe they would give you a temporary warmth like how energy drinks give temporary energy. if you get a infected wound you could use strong alcohol as a disinfectant if you dont have antiseptic on you.